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In the words of Stephen Covey, role modeling is the most basic responsibility of
parents. Parents are handling lifes scripts to their children, scripts their in all likelihood will
be acted out for the rest of the childrens lives point to the idea that parents are responsible
to teach their children the correct path, so if a child does something wrong, the parents
should be held responsible for it. In the prevailing scenario, cybercrimes are drastically
increasing all over the world which is due to people valued for money rather than the values
and relations. According to me, I agree that parents are responsible for the rise of
cybercrimes among teenagers.
Parents lack of time to spend with their children
To begin with, in this contemporary world, the parents are unable to show their love
for their children due to hectic lifestyle. So, they do not have time to check and teach their
childrens activity on what are they doing. For instance, in Malaysia, most of the parents are
busy with their daily routine by leaving their children lonely in house and they do not have
time to spend with them. Moreover, nowdays teenagers are addicted with the latest
technological devices and thus becoming less active socially. Most of the parents are busy
with their own business and do not restrict the usage of computers and internets. Teenage
age is crucial period thus lack of parental care and support may lead to antisocial behaviors
like cybercrimes which begins at early ages. Dr.Henker once stated that stop trying to
perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him or her as this
statement refers to the importance of relationship between parents and children. So, I agree
that parents are responsible for the rise of cybercrimes among teenagers because of lack of
time of parents.
Harsh and erratic parental discipline
Moreover, I believe that parents are responsible for the rise of cybercrimes among
teenagers because harsh or erratic parental discipline have been linked to felony and are
associated with childrens lack of internal inhibiting against offending. Parental discipline
refers to how parents react to childs behavior. It is clear that harsh or erratic discipline which
involves physical punishment predicts a teenager to find happiness out there. So, they may
follow their peers and teens can be easily manipulated online by unprincipled individuals with
their own agenda to influence teenagers to wrongdoings. For example, they will use drugs to
deal with their unhappiness and problems with self-esteem in family. As the world is excelling
in technology, some markets are used to buy and sell recreational drugs online which this is
known as drug trafficking that includes in cybercrimes. These teenagers would try to
communicate with drug mules to be escaped from harsh discipline from parents. All of these

poor parental discipline, is usually the strongest and most replicable predictor of offending
and involve antisosial activities.
No parental supervision
Furthermore, I am stating that parents are responsible for the rise of cybercrimes
among teenagers because lesser or no supervision and unmonitored internet use. Parental
supervision refers to the degree of monitoring by parents of the childs activities. Based on a
survey in United States, 71% of parents stop supervising internet use by their children after
age of 14. Poor parental supervision of their childrens internet usage may lead them to
explore more new things in internet and soon involve in cybercrimes such as cyberbullying,
unwanted exposure to pornography and potentially revealing personal information to sexual
predators. As a proof, in the classic Cambridge-Somerville study in Boston, Joan McCord
(1979) found that poor parental supervision in childhood was the best predator of both
violent and property crimes until they gow up. Well, it is the parents responsibility because
parents should have come to supervise after school activity especially in internet usage.
Modern devices with cheap internet access from parents
A final reason why Im agreeging that parents are responsible for the rise of
cybercrimes among teenagers is because parents whom give modern devices with free or
cheap internet access which contains a lot of unuseful and unwanted pages to children at an
early age can make them to involve in cybercrimes when they become as teenagers. We
certainly know that the teenagers routinely use the Internet, as it has become an essential
part of modern life.Teenagers ability to access the Internet has grown rapidly as it was
started from their early ages without their parents guidance of using the cheap internet
access in computers or handphones. In the bible, it states that children are supposed to live
like their parents and to grow up doing what they do. As parents surf internet very often
infront of their children, they will undoubtedly shaped from their parents behavior of
accessing the internet and this may lead their attention to content of unuseful websites.
In a nutshell, I certainly agree that day by day more teenagers are engaged in
cybercrimes and parents are responsible in this case. Education starts from home thus
children are essentially a blank slate when they are born. Until they are of schooling age,
their parents are the predominate role models in a childs life. It is hoped that the parents can
instill a strong enough sense of right and wrong. So that by the time the child is exposed to
other sources, their behavior compass is secure.