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"Are you sure you want me to do this?" Vara asked her beloved Bobcat Demon Lord.

mean, aren't you happy with me bound to only two of you? Why would you want me to
bind Suzuki and add a third?"
"I would be happier," Tekken replied, "If Souten were not underfoot all the time. Ever
since Toyna died, he stays here in the Palace moping! Suzuki goes out to get herbs,
strengthen his boundaries and the gods know what else. I'm sure that Souten will go
with him. If he doesn't volunteer, you can always send Souten as protection. Then I will
have you all to myself again."
Vara laughed out loud, "I knew there had to a reason that was not altruistic!"
When Vara told Suzuki that she wished to bind him, he flushed deep red with
embarrassment. It had never occurred to him that the beautiful Queen would want make
him one of her males. Like his mentor, Bakura, he had expected to have a solitary life.
Suzuki had no illusions about the binding. Although he didn't know the reason behind
her request, he did know that the Queen was in love with Tekken and was also involved
with Kyo, the Red Dragon.
"My Queen," Suzuki asked, his voice humble, "I do not understand why you wish to
bind me. I know your feelings for Tekken and Kyo. I do not want to be bound into an
empty union. If you are afraid that I will leave your service, please rest assured that I am
in your service for life."
"Suzuki, our union will not be empty. It will be filled with love and caring." Vara
assured him. "The binding works two ways: you will be bound to me and I to you. I
didn't love Souten when I bound him, but I do now and I will love you after I bind you
to me. As for the reason, it is because of that very same Souten. He is lost without Toyna
and going stir-crazy in confines of the palace. You often go afield looking for herbs and
the like, and he can accompany you. You will be as brothers with the binding."
Suzuki bowed deeply to his Queen, and whispered, "Then it would be my honor to be
Vara smiled and lifted up his face and kissed him softly on the cheek. "I will come to
your rooms tonight." And then she left, leaving him breathless and trembling. He knew

nothing of the ways of life and sex. He did not even use his own hands as some males
did; not wanting to sully his vocation with self-gratification. Now he wished he had at
least learned about his own body. How could she not find him wanting?
Later that night, he paced the floor of his rooms in his nervousness. He didn't know what
to wear and changed clothes many times. Finally he settled on a loose white robe,
hoping that it would not seem forward, but she was coming to bind him, so it was more
than likely proper attire. He placed candles all over his room, having heard once that it
was romantic. He brushed his long blond hair over and over until it gleamed in the soft
He jumped a little when a soft tap sounded at his door and stumbled getting to it. He
threw the door open and then reddened with embarrassment, realizing how anxious that
he must appear. Vara walked into his room. If she had noticed his blush or his
clumsiness, she did not comment on it.
"I will have to move your rooms closer to mine." She said absently, more to herself than
to him. Then she turned to him and took his hands in hers, "Dearest Suzuki" she
whispered as her lips found his for a small kiss. She parted from him and smiled at him,
then kissed him again, her hands moving to the small of his back, bringing him forward
against her body.
The young mage trembled slightly as she kissed him, very aware of her body pressed up
against his, the soft give of her breasts against his chest, the feel of her hips flush against
his own, and the incredible feeling of his sex just beginning to come alive. She deepened
the kiss, devouring his mouth, nipping at his lips, until he thought he would faint from
the pleasure of these very new feelings.
Again she parted from him and moved to the bed, leading him with one small, delicate
hand. Standing him next to the bed, she began to undress him, slowly untying the sash of
his robe, then opening it slightly to reveal a body that was surprising muscular. She had
forgotten that he had competed in the Dark Tournament. This was an unexpected
Vara slid his robe off of his shoulders, letting it go to his elbows, capturing his arms with
it. She bent in and kissed the hollow of his throat, then trailed along his collarbone and
upward to the delicate shell of his left ear. Suzuki gave out a small, strangled whimper.

While she kissed him, her hands stroked his shoulders and moved down his well-formed
biceps and then pulled his arms free of the robe, letting it fall. He was now completely
Suzuki closed his eyes with the pure pleasure of sensation; something he had never
allowed himself before. Goosebumps appeared on his flesh, but they were not from the
night's chill, but from awakening desire.
Vara nipped along his jaw line with tiny little bites that barely touched the skin, bare
whispers of her mouth. She moved downward, holding his hips in her hands to keep
herself steady, and licked around each small bump of a nipple, making it hardened into a
rosy diamond.
Alternating between soft kisses and wet licks, she trailed from his chest to his navel,
dipping a wet tongue inside and swirling it around. He gasped at the intrusion but held
fast, afraid to move, lest she leave her delightful task. And then she moved further down.
Pale blond curls surround a well-formed, well-sized penis, not yet at attention, but
beginning to awaken. Firm round balls hung below. She moved one hand off of his left
hip and cupped his balls, cradling them in the hollow of her palm, then she began to
massage them, gently shifting the twin orbs inside. Still holding him, she pushed him
down so that he was sitting on the bed, and knelt in front of him, spreading his legs so
that she was between them. Her free hand wrapped around his rising length and she bent
her lips to the tiny mouth at the head of his penis, teasing it open with her tongue. Vara
swirled her well-practiced tongue over his velvet-soft head, dipping the very tip of her
tongue into the opening as she passed over his tip.
Within minutes, his length grew hard and stood straight upward and his balls tightened.
Crystal drops formed and fell, creating glistening trails down his swollen shaft. Suzuki
could no longer keep still and his hips began to move to an inner beat that kept perfect
time to the pulsing of the blood rushing through his pointing shaft. Little bursts of
starlight formed on the back of his eyelids and he felt dizzy enough to faint from the
sheer pleasure of it all.
As if sensing his distress, Vara rose from her task and pushed him onto the bed and
moved so that she was lying partially on top of him. He reached for her blindly and
found a hip, then moved in a slow stroke until his hand was on the wonderful curve of
her butt. Alarm bells rang inside his head and he lifted his hand, only to have it caught
by one of hers and firmly returned to its place on her nether cheek. Having been given

permission, he took full advantage and ran his hand up and down that sensual curve, and
then added his other hand.
The candles that he had placed around the room suddenly flared as if his passion had
touched them too.
With one easy movement, she straddled him, and hovered over his upright shaft for a
second, then sat down, impaling him into herself. Suzuki cried out, bucked in surprise,
accidentally sending himself even deeper within. He arched, his head and shoulders
pressed into the bed, his feet curled and straining with his entire pelvis, along with his
Queen, lifting off the bed. She rode him as he arched, then he settled, learning fast,
moving upward when she came down, stabbing deeper with each movement. He still
had his hands on her rear and he pressed his fingers in deep with his passion; tomorrow
she would have ten oval bruises that would elicit numerous crude comments from a
jealous Kyo.
Suddenly the blood rushed through his ears like a torrent and Suzuki again thought that
he would faint from the pleasure, but instead he rammed in as hard as possible and
discharged spurting gulps of semen into Vara's wet, throbbing passage. Twice more he
shoved himself in and emptied himself.
At the moment of his release, she bound him to her and when he emptied, she bound
him to Souten and Tekken. And the candles snuffed out one by one, leaving them with
only the moonlight of the full moon filtering through the windows.
Exhausted and content, Vara let herself fall so that she was lying on top of him, now
feeling an emotional tie to him. Under her head she could feel his heart beating rapidly,
just beginning to slow to its normal steady rhythm.
She looked up at him and murmured, "Sweet Suzuki, let me know when you are rested
"Enough?" he asked, then smiled when he heard her mischievous giggle. "I'm sure I will
be rested enough very soon."