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Career Objective:
Seeking the position in an organization which suits my qualification and experience and that will
enhance my horizon of knowledge and give me the chance to prove myself has the best candidate
in the organization.
- 13 years of experience as a IT Technician/ ICT Teacher
- Excellent communication Skills
- Profound knowledge of ICT and ability to teach the ICT for all sorts of students i.e. for those
who have ICT as there subject and those who have not.
- Excellent communication and written skills as well as ability to explain the text.
- Highly skilled in using the different course books and material for teaching ICT as well as
having a great passion and love for ICT.
- Ability to plan, collect material and deliver the lessons in the class.
- Capacity to arrange the competitions and assess the performance of the students.
- Good and deep knowledge of ICT i.e. Computer Hardware & Software
Personal Qualities:
- Using self ideology for a better result in this field.
- Making use of deferent technique for attaining the goal of the organization.
- I made Automatic Mark sheet Generate Software for School.
- Till date 95% result.
Experience details:
2002 June 2010
Designation:IT TEACHERCum IT Technician

Place :Dehradun , INDIA.

Job Summary:
-Providing a stimulating learning environment in which students can develop to their full
-Employing a broad range of instructional techniques to retain student interest and maximize
individual learning within a group environment.
-Utilizing computer resources like Internet, Smart Class to promote interactive learning.
-Helping to prepare students for the future workforce by introducing new technology and
encouraging interactive group-work and problem-solving.
-Evaluating and communicating student progress and liaising with other professionals to discuss
individual student needs.
-Preparing and implementing remedial programs for students requiring extra help.
-Maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge and researching new topic areas, resources and
teaching method
-Assessed students performance through examinations, graded recitations, and quizzes
Teaching grade 9th to 12th
CBSE Board
Computer Lab responsibility
Boarder responsibility in hostel
Computer Networking (Wired and WiFi)
Thin Client Networking
Managing IT Staff& Lab
Repairing Desktop, Laptop & Printer
Cartridge Refilling
Organization Name :Gandhi Memorial International School , Bali , Indonesia.
August 2010 to JULY 2012
Designation:ICT TeacherCum IT Technician
And Middle School Examination Incharge.
Place : Bali , Indonesia
Job Summary:

Develop and initiate ICT teaching materials and course content.

-Deliver lectures to students on Latest Technologies.
-Teach students on how Technology is broadcasting around the world.
-Teach and encourage students to conduct Practicals.
-Design and develop classroom assignments and programs.
-Provide stimulating learning experiences to students.
-Conduct examinations and grade students in ICT.
-Maintain Smart class rooms & Computer Lab.
-Maintain appropriate records, materials, equipment and facilities.
-Maintain School Computer Hardware & Networking System.
Teaching Grade5th to 12th.

Exam Responsibility.
Managing and Installing Software
Installation of Wired Local area network
Configuration of Printer, Modem , Scanner.
Installation of device drivers & hardware components.
Installation of Network printers.
Sharing of Internet connection.
Sharing of Printers.
Trouble shooting the networking related problems.
Troubleshooting & maintenance of PCs.
Cartridge Refilling
Printer Repair
Laptop Repair

Organization Name :Aims Technology , Punjab , India.

September 2012 to 15 Nov 2016
Designation:Testing Engineer
Place :Chandigarh , Punjab , India
Desktop Repair
Laptop & Printer Repair
Cartridge Refilling
Networking (Wired, Wireless)
Thin Client Networking
Desktop Assembling
Trouble Shooting

Window Installation
Software Installation
Anti Virus Installation & Update
Sales, Field Work& Documentation Work
Work shop Attended
Certificate in presentation
IBDP workshop attended in Bali , Indonesia
CBSE workshop attended in Punjab , India
MS Office, Internet, Software Skill, Operating System (Windows XP,Me,2000,7 & 8
Installation) Computer Hardware , Networking , Printer Repair , Laptop Repair & Modification,
Cartridge Refilling , Software Installation and Management , Thin Client Networking, Trouble
shooting & Diagnosing.
Typing (Speed 50 words per minute)
Good English Level
Knowledge of Accounts
Learning Malay Language
B.COM in the year 2000 from INDIA.
One Year Diploma in Financial Accounting from M.C.R.P University Bhopal in the year 1998.
One year Post graduate diploma in Computer Applications in the year 2001 from INDIA.
One year Diploma in ComputerHardware and Networking Professional from JETKING
INFOTRAIN LTD in the year 2008 from INDIA.
JETKINGINFOTRAIN LTD is a Indias no one Hardware and Networking Institute.
Summary of Qualifications:
Vast experience in implementing and administrating network
Sound knowledge of PC workstations, servers, network equipmentsand peripherals.
Wide knowledge of network cabling and wiring systems, design, and installation.
Good understanding of VLAN, DHCP, DNS and RIP,IGRP,EIGRP protocols.
Expert at configuration and optimization of network equipment and software applications.
Ability to operate networking tools, components, peripherals, and testing accessories.
Familiarity with TCP/IP-based services, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, FTP,SMTP
Good understanding of VNC , Team Viewer.
Good understanding of Computer Hardware.
Sound Knowledge of Laptop Repairing.
Printer Repairing and Cartridge Refilling.
Personal Details
Fathers Name :
Marital Status :
Language Known:

Sh.Arjun Singh
26 Jan 1980
English , Hindi , Punjabi

PassPort No :
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Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia
Hno-P5 ,Krishna Nagar Colony,
Kankhal, Haridwar.