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Assignment 1

Q1. Explain four important network configurations and compare them, in terms
of their advantages and disadvantages.
Q2. Draw the complete hierarchical telephony network and explain the role of
the exchanges in each level. Explain the mechanism of automatic alternate
routing (AAR).
Q3. Explain the principle of operation of four wire circuits. What is the
disadvantage in 4W circuits and how it is overcome?
Q4. (a). Explain in detail dBr, dBm, dBw and dBmo

i) What is the dBm output at A and B?
(ii) What is the gain of each amplifier in dB and also calculate total gain of the
system in dB.
Q5. Explain the principle of PCM and the 30 channel PCM frame format, in detail.
Q6. With neat diagram explain PDH, SDH.
Q7. What is message switching and circuit switching? State the difference
between circuit switching and message switching.
Q8. (a). With a neat diagram explain the Echo in four wire circuit.
(b). A four wire circuit has round trip delay of 20ms, the propagation time for the
2 wire circuit connected is 1ms at each end, and its attenuation is 6dB. The
balance return loss is 3dB, stability is also 3dB. Determine
(i) Attenuation of the talker echo.
(ii) Attenuation of the listener echo.
(iii) Delays of the talker and listener echoes.