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Rishabh Lala

352 74 552 74 | | | 3515 SW 39th Blvd. Apt. 31 D, Gainesville, FL (32608)

To obtain full time research position at University of Florida, that utilizes my creative thinking and abilities.

Master of Science, Structural Engineering
University of Florida, U.S.A.
Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Technology in Structural Engineering (Integrated)
Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal, India

GPA: 3.66/4 (I Sem)

CGPA: 8.5 (10 Sem)

Structural Designing and Modelling

ETABS, AxisVM , SAFE, SAP-2000, STAAD.Pro, M idas Gen

Structural Detailing and Drawing

AutoCAD, Sketch-up Designing

M ATLAB, M athcad, M icrosoft Office Proficient, C++, Proficient Typing Skills,
Photoshop Designing, Adobe- InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop Designing,
Google Drive Operations, Android App Development,



Jan 2015- Feb 2015

Heavens Design, Bhopal

Served as an independent Structural Engineer (2 Months)
Civil Engineering Network Systems, Pune, India

Jul 2014- Dec 2014

Semester-long Paid Internship in Structural Designing

M.P. Housing Board
Assisted Supervisors at various sites

Jul 2013

Major Project
Soil Mapping Project
Oman Bungalow
Pune Bungalow
NDT of Taj Ul

Column Shortening in Tall Buildings: Theory Validation and Designing Precepts

Analysis and Design of High Rise (G+40) R.C.C. Structure
Soil testing and mapping of regional soil based on their engineering properties
Analysis Design and Detailing of Bungalow with Basement and Ponds in Hall
Residential bungalow project of Pune
Conducted various non-destructive tests and surveyed Mosque

Jul 15-M ay 16
M ay 15
Jun 13- Dec13
Jul 14-Dec14
Jul 14-Dec14

Sept 12

First Position with cash award Rs.3000, Technical Paper Presentation, PEHAL 2014, SWANS India, on
Glass Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete, an Alternate to the Conventional Concrete (R.C.C) (Experimental Study)
Link -

Conducted Guest Lecture
On Earthquake Resistant Design of Structure
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and
Research, Bhopal, India

Jan 14, 2015

Lala, Hussain, Akhtar. (2013) "Self Healing Concrete." Proceedings of Latest Trends in Civil Engineering. Lakshmi Narayan
College of Technology & Science (LNCT&S), Bhopal. 17th August 2013
Lala, Mishra (2014). Glass Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete, an Alternate to Conventional Concrete. International
Conference on Advances in Res earch and Applications (ICAERA). Oriental College of Technology (OCT), Bhopal. 25th
March, 2014