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Table of Contents


06 09

Company Overview


Business Purpose
Current status of company
Overall strategy for company

Plan for product cost

Pricing Strategy
Operations complexity
Value Chain management
Resources required


Market &
Marketing Strategy
Discussion about target
What gaps in the market
do we fill?
Competitive analysis
SWOT analysis


Financial Potential

Future Potential

Financial Reconciliation
Income Statement
Return on Equity

What worked in the product?

What didnt work?
What could be improved?

Founder of the

Smordy Company
Jiratchaya Sakulboonthanom (Japan)
Kavitsara Panichumnuaysuk (Mew)
Pemika Sritong-in (Earn)
Sumanas Chamneandamrongkarn (Punpun)
Thanyamas Chanchaiwat (Jammy)
Thitirat Pipopwattana(Nice)

Company Overview

Smordy is founded by six entrepreneurship students who enjor eating

sweet. As many people plan to sell beverages and food in the market., we have
found out that there are only a few number of dessert store. Plus, last year
Wednesday market had no cotton candy stall. Thus, our company come out with
the Smordy cotton candy, the unique cotton candy store. Our cotton candy is
attractive to the customer, especially the students who like sweet, the majority in
the market. We let the customer to choose any colour of the cotton candy they
preferred, and this can attract a lot of customers. We have two prices depending
on the size of the product: big cotton candy for 20 THB and small one for 10THB.


Current status of Company

Profit = 879
- sell 63 cotton candies
- make 879 THB in net profits
- we aim to sell 100 cotton candies on next business market

Overall Strategy for Company

-Social network, such as Instagram, Twitter, Line and Facebook
-Connection (word of mouth)
-Posters to promote the product

Place within the market

Our cotton candy stall serve students, teachers and staffs who like to eat
sweet and miss theird childhood. We offer cotton candy that never being
sell in school market before with affordable price.

O Plan for Product Cost

A Pricing Strategy
T two main factors for pricing: - easy to get change

- affordable for all student
- sell big size at 20 THB and small size for 10 THB
- expected to buy ingredients no more than 200 THB
(sugar 3 bags for 150THB, chopsticks 50 paris for 50 THB)
*luckily we can buy all of the ingredients within 131 THB*
- We expected to gain at least 800 THB revenue
- Sell 30 cotton candies for big size
- Sell 20 cotton candies for small size


Marginal Cost

Operations Complexity
Electricity issue (during starting and middle of the market)
Cannot sell cotton candy

Move machine to the second floor @ MUIDS
Sell and recieve order
Deliver to customers


Value Chain management

Add Food Clouring
Put Sugar in machine
Put on Chopsticks

Resources Required


Market & Marketing

Discussion About Target Marget
Smordy cotton candy provides 2 sizes of cotton candy; customers can choose
color for their cotton candy. Our target market is student who like to eat sweet;
customer who want to select the their favorite color in their cotton candy. Some
people might not want to eat a large size of cotton candy, so we offer the small
size in a half size and price. Moreover, our product looks good for taking picture
so, students especially girls will buy our product for taking selfie or group shot.

Gaps in the Market

- No cotton candy stall in Wednesday Market last year
- Cotton candy is hard to find the place to sell
- People miss their childhood desset
- Students @ MUIDS like to eat sweet

Competitive Analysis
Our competitors vary from all stalls at the Business market at MUIDS to genetics
brands around MUIDS. At the Business market at MUIDS, foods, beverage and
dessert are being sold. The prices vary from 10 to 50 THB. Some poeple were full
because of food and didnt want to eat dessert. Some stalls had creative way to
decorate their stalls, which gained more attention than our stall. Lastly, stalls that
didnt need electricity could started to sell before other stalls that need electricity.



Financial Summary
Our business started with 720 THB capital in total (120THB
from each member). We have 589 THB left after buying all
the ingredients. At the end, we sold 63cotton candies. Our
business has xxx THB ending capital. Each member has a
return of 266.5THB.

Profits divided equally to 6
members of our business.
The total amount is 266.5 THB

Future Potential
What worked in the product?
- Cotton candy stall work more than we think
- make net profit of 879 THB
What didnt work?
- Electricity turn down made customers didnt want to wait
- Moved machine to second floor caused some misunderstanding that we sold out already
- Wind made cotton candy shrink faster than it should be
What Could We Improved?
- Provide a plastic wrap for cotton candy for customers who
dont want to eat cotton candy right the way
_ Offer more colors and some decoration for cotton cady such
as seaweed, marshmallow and jelly
- Decorate stall more to attract more customers


The first cotton cady stall at MUIDS