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Ref : ADM/LC/CC044/2014

24th October 2014

RE : Notice of Promotion (Senior Security Officer)
It is our pleasure to inform the following officers that you have been promoted to the
challenging and demanding position of Senior Security Officer with effective from 1st
November 2014.

MB 579
MB 828
MB 847

Mr. Xia Ching Ho

Mr. Chi Kin Keung
Mr. Lai Chung Kin


MB 850

Mr. Wong Wing Chun

This promotion is in recognition of the fine work you have done for this firm. We
are very confident that you will meet the new responsibilities that accompany this
position with the same level of enthusiasm and enterprise which you have exhibited
since you came to work with our firm.
Ms. Annie Liu will be providing you with your amended employment agreement to
reflect this change.
Please accept our congratulations on your new promotion.

Li Kai Sing, Kelvin

Operation Manager
G.I.D. Event Security Co., Ltd