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(Weird voice effects - Catches Viewers attention)

Turret: Good evening everybody! Okay. you can press the button now
Defective: Finally I get to press the button!
*Offering plays 9 - 24 seconds*
Defective: Ugh, Darn it! I forgot that disc is scratched!
*Color Bars play for 3/4 seconds*

Turret: Ah... okay... my name is (Diego) I will be playing the role of the Android Robot I never
agreed to record for anything but I was forced to by society and my boss you really dont want
to see her angry she scares me...
Defective: Okay people of the internet now let's get to the point of todays video Ill be analizy
history thats pretty much found in science!!! Let's get started with the thesis statement!
Turret: Charles Darwin and Sir Richard Owen were two of the greatest biologist that have ever
been alive, both made world-changing discoveries, though, they were enemies and opposed
each other's ideas taking a stand against each other and most beliefs in biology during the time
period of 1845-1892. They drastically changed the way we think about biology up to this day.
*Shows the timeline*
*Zoomes on the beginning of the timeline*
Defective: So it all started with the birth of Sir Richard Owen on July 20, 1804 in Lancaster,
England (present day the United kingdom) his mother was Catherine Parrin and his father,
Richard Owen A West Indian merchant. Sir Richard Owen was one of the 6 siblings in his family.
Defective: Hehe they have a small family. How many other robots are there?

Turret: Approximately ughhhhh *explosion sound effect plays* Sir the computer exploded, let's
take a look at the graph instead...
Defective: Woah the numbers are off the chart! *Shows a chart the goes into toilet but is upside
Defective: Okay, now lets keep going with the timeline...
Turret: Sure, you go ahead and continue on.
Defective: On February 12, 1809, The Mount, Shrewsbury, England... Charles Darwin the
creator of the theory of evolution was born.
Robot: Ah, so lets fast forward in time to 1831 where we have a 22 year old charles Darwin.
So, he was on his famous trip on the HMS Beagle which was a boat. According to All About
Science Charles Darwin began his research on natural selection during his trip on the HMS
Beagle. Many people would ask why this trip is so important but the reason it's important is
because Darwin wrote his findings on natural selection when he was on this trip which lead him
to his first major success.
Defective: For the people who dont know what his theory of natural selection, its essentially
states that, for instance, if there was some furry rabbits and furless rabbits in a cold
environment, the furry rabbits would survive and continue to populate the area while the less
rabbits would die off.