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Since you worked in NY for a period of time, your box 1 wages is the same as you
r Box 16. We do not provide the actual amount that you earned in NY.
NY requires that 100% of the wages be reported for the entire year, even if empl
oyees had not worked in NY all year.NY wages will equal Box 1 wages for this rea
NY has a special form for nonresidents who allocate wages.It's called th
e IT-203-ATT worksheet, IT-203B and IT-203 forms On these forms you can put t
he number of days worked in NY and the number of days you did not work in NY.
By submitting these values, the worksheet will bring you from the w2 reported w
ages to the wages that should be reported according to your days worked. This i
s a NY state requirement.
For more information on this NY state requirement, please refer to the NY state
web site:
I hope that this information will be helpful. If you have additional questions o
r need further information, please respond using "Reply with History".
Best regards,
Christine Mae
The employee needs to understand that even if it is for hours, it is days, even
if it is 5 minutes working in a state it counts as a day. I have sent the emplo
yee a note and relayed to him that I would reach out to him. However, he is tra
veling on business. Please close this case out.