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Men of Brozne Legendary Heroes Special Rules.

Armour of the Gods: A Legendary Hero with this special rule must re-roll all Morale Save of '1'. If
the LH is slain, replace the Hero's base with a counter. The unit that killed the Hero, and the unit he
was a part of, will now fight for control of the body. If at the end of either player's turn only 1 unit,
not in combat in touching the slain LH they will recover or strip the body. Remove the counter and
score 1 VP. If the unit claiming the body contains a LH he too gains the 'Armour of the Gods'
special rule (as he puts it on!)
Beloved (*): The Legendary Hero may re-roll the dice for Divine Intervention from the named
deity should it fail.
Commander: The LH may order troops from any nation in their faction. If they issue orders to
units not of their nation however, they do so with a -1 modifier (in addition to any other modifiers).
Feared: Units cannot charge an enemy unit with this special rule using their initiative, they must be
ordered to charge.
Frenzy: In Epic Duels the LH must always place more dice in Att than Def. Upon winning a
combat they must always follow a retreating enemy and if the enemy is destroyed they must make a
full move towards the nearest enemy in their front arc. If there is no enemy in the front arc, they
must advance a full move instead. Most LH with Frenzy will also have 'Rage'
Hates (*): A LH must declare a charge against a unit containing the Hated character if possible.
This means if they are within 3 moves they must attempt to charge. They gain +1 to their Command
Value for this charge. They must always follow up a retreating hated enemy. In short they must do
all they can to engage, and remain engaged, with the hated LH's unit. If fighting an Epic Duel
against the Hated opponent this LH may re-roll and Att dice.
Horsemaster: Any chariot or cavalry units in the same nation as this LH gain +2 movement. In
addition that may make Initiative moves at a distance of 15 from the enemy. A LH with this special
rule cannot fight on foot, they must always be placed in a unit of chariots or cavalry.
Godslayer: If an enemy LH within 12 successfully calls 'Divine Intervention' roll a dice. On a 3+
the effects of the Divine Intervention is cancelled (but still counts as being used).
Man of Bronze: Units within 12 of a LH with this rule, to whom he can draw line of sight add 1 to
any combat resolutions. If they are units from the same faction they gain +2. In addition, command
distances count as being 12 less than they are. This effectively means orders can be issued up to
24 with no distance penalty, 36 at -1, etc.
Master Duellest: A LH with this rule always wins 'draws' in Epic Duels. This means if their attack
dice is equalled by a defence dice, a hit is still inflicted. They may also re-roll 1 dice from Att and 1
from Def per turn. They must accept the result of the re-roll, even if it is worse than the original
Master Strategist: After deployment, the LH, his unit and the brigade of which it is part may either
make a free 12 move, or redeploy anywhere in their own deployment area.
Mighty Strength: Morale Saves against this character are capped at 5+. This is for melee and Short
Range shooting. (I'd suggest rolling separately or different coloured dice when adding this LH

attacks to a units' if it is relevant).

Rage: The Legendary Hero gains 1 extra H2H dice for every round of combat won, up to a
maximum of 10. They keep this extra dice for the rest of the game. If they are in a Legendary Duel
they gain this bonus if they win the duel, even if their unit loses. If the enemy falls back, the LH and
their unit must pursue, maintaining contact.
Ruthless: Successful Morale Saves against a character with this rule must be rerolled. This is in
both Epic Duels and normal combat (I'd suggest rolling separately or different coloured dice when
adding this LH attacks to a units').
Tower Shield: The LH gains +1 to their MS (included in profile). In addition in Epic Duels they
gain a 'free' dice. This dice however must be used for defence.
Wily Fighter: In Epic Duels a LH with this special rule may allocate their Att/Def dice AFTER
their opponent has rolled.
Wise: If a LH with this special rule blunders roll a dice. On a 4+ the blunder is ignored (although it
still counts as a failed order).