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Civil War Test



Fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary word from the words


Compromise of


Bleeding Kansas

States Rights

1. _________________________ is a person who wants to stop slavery.

2. _________________________ is the idea that the states should decide on
their own laws.
3. _________________________ is to break away from a nation in order to
become an independent country.
4. __________________________ was a deadly protest led by John Brown that
was caused by anger over the Kansas Nebraska Act.
5. __________________________ was a line created in 1820 dividing the North
and the South to determine if new states would be free or slave states.
6. __________________________ was a four part law that Allowed individual
states to decide if they wanted to be free or slave states, imposed a
stronger Fugitive Slave Law, and ended slave trade in Washington D.C.
7. __________________________ means a time before a large war
8. __________________________ this new policy erased the Missouri
Compromise Line and granted states the right to choose to be free or
slave states.

List three facts about the North and the South before the Civil War and
explain why these factors led to division between the two regions.

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Fill in the Blanks

1. ________________ was another name for the North during the Civil War
2. ________________ was another name for the South during the Civil War
3. ________________ was a proclamation given by Abraham Lincoln that freed
slaves in the United States.
4. ________________ was a controversial book written by Harriet Beecher
Stowe. It opened many Americans eyes to the harshness of slavery.
5. ________________ was the Unions plan to block all Confederate ports so
that ships could not sail in and out of the South.

Write a paragraph arguing how the issue of slavery created a deep division
between the North and South before the Civil War. Use complete
sentences, correct spelling and punctuation.

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Fill in the blanks with the description that matches with each important
person from the Civil War.

Jefferson Davis

Abraham Lincoln

Robert E. Lee

Ulysses S. Grant

Harriet Tubman

Stephen Douglas

Clara Barton

1. _______________________ was a nurse for wounded Civil War soldiers. She

was the founder of the American Red Cross.
2. _______________________ was the commander of the Confederate Army.
3. _______________________ was the president of the Confederacy.
4. _______________________ was a runaway slave who helped other slaves
escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad.
5. _______________________ was the commander of the Union Army.
6. _______________________ was the president of the United States during the
Civil War. He was the 16th president.
7. _______________________ ran against Abraham Lincoln in the Election of

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Describe the Underground Railroad. Give details about it. Why was it
dangerous for Slaves and the Northerners who helped them?

Fill in the Blanks with the correct battles.

Appomattox Court



Fort Sumter

Bull Run


1. ___________________ was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and was a
huge loss for the Confederates.
2. ___________________ was where General Lee surrendered to General
Grant, ending the Civil War.
3. ___________________ occurred in Virginia. It was the first battle of the Civil
War. The Union realizes that this is not going to be a quick war after they
are forced to retreat.
4. ___________________ was an important battle for the north because they
had a clear path to the south.
5. ___________________ took place in Maryland and was the bloodiest single
day of the war. The Confederate troops were forced to retreat back to
6. ___________________ was the location of the first shots of the Civil War.

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Why did Abraham Lincoln call the United States A House Divided?
Support your ideas with details from facts from the Civil War.