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Turnkey plant for BALL POWDER
Turnkey Plant - Design, manufacture, supply, installation, erection, testing, & commissioning of the related plants and
machineries including civil work and services for BALL POWDER PLANT of different variants.

The plant shall have monthly capacity to produce the following quantities on 8 hr x 3 shifts i.e. 4 MT per day (minimum
acceptable quantity). However, with regular maintenance schedule, plant should be capable to produce 80MT (minimum) per
a) 5.56mm to spec. CQA(A)3609 - 80 MT per month
b) 7.62mm to spec JSS 1376-:12 - 80 MT per month
c) A-7 to spec. Draft Spec CQA(A)3609 for A-7 - 80 MT per month
d) Combination of (a), (b) and (c) at any ratio 80 MT per mont
The Plant shall be capable of being operated between 60% to 100% of the rated capacity, if required without significant loss of efficiency. It is
desirable that the plant yield should not be less than 50%.

1. The TENDERER shall undertake design and detailed engineering of the PLANT and supply, erect, commission the
PLANT complete with its ancillaries and utilities including civil works and demonstrate by way of performance test of plant
and equipment. The plant shall be guaranteed in respect of its performance for the capacity, quality, consumption of inputs
and utilities etc., while using inputs and utilities as specified.

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In case of
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2. The plant described in the Tender shall be new and up-to-date compatible to site conditions and tropical climate and shall be complete in
all respects to fulfill the guaranteed performance for the output, quality and consumption of raw materials and utilities. For Civil works and
Electrical/Instrumentation work, the TENDERER shall adhere to the statutory rules in force as applicable at Ordnance Factory, Itarsi.
3. The TENDERER shall undertake design & construction of buildings for process, utility services, drainage around the buildings and
illumination inside the buildings. The TENDERER shall design and execute the casting of foundation required for erection of equipment.
The TENDERER for this purpose shall do the ground survey and soil investigation at their cost. The above scope of work covers all
associated civil and structural and electrical /instrumentation work. Since this is a turnkey contract, the plant to be supplied shall be
complete in all respects within the battery limit. Any equipment or machinery or services not included in scope of tender, but required to
make the plant complete to fulfill the guaranteed performance of the plant, shall be supplied by the TENDERER at no extra cost.

4. TENDERER shall arrange for transportation of equipment by ship/rail/road to plant site and store them in the godown
provided by the purchaser.
5. TENDERER shall obtain import license for imported items. Necessary assistance shall be rendered by the Purchaser but
the final responsibility shall rest with the TENDERER.
6. The TENDERER shall obtain approval from Statutory Agencies like Boiler Inspectorate, Electricity Inspectorate, etc. with
necessary assistance from PURCHASER.
7. The TENDERER shall furnish the technical documentation according to the time schedule as indicated elsewhere in this Contract.
8. TENDERER shall undertake visit to site and construction of all the buildings with the approval of Purchaser. The
Purchaser will handover a clear site.
9. The supply shall also include adequate sets of un-erected spares such as bearings, valves, Sealing, rings, gauges, gaskets,
bushes, indicators, recorder, controller, sensors, hydraulic oil, Lubricating oil, grease etc. for continuity in production over a
period of 2 years normal working of the plant . Adequacy of the spares for the quoted period must be confirmed.

10. The supplier shall furnish a list of spare parts that will be supplied by the TENDERER along with the plant. Also the cost of
each spares shall be furnished by the supplier in price bid separately.
11. The TENDERER shall supply to the Purchaser on his request any further spare parts at additional cost for at least ten
years after the taking over of the plant by the Purchaser. Wherever parts are not readily available, the necessary drawings,
specification of such parts shall be supplied.
12. The supplier shall supply a list of recommended optional spares for smooth running of the plant. Item-wise cost shall be furnished.
13.The TENDERER shall continue to be at the disposal of Purchaser for technical advice for equipment and manufacturing
process supplied for a period of five years after commissioning of the Plant
14. The TENDERER shall supply hydraulic oils, lubricants, etc. required for first fill and usage up to commissioning stage till takeover of

the Plant by the Purchaser. The TENDERER shall supply list of supplier in India or abroad for spares parts with OEM,
Name, Address and Part No. of OEM catalogue.
15.Testing - The EQUIPMENT shall be tested as per standard practices of TENDERER. The TENDERER shall notify
PURCHASER one month in advance of the estimated date of completion of erection subject to the plant being put into use.
Upon receipt of such notice PURCHASER shall in consultation with TENDERER provide and keep ready adequate
quantities of raw materials and utilities of stipulated quality at specified points and required number of operating and
maintenance personnel on mutually agreed basis. The completion of erection shall be certified after joint inspection by the
PURCHASER and the TENDERER. However, such certification shall not be held up due to non completion of erection jobs
of minor nature which shall be completed to the entire satisfaction of the Purchaser in the shortest possible time.
16. Trial run, commissioning and performance demonstration - Within three months from completion of erection,
TENDERER shall commission and demonstrate performance of the PLANT. As soon as the PLANT is ready for
performance demonstration, TENDERER shall notify PURCHASER at least 72 hours in advance of his intention to carry
out such demonstration. During this
l and work strictly under TENDERER
The detailed procedure for conducting performance
demonstration, collection of data, etc. shall be mutually agreed between PURCHASER AND THE TENDERER. All working
data of performance demonstration which are required for the purpose of evaluating results of such demonstration shall be
signed and confirmed by authorized representative of TENDERER. The evaluation of performance in terms of capacity,
raw materials and utilities consumption shall be done on averaging the figures obtained during the demonstration run.
17. Supply of drawings and documentation - TENDERER shall furnish one set of electronic media and three prints of the drawings along
with six prints of documents prepared for the PLANT as designed and engineered by the TENDERER.
catalogues, instructions, characteristic curves, test certificate of pumps and motors etc. shall be supplied as obtained by the TENDERER.
Three copies of operating and maintenance manual for the PLANT shall also be made available by the TENDERER. These drawings
shall comprise of 3 sets of hard copies and 1 set electronic media. All drawings and documents as stated above shall be supplied before
commencement of erection. However all operating and maintenance manual will be given before commencement of commissioning.

18. TIME SCHEDULE - Vendor shall complete the whole job i.e. Completion of civil work, design and supply of plant and
machineries, erection of the plant and equipment along with associated services connections and commissioning of the
complete system within 30 months from the effective date of contract.
19. The vendor shall submit along with the Technical Bid, CPM/PERT/BAR Chart showing proposed plan of:
a) Finalization of line plan drawing of layout and individual building drawing within the battery limit for approval of Indian
safety authorities.
b) Execution plan of Civil Works.
c) Pre delivery Inspection at Supplier premises.
d) Suppliers of plant and machinery.
e) Dry run/Water runs.
f) Commissioning/Guarantee run.

1. PLANT AND EQUIPMENT - Brief Description of the existing Process and Plant - The description of the existing process
and plant given below is for the guidance of the Tenderer for understanding of our requirement. The Tender may offer
latest and proven Process / Technology and advantages of proposed process may be separately indicated in Tender for
consideration of purchases. The existing BALL POWDER plant consists of following operations.
i) Hardening operation
ii) Coating Operation.
iii) Drying Operation
iv) Graphatizing operation.
v) Blending operation.
vi) Packing.
vii) Transportation of packed BALL POWDER to Final Storage Building.


Requirement - The process for manufacture of BALL POWDER which is now in existence at Ordnance Factory Itarsi as explained
above is for the information of the Tenderer about the stages involved in the manufacturing process and their purpose. It is the
responsibility of the Tenderer to offer any other most modern and proven process/technology for manufacture of BALL POWDER 80
MT/month using the NC and other raw materials. The product must conform to the specification enclosed. All the machinery should be
modern and of latest state of art technology with high degree of automation and matching instrumentation for continuous reading and
recording of key parameters, PLC and SCADA system in the current version of Hard and software.


The plant as a whole shall be based on latest but proven Technology and shall have all associated features with associated
infrastructure so as to deliver the desired out put in terms of quality, quantity and efficiency by safe operating process.

4. PLANTS AND MACHINERIES - The supplier is required to design all plant and equipment required to be produced in the
quantities and qualities as described in foregone paragraphs. The scope of supply includes design, manufacture/fabricate,
supply, install/erect and commission all the plant and machineries required for the production. This includes all the civil work
related to foundations of all plant and equipment. This is sequence is for guidance and vendors may suggest alternate / more
effective process. But any deviation from the sequence need to be explicitly intimated by vendor.


It is turnkey supply. The scope of turnkey supply is included under the following four categories.
(a) Plant and Equipment
(b) Plant services - In both the above case, the scope of supply includes for total Plant Equipment and services
including erection and commissioning for the manufacture of Ball Powder Plant to be planed within battery limit and
from the source of supply of electricity, water, steam as indicated in the site plan by the purchaser.
(c) Civil works - The scope of Civil Works includes all Civil constructions for all buildings including Technology buildings,
Non Technology building and services requirements within the battery limit. The services connection will be used by
the tender from the source of supply of electricity, water, steam as indicated in the site plan by the purchaser.
(d) Extended Services - The scope of Contracts defines provision of Services up to the source of supply.

5 (a). PLANT & EQUIPMENT - Scope of works under this head are given below:

Design, Engineering, Supply of Plant and Equipment, Erection and Commissioning of all the machineries along with all
associated Civil Works required for the production of Ball Powder as details described in subsequent Paragraph. The
quality of Ball Powder of the various types shall be as per the specifications.

ii) All the machineries, plant should be new modern and of latest Technology, with inbuilt safety system and environment friendly.


After erection of machineries, plant shall be capable for production of 4 MT per day Ball Powder. Detailed specification of
raw materials and the final product are enclosed.

(iv) Necessary stand by for vital equipment as per P&M so that there is no stoppages of production due to failure of one items.


Facility for safe working including accurate metering of all inputs and outputs via-a-vis yield, temperature and flow rate
measurements and central mechanism and safety devices.

(vi) Pipe, Pipefitting bends, valves etc. required for inter connecting storage tanks/vessel, piping for the process/plant operation.

vii) All supports hangers, clamps, brackets, anchor holding down bolts etc. for all plant and equipment, piping electrical cable
starter etc. are to be coated with 3 coat of epoxy paint.
(viii) Interlocking system should be provided in the instrument control with failsafe system and stoppages of inputs as per
design. The plant shall be necessary with audio-visual system.

(ix) The metering/weighing facilities required for energy audit shall be built in feature of plant. The meter etc. provide in the
plant should be calibrated and certified by internationally recognized laboratories to meet ISO 9001-2008 standards.
(x) All measuring Equipments for determination of water, steam and electrical energy consumption at various operating
/control point should be dully calibrated and certified
(xi) Furnish detailed literature and documentation for operation maintenance of said plant in six copies.
(xii) The supply shall include supply charts, graphs marking ink etc. required for commissioning trial, till takeover and for a
further period of one year for full rated operation of the plant.
(xiii) Level transmitter to be protected by Acid proof enclosure.
(xiv) Level indication should be at local position as well as control panel.
(xv) Flow meter should be acid proof.
(xvi) All wiring for instrumentation should be properly marked with visible ferrule.
(xvii) PH measuring/producing system should be uninterrupted.
(xviii) For each instrument, separate MCB should be provided with clear marking of instrument number.

Spares - The supply shall also include adequate sets of un-erected spare such as bearing, valves, sealings, rings, gauges, gaskets,
bushes, indicators, recorders, controllers sensors etc. for continuity in production over a period of 2 years. An adequacy of the spares
for the quoted period must be confirms. A list of spares with cost and quantity shall be indicated in the cost bid.

(xx) Insurance- The vendor/TENDERER shall undertake insurance cover at his cost against loss or damage for :(a) Plant and equipment and spares of imported origin-up to FOB.
(b) Plant and equipment and spares of Indian origin supplied up to delivery site.
(c) During erection and commissioning till handing over the plant If any part of equipment or part there of however, is
damaged during the process of erection pre-commissioning trials, commissioning run till the plant is taken over by
the PURCHASER, the same will have to be replaced at site by the vendor/ TENDERER free of all costs to the
purchaser including the erection and commissioning cost in the event of the plant having been. Vendor shall be
responsible for insurance of his personnel during construction and commissioning of the plant.

5(b) PLANT SERVICES - Scopes of work under this head are given below:
(i) Supply of electrical equipment should be Flame proof/ Dust tight and Explosion proof. These electrical installations
including cabling shall be as per Indian safely rule for explosives.
(ii) Supply and erection of all earthing connections of Machines and equipment.

(iii) Supply of equipment and generation of Compressed air for the above plant is included in the scope of the plants suppliers.
(iv) Refrigeration facility of required capacity is to be provided including circulation net work. The refrigeration system will be
chilled water type.
(v) Painting of all equipment and associated structural and interconnecting piping wherever possible. With one coat of epoxy
bases primer. After erection these will be thoroughly cleaned, wire brushed and given two coats of epoxy based acid
resistant paint confirming to relevant IS code of practice and as per colour scheme to be approved by the purchaser.
(vi) Effluent Treatment Plant - Scope of supply also includes water treatment facility for the waste water generated from the
plant to ensure zero emission / discharge norms of MPPCB.
5(c) CIVIL WORKS - Scope of works under this head are given below :

Civil works. All associated Civil works for technology non technology buildings, non roads, area illumination, process and fire
fighting water and other services connection within the Battery Limit is included within the scope of the present Tender. The
design and construction of the technology building will be carried out by the Vender as per Indian Safety Regulations.


Layout- The vender is free to design his own layout in existing available space for technology buildings as per his plant
design, which should be cost effective and competitive and will satisfy all the process parameters and the scope of
supply. The layout of the offered Technology Buildings will be integrated by the vendor with other non-technology
building within the battery limit without disturbing the location of non-technology building and will be submitted along
with the technology Bids for approval of Indian Safety Authorities before and decision of acceptance of the offer.


Development of plant site within the Battery limit by clearing the area, leveling the ground (contour variation max 0.5 meter) carrying
out soil testing if required making arrangements for construction water construction power at site from the nearby terminals.


Based on site condition design, engineering, supply and construction of(a) All building (technology and non-technology buildings).
(b) Roads and drainages.
(c) Buildings and area illumination including poles and under ground cables.
(d) water(connection for fire fighting water, process water and steam connection- up to out side the plant technology buildings (but will
cover inside the non technology buildings) matching with the plant requirement for erection and commissioning of plant.

(e) Lighting arrester for the technology buildings as per Indian safety Regulations and Fencing along the boundary of the
battery limit. The price quoted for these services within the battery limit up to the technology buildings but including
inside of non-technology buildings, shall be quoted under Civil Works. Price quoted for Services facilities for the
plant shall be under Plant and Machinery.

Completion of all construction work keeping the supply schedule as per the provision of the tender.

(vi) The supply shall be complete in all respect including all ancillaries such as piping supports of all kinds of description
bends. Fitting, valves, insulation, electrical equipment and additional plant lighting as per requirement painting etc
including 3 charges of lubricants and connected consumables.


All support etc. are to be coated with 3 coats of epoxy paints.

(viii) Painting of all equipment and associated structural and interconnecting piping shall be delivered wherever possible with on
coat of epoxy based primer After erection these will be thoroughly cleaned, wire brushed ad given two coats of epoxy based
acid resistant paint confirming to relevant IS code of practice and as per colour scheme to be approved by the purchaser.

(ix) The building/ rooms constructed under the contract shall be painted with acid resisting paint.
5(d). EXTENDED SERVICES - Battery limit is defined as the area where all activities as per above scope will be completed. A
conceptual layout of the battery limit for Ball Powder manufacturing plant and associated Civil works is given. In case
services are not available up to battery limit TENDERER/ Vender will have to connect the services like Steam Electricity,
Water etc. from our existing available points of terminal up to battery limit.
To summarize, the supply shall be complete in all respects within the battery limit including all plant and equipment. Civil Works
and ancillaries such as pipes, piping support of all kind description, bends, fitting, valves, insulation, electrical equipment
including cable, street light instrument, lighting arrester, painting and three charge of lubricant and connected consumables. Not
withstanding anything contained in this specification, items and works/supplies, which are essentially required for successful
completion of the work contemplated herein, but have not been mentioned, should be taken in to account so as to facilitate
successful commissioning of the plant. The Contractor will ensure zero emission / discharge norms of MPPCB.

Plant and machineries are to be erected in new buildings constructed by the tenderer in the space as shown in Annexure - A.


Tenderer has to ensure that design and construction of buildings is to be done as per Indian Regulations.


One number of Ball Powder waste Explosive storage building of Suitable capacity to be built as a part of Civil works


Cordoning of the battery limit s personnel during Construction, Erection,

Commissioning and Performance Guarantee Run of the plant, temporary fencing with Galvanised Iron (G.I.) sheet upto
2.4 meter height shall be provided in the area surrounding the battery limit. The temporary fencing shall be removed after
successful commissioning and before taking over of the plant.


Tenderer will have to indicate building wise civil works cost separately in the price bid.


The Purchaser reserves the right to change/modify the civil work as per requirement of site and P&M.


The technical specification for civil works and structural works as general guidelines is as follows :


(A) Scope of work :- Contract shall carry out the following work related to structural item.

Purchasing all material like rolled, plates, and bolts/nuts of tested quality and from approved manufactures as per drawing/specification.


Transportation of the above material to site and stacking the same in proper order.
Arrange all consumables likes welding rod, gas lines, oxygen, acetylene etc. required for the work.
All tools, tackles, welding machines, pug cutter machines, welding set, chain pulley block etc. shall be arranged.
All loading unloading of structures from dealers godown to yard, yard to erection site shall be done be by TENDERER
with the help of cranes, CP block tracks etc.
vi) All bolting, welding, testing shall be made as per standard.
vii) Checking centerlines, position level, plumb of all bolted structures shall be done.
viii) Final aligning leveling, welding and fixing in position shall also be done.
ix) Painting after thorough cleaning by brush and sand blasting etc. as per specification including supply of paints, thinner
etc, shall be in the scope of TENDERER.
x) All ACC sheets translucent sheets wherever required shall be procured and fixed with hooks/bolts. All cover pieces,
ridging, lapping, curves; capping shall be procured by tenderer.
xi) All structural steel doors, windows, glazing etc shall be made of MS sections and fabricated, erected as per drg. &
specification. Windowpanes shall be wired glass.
B. Materials
i) Structural steel - All structural steel materials shall conform to IS 2062- 1992. The materials shall be free from rust scales, laminations,
cracks, fixtures and other surface defects. All test certificates for materials procured by TENDERER shall be submitted to OFB.
ii) Bolts and Nuts - All bolts, nuts shall conform to IS: 1363-1992, IS: 1364-1992 a application grip bolts unless specified otherwise

shall be hexagonal. High strength friction grip bolts HSFG) and nuts shall conform to IS: 3757, IS:6623 wherever applicable
iii) Washers - Plain washers shall be made of mild steel conforming to IS: 5639-1925. Washers shall be supplied with bolts.
iv) ACC Sheets - Asbestos cement corrugated sheets in roof, side and cable shall be at least 6mm thick conforming to IS:459 All

fixing accessories shall be of galvanized steel conforming to IS:730. Bitumen , 10/8mm dia GI J/L hook bolts, shall be used .

C. Works involved
i) Fabrication - All the fabrication of trestles, bridges, structural rolled columns, built up columns, beams, bracings runners
etc shall be in accordance with IS:800 and as per the detailed drawing. Tolerance of fabrication shall be one in yard and
shall be inspected by OFB authority prior to clearance for dispatch.
ii) Construction shall be : a) Welding with erection bolts, b) Bolting with black or HB bolts. c) Bolted with HSFG bolts.
Min. welding shall be 5 mm (i) OL U.O.N. Bolt shall be min. 12mm dia Holes shall be min. 1.5 mm more than the bolt dia. If
there is a butt weld, this must be tested radio graphically @ 2% or welded joints and cost to be born by TENDERER. For
normal welds, ultrasonic testing @ one drill hole for 50 m shall be carried out by the TENDERER at his own cost.

iii) Erection - All fabricated structure on receipt of inspection certificate from OFB shall be erected in the site as per erection
marking Erection procedure shall be as per IS:800-1984.
D. Painting - All the fabricated structure shall have at least one coat of primer of approved quality in the yard after inspection.
Before erection, the structure shall receive another coat (min) of intermediate paints as per specification. After erection the
structure shall receive final 2 coats of finished paints. Paints shall be from reputed make viz, Asian, Berger, Shalimar,
Nerolac, ICI. All works related to fabrication, erection, painting testing, commissioning shall conform to IS: 800-1984.
E. Grouting - After final alignment all the structural column, trestles shall be grouted with M-25 concrete along with anti
shrinkage compound at least 25 mm thick laid to slope adjusting the levels.
A. Earth work

Excavation shall be carried out in all kinds of soil, (soft and hard) boulder studded soil etc Excavated pit shall be always kept dry by
pumping out of subsoil/rain water during construction In case of acidic soil acid pumps shall be used otherwise normal dewatering
pump shall be used. During excavation all underground/over ground facilitates like cables, pipes etc to be protected with due care
required the facilities shall be reroute/diverted by TENDERER at his own cost.


During excavation shoring work shall be provided and proper slope to be kept during cutting. Necessary site plan shall be provided by
OFB. If good soil at designed depth is not found then further excavation shall be done to reach at strong foundation level.


After completion of foundation, back filing shall be done with moorum only good excavated rammed, watered before next layer is laid.


Surplus excavated earth shall be dumped at allotted at place within a lead of 1 KM inside plant.


Plain cement concrete (PC) GRADE M7.5 shall be used at base of foundation for column Tie beam at ground level
Equipment foundation, base of trench, brick foundation, underground pipe. Aggregate of 40 mm and down shall be used.


PCC of grade 1110 shall be laid below floor and wherever applicable 100mm thickness (min) with 40 mm downgraded
aggregate with black trap stone and course sand.

iii) Reinforced cement concrete of grade M-20 with 20 mm and down graded aggregate shall be used for all other placed the
all foundation, column, beam, slab retaining wall and any other RCC work .
iv) Cement shall be either Portland cement-43 grade or Portland blast furnace slag cement comprising to IS: 269 1989 or IS:
455 1989. Cement shall be kept dry.
v) All coarse & fine aggregate shall conform to IS: 383 1970. Fine aggregate shall be of approved river bed and coarse
aggregate shall be of approved black trap stone.

C. Reinforcement

Reinforcement (R/F) bars shall be either cold twist deformed (CTD ) or thermo mechanically treated (TMT) as per IS : 1786 1985.


These shall be procured from dealer of a) SAIL B) TISCO c) VIZAG. Necessary test certificate for R/F to be used shall produce to OFB.


R/F shall be free from mill scales, rust grease or oil.

Cover, to R/F shall be provided by use of cent sand mortar block (1:4)
Binding wire shall be gauge 16 SWG approved annealed wire.
Dowels shall be of 12 mm dia 75 mm long @ 750 mm c/c.

D. Shuttering - Shuttering work shall conform to IS-456:1978. This shall preferably be made of steel .
E. Brick work - The brick work shall be mostly 230/340mm this conforming to IS-2212 -1991. The brick shall be of class 50B
conforming to IS: 1077-1992. Bricks shall be wholly sound, well burnt, free from cracks, well shaped uniform in size, the
compressive strength shall be 5 sq mm (min) . The cement sand mortar for brick work shall be 1:4.

Plastering. -


All plastering work shall be carried out as per IS: 1961-1972. After plastering wall, it shall be covered by watering for 7days.


Walls (outside): 10 mm thick in cement sand mortar 1:6 1

operation and 5mm thick with water proofing compound varying from 3 to

5% as per manufacturers
iii) Walls (inside): 15mm thick in mortar 1:6 Ceiling; 15mm thick in mortar 1:4.
G. Finishing Works
i) Painting shall be as follows
a) For structural portion of the building epoxy zinc phosphate primer (one coat) having 80 micron DFT will be applied Undercoat of
chlorinated rubber paint with T102 as main pigment (two coats) with DFT 220 micron will be applied. Top coat of chlorinated rubber
paint with T 102 and CR203 as main pigment (one coat 0with DFT 110 micron will be applied. Total DFT will be 410 micron.
b) For RCC column beam brick structures, one coat of primer epoxy polyamide with T102 as main pigment with 70 microns DFT will be
applied Undercoat of epoxy polyamide with T102-CR203 as main pigments (two coats) with DFT 220 micron shall be applied. Finish
coat of aliphatic polyurethane as a main pigment (one coat) of DFT 50 microns shall be applied. Total DFT will be 340 microns.

For other explosive building viz. Steam stabilization injector stabilization building all RCC/brick surfaces shall be painted with lead free
acid resistance paint two coats as primer (200 micron DFT) and finish coat (100 micron DFT). Total DFT will be 300 microns.

iii) For non explosive Building via electrical, generator, pumps house, control room boiler chiller, Two coats of synthetic enamel
paint for the joinery and two coats of white wash on brick wall shall be applied. For inside RCC/brick wall, distemper shall
be applied. Out side the building, RCC/brick walls shall be painted with super quality exterior emulsion paint.

Area where protein collide / bone glue is handled / processed will be painted with anti fungal paint of reputed make.

H. Flooring
In general, PCC floor (M20) with 150mm thickness will be constructed over filled with earth and moorum. Bolder fill
(230mm) will laid over compacted earth. Top of finish floor will be +0.3m in above F.G.L. In some building top of floor will
be of RCC over PCC base and in some buildings, floor will be 250 mm thick PCC (1110) for higher load.


For explosive buildings top of the floor shall be lined with 3mm thick lead for disseminating static electricity.

iii) 3 For non explosive building top of floor will be IPSS with 40 mm thick with M-15cone (25mm thick) cast in panels having
2mm thick metal strip divider. (Floor should be free from cracks &crevices. It should be treated with sodium silicate)

Bitumen painting
All underground structure like column foundation equipment foundation etc in contact with earth shall be treated with
2coats of bitumen painting (Shalimar or equivalent) of grade 20/30 as per standard.


It should be 40mm thick with 11-20 cone with 6mm &down graded stone coarse aggregate with approved water proofing
compound mixed in appropriate proportion on all external walls.

6.11 Foundation Bolts & inserts - All the materials for foundation bolts, nuts inside shall conform to IS: 2062- 1992.
J. Drains - All drains along road will be considered as drain and around the building as secondary drain connected to main drain. The cross
section of the drain will be trapezoidal made of 230 mm thick brick wall/floor .Inside surface will be cement plaster 15mm thick

(1:6) All effluent & storm water shall collected to these drain. Slope will be as standard. Near entry to the building,
suitable precast concrete cover slab shall be provided.

Bitumen primer - The bitumen primer coat to be applied on hourly cleaned and dry concrete and/or masonry surface is
exposed tanks. Pump foundation etc shall be heavy duty bitumastic corrosion resistant primer confirming to 15 type II
and laying process as per IS: 9510 (la) Primer shall be applied in two layers.


Bitumastic impervious liner - One the above primer mastic compound shall be laid per IS-9510 specification gravity of
mastic shall 2 and penetration at 25 degree C (100G/5MM) shall be 1. The liner thickness shall be 15mm. Test certificate
for the materials procured and guarantee certificate for the above work shall be submitted to OFB.

M. Bedding & Jointing - For Bedding and jointing of tiles (6mm thick ) as per is 4832) Part II consisting of cement and resin in
the proportion by the approved manufactures shall be laid.
N. Door & Windows
i) All process building shall have adequate nos. of wooden doors as per size in the drawing . The door shall be wooden single
or double leaf with fire resistant paint .
ii) Door frame shall be of leak wood and shutters shall be of leak wood. All wood shall be seasoned by a suitable process and suitable
preservative treatment shall be given on it. Panel shall be 40mm thick and frame 100mm x 50mm. Shutter shall be 20 mm thick.

iii) Higher, aldrops, tower bolts latches shall be made of brass for explosive bldg and aluminum for big size doors, brass
wheels and rails are to be used.
iv) All windows shall be of wood with glazing as per IS and drawing . All gazing shall be made of 3mm thick wired glass panes.

v) Wherever utility/ explosive buildings require steel doors this shall be made of MS sheets fixed on angle frames and bracing .
Air tight steel doors in motor/control room shall be provided.
vi) All doors and windows shall be painted with suitable fire resistance paint and should open outwards as per
specification. O. Rolling Shutter

Rolling shutter shall be provided in boiler house chiller house, pump house, generator room, electrical sub-station building etc.


This shall be made of MS sheets as per IS-6248.


Rolling shutter covering an area up to 8 sq m shall be pull and push type hand operated, for area between sq m 12 sq m. This shall
be pull and push type with ball bearing. For area more than 12 sq m, this shall be mechanical gear type or electrically operated.


Standards applicable for Civil Works - All material for construction will conform to Indian Standard Specifications, wherever such
Standards exist. The elevation of buildings/sheds should be developed economically so that they should have aesthetic & pleasing
frontage. Certificates for safety and stability for human occupation of the buildings and structures shall be given by Engineers as per

Factory Rules.
A. No damage to Electrical, Telephone installation
B. Separate MCC room
cable with indigenous part.
supply/ destination.
iii) MCC panel should be acid proof resistance type (No entry of acid fume) Air tight.
iv) All the cubicle should have sufficient space for maintenance.
v) Power supply to be tapped from nearest electrical sub station (SS-1) with provision of two ACBs each for power supply
and capacitor bank of sufficient capacity. Power cable to be laid and terminated up to new buildings with two incoming
and out one going switch. Similarly two incoming and one out going switch to be installed in old building with power
cable from new building with termination.
vi) Separate Generator Set room with AMF panel (PLC based) & Alternator with sufficient space for maintenance work
should be provided. AMF panel should have water proof/ Acid fume proof. Having one spare alternator/ PLC system.
(i) PE/LP/SE should be fixed with metallic fasteners on U clamp and fixed on insulators (PVC/Porcelain) (ii)

iii) All





strand type and also have acid proof type.




iv) All MCC panels/ control panel should have proper marking/ ferruled.
v) Emergency light should be provided in control room, MCC room and other room where it is required (necessary).
vi) Plant Supplier will provided Voltage/ Frequency stabilizer for centrifuge /separator etc. which requires constant
voltage /frequency supply. Also give one spare Voltage/ Frequency stabilizer.

Electrical Supply -


Eletrical Pole Base of Electrical poles are to be done as per requirement for erection of electric wiring etc. Grouting of
lighting protection poles are to be done in all process buildings.


Standard - All electrical works, equipments etc coming under civil works should conform to IE Rules, relevant IS codes
of practice in ISI Standards and STEC Regulations where applicable.


Inspection - All electrical installations shall be inspected jointly with OFB Electrical Inspectors. Before energizing any
system, IR tests and other tests as required as per IE Rules with proper records have to be undertaken as per the
specification of OFB and as per IE Rules in the presence of both the Electrical Inspector and Tenderer. A copy of the
OFB specification is available with Ordnance Factory Itarsi.


Lay out and cable markers - The tenderer shall design the layout of cable trench / duct inside the battery limit/process
buildings / utility buildings / acid farmhouse. The trench / duct covers must be of


RCC/Totally Enclosed type. All the under ground cable trenches shall be provided with markers for easy locating of the trenches.


Lightning Protection - The Project area is sensitive to lightning. All the production/process buildings/acid farm
house/storage and utility buildings shall therefore be provided with lightning protection arrangements including earthing
as stipulated in the STEC pamphlet No.17


(i) One spare motor should be provided for each type of motor.
(ii) Spare switch gear TENDERER/po

. should be provided for trouble free maintenance.


Separate panels should be provided for emergency power off.

Separate control/power fuse with 3 phase isolator switch should be provided for each motor.
ty of AB contactor should be used in one step higher.

v) All electrical auxiliary/ power contactor and control relay should be mounting on Din rail only.
vi) All electrical and instrument control supply should be 48 V AC 50 Hz only.
vii) Separate panel provided for electrical instrument. Provision to be given for use of electrical contactor of indigenous type.
viii) Electrical panel should be dust/ acid proof/ Heat proof with acid resistive paint.

not in trench.
Training to be imparted.


Nitrocellulose Type C to Spec OFI/0014/SN dated 28-12-94 and JSS : 1376-10

Di phenyl amine to Spec OFI/0062/SPN/OFI dated 10-04-1998 and JSS : 6810-129:2009 (Rev.No.2)
Sodium sulphate to Spec OFI/0015/SPN dated 17-06-1994 and IS : 255-1982
Protein Colloid / (Animal Glue) to Spec IND/ME/915(PROV)
Calcium Carbonate to Spec IS : 7633-1982
Di butyl phthalate to Spec IS : 14421 : 1997
Ethyl Acetate to Spec OFI/0059/SPN/OFI dated 14-07-1997
Nitroglycerine to Spec JSS : 1375-04:2005 REV No.2
Graphite to Spec JSS : 9620-01:2010 R-2
Potassium Nitrate to Spec IS : 301-1982
ISO Propyl Alcohol to Spec IS : 2631-1976
Ethyl cellulose to Spec OFI/0002/SPN/A/REV-1 dated 30-06-1999


Ball Powder Propellant /Final Products Specification
i) 5.56 mm to spec - CQA(A)3609 issued on 23 Sep 2003
ii) 7.62mm to spec - JSS 1376-:12 2003
iii) A-7 to spec. Draft Spec - CQA(A)3609 for A-7



Test Clauses Characteristics

Nitrocellulose %
Nitroglycerine %
Di-Phenyl Amine %
Calcium Carbonate
Di-N-Butyl Phthalate
Graphite % (Sulphur free 75)
Potassium Nitrate % Gr-1
Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous
Moisture content %
Total Volatile Matter %
Residual solvent %
Hygroscopility Test %

5.56 mm to spec
By Difference
8.0 to 11
0.75 to 1.50
0.25 max
3.0 to 6.0
0.4 max
0.8 0.2
0.5 max
1.0 0.25
2.35 max
1.10 max
1.75 max

7.62mm to spec JSS

1376-12 2003
89.40 2.15
9.0 2.0
0.95 0.15
0.65 max
5.0 0.5
0.30 0.10 max
1.0 0.25
2.35 max
1.10 max
1.75 max

A-7 to Draft Spec CQA(A)

3609 for A-7
By Difference
8.0 to 12
0.75 to 1.50
0.50 max
3.0 min.
0.50 max.
0.8 0.2
0.5 max
1.0 0.5
2.35 max
1.10 max
1.75 max

5.56 mm to spec
15 minutes
No change in 65
Upto 5 Hrs

7.62mm to spec JSS

1376-12 2003
15 minutes
No change in 65
--8.0 max

A-7 to Draft Spec

CQA(A) 3609 for A-7
15 minutes
No change in 65
Minutes (min.)
Upto 5 Hrs

7.62mm to spec JSS

1376-12 2003
1.55 min
950 min
880 min
0.15 max
0.483 approximate
25% max

A-7 to Draft Spec

CQA(A) 3609 for A-7
1.50 min
945 to 1025
850 min
0.50 max
(passing through 212 )
Not specified

IV. STABILITY TEST Salient features


Test Clauses Characteristics

Methyl Violet Test at 120C


No Explosion Test
B&J Test at 120C ml of NO

Abel Heat Test at 71.1 C



Test Clauses Characteristics

Specific gravity g/ml
Bulk Density g/l
Calorimetric Value Cal/g
Dust and foreign matter %

5.56 mm to spec
1.55 min
945 to 1025
880 min
0.40 max


Mean Diameter (mm)

Spherical grain

Not specified


Test Clauses Characteristics

Rention on 850 sieve

Rention on 710,600,500,425
Passing Through 425 and Retained
on 355
Passing through 355 sieve


Total of 3 & 4 shall not exceed


5.56 mm to spec
3.0% max
90.0% max

7.62mm to spec JSS

1376-12 2003
5.0% max
90.0% min

A-7 to Draft Spec

CQA(A) 3609 for A-7
3.0% max
90.0% min

10.0% max

4.0% max

3.0% max

3.0% max

10.0% max
Shall be graphited

10.0% max

7.62mm to spec JSS

1376-12 2003
817 4.6 m/sec
331 Mpa max
SD 6.1 m/sec max.

A-7 to Draft Spec

CQA(A) 3609 for A-7
700 20 m/sec
280 Mpa max
MD 7.2 m/sec max.



Test Clauses Characteristics

Velocity m/sec
Pressure Mpa(Mean)
deviation / Standard
deviation (velocity)

5.56 mm to spec
890 5 m/sec
325 Mpa max
SD 6.1 m/sec max.

1. Safety Precaution: It is the responsibility of the Tenderer to design and supply the plant as whole, which is safe to operate, and safe to
keep in shut down condition including avoidance of accumulation of dry BALL POWDER in plant and machineries equipment or buildings.
Nevertheless as additional precaution, suitable safety measures, which are efficient and cost effective, required for explosive HD 1.3
C (i.e. dry BALL POWDER) shall be incorporated in all designs and subsequent supplies of all plant, machineries and equipment,
electrical connections, electrical fittings, electrical equipment, motors, instruments, sensors, all earthing connections to plant,

But it may be noted that

safety distance requirement of building etc. for explosives of category HD 1.3 C.
2. Information with respect to site
- Knowledge on site condition - The Tenderer is advised to
visit the site for which, the tenderer shall approach General Manager, Ordnance Factory Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, India (Telephone
No.0091-7572-262510, 262513 Fax No. 0091-7572-262563, 262504) well in advance for permission. The Tenderer shall be
deemed to have full knowledge of all relevant documents, site condition like climatic condition, contour, nature of sub-soil etc.,
irrespective of whether the vendor did inspect or not before submitting the offer. The Tenderer shall carry out Soil Testing of the
plant site within battery limit before designing and starting actual construction

3. Design of the Plant as a whole complete in all respect including plant, machineries, equipment, instruments, electrical, civil
works, and others based on suitable proven Process Technology for manufacture of BALL POWDER to meet all the
requirement of this specification with special attention for fulfilling all features including requirement of Safety, Health &
Environment and other features and shall comply with all Rules and Regulation as applicable for Ordnance Factory Itarsi.
Following features also shall be included in design and subsequent supplies :
a) The plant and equipment thus designed shall be safe to transport without any damage from manufacturing site to
Ordnance Factory Itarsi.

The plant as a whole, thus designed shall also be Safe to erect, commission and operate.


The plant as a whole shall be so designed that as far as possible the equipment which includes mechanical, electrical,
instrumental, controls etc. and their parts are standardized in a manner that spares of one is interchangeable with another of
similar type of equipment thus reducing the cost of inventory holding for spares required for continuous running of the plant.


The plant shall have all energy saving measures so that energy consumption for production per MT of BALL POWDER is minimal.

e) The plant also shall have all water saving measures i.e. re-use of waste water either before treatment (inter process
use) or after treatment to the extent possible, water recirculating equipment including those for recirculation of all
cooling water so that water consumption for production per MT of BALL POWDER is minimal. Quantity of Waste water
re-used inter process and after waste water treatment and quantity of waste water let out from main plant complex
after effluent treatment may be indicated separately for evaluation of water conservation by the Purchaser.
4. i) Supply of six hard copies and one set in Soft Copy of
a) All design drawings including one in Reproducible paper are also required as part of supply for Design Drawings
b) Buildings, process and equipment lay out
c) Piping layouts, drawings
d) Electrical cable laying details
e) Structural supports
f) P& I diagrams for plant as a whole
g) Foundation details for equipment
h) Assembly drawings
i) Energy and material balance data sheet for both Process wise and plant as a whole
j) HAZAN and HAZOP analysis reports
k) Process and Operating Manuals for Safe Operation of the plant as a whole
l) Operation and Maintenance Manuals with Recommended Maintenance Schedules of all equipment which includes a
troubleshooting charts for all Mechanical; Electrical equipment /machineries, Instruments, Controllers and all other
supplies including Civil Works
m) List of oil, lubricants, greases, hydraulic oil etc. used for equipment indicating their trade names and specifications
with Indian equivalent and their annual consumption at the full rated capacity of the plant as a whole
n) Raw material and utility consumption per MT of BALL POWDER (Type wise) to be produced
o) Instruction regarding Care and custody of all supply prior to erection / prior to take over for the erection
p) Maximum demand for power and water for each equipment

q) Safety manuals along with Material Safety Data Sheet [MSDS]

r) Revisions as and when carried out in any drawings/documents mentioned above and
s) Details of all technical literature including ladder diagram of PLC.
4. ii) All Design Engineering Data, Drawings, Manuals, Literatures, Documents etc. shall be in English only and shall be as per
standard Engineering practice .If any other language used along with English, the English version will be taken as
authentic for any and all purpose. Only metric units and no other units shall be used in all drawings, documents etc.
Material to be used for manufacture/fabrications of all plant, machineries, equipment shall be of International/Indian
standard as per the design and six copies of the English versions of all these specifications/literatures in case of brought
out items, catalogued as per the equipment shall also be a part of supplies under this specification.
5. PLANT AND EQUIPMENT a. Brief Description of the existing Process and Plant - The description of the existing process and plant given below is for
the guidance of the Tenderer for understanding of our requirement. The tenderer may offer modern and proven process.
The existing BALL POWDER plant consists of following operations.
i) Hardening operation
ii) Coating Operation.
iii) Drying Operation
iv) Graphatizing operation.
iv) Blending operation.
v) Packing.
vi) Safe transportation of finished products from process building to storage building

The plant as a whole shall be based on latest but proven Technology and shall have all associated features with associated
infrastructure so as to deliver the desired out put in terms of quality, quantity and efficiency by safe operating process.

The Tenderer shall intimate in Technical bid the requirement of Steam, Water and Electricity for designing of the plant so
that these services lines can be terminated at one meter outside the Battery limit. However, the following parameters shall
be kept in view and to be confirmed along with the Technical bid:
a. Steam - Steam used in the plant will be provided by existing boilers outside the battery limit at a pressure of 6.0 Kg / cm2.
b. Water - The supply of Process water and Hydrant water will be terminated outside the battery limit from factory's own
source. Supply of water for hydrants will be at a pressure of 1.5 Kg/cm2 and process water at a pressure of 1.5 Kg/cm2.
In case, the quality of water required for the process is at variance with the above, then additional unit/plant, as required,
will have to be catered in the offer within the battery limit.

Compressed Air - To be supplied by the tenderer as per the process requirement of the plant (Process & Instruments).
The supply shall be complete in all respect within the battery limit including circulation network and connected Civil works.
Any requirement of water filter/oil trap or drier etc. to meet the quality shall be part of the offer.


Refrigeration / Chilling Unit - Facility for refrigeration of required capacity is to be provided by Tenderer.

e. Air Conditioning - Temperature and Humidity control, if required in the building, should be clearly specified and Air
Conditioners shall be provided wherever necessary for proper functioning of the machine and the process. The type of air
condition and associated aspects are to be done as per STEC Regulation No. 8 and is to be provided by Tenderer


Electricity - The electric power supply will be 415 6% volt, 50 2 Hz, 3 phase for which suitable size of double armoured PVC
aluminium conductor cables are to be laid under ground from respective Sub-station/feeder pillars to the buildings according to
the designed load of buildings and thereafter all electrical connections within the battery limit will also be responsibility of the
tenderer. If the plant and equipment requires close range of voltage, the tenderer shall supply suitable voltage
regulator/stabilizer. In addition to the above, if the tenderer desires to have un-interrupted power supply during the particular
operation to avoid any type of hazard/accident etc. in such cases, the tenderer shall supply suitable generating set.

All electrical connection within the battery limit should meet to the following requirements:

a. In regard electrical supply, distribution fittings, wiring and earthing system, the relevant rules as detailed in Section I, II, III,
IV of STEC Pamphlet No.7 and for lightning protection system STEC pamphlet No. 17 are to be complied with. In case of
standards differ from that specified here; copies of standard in English version should be enclosed.
b. Process buildings for BALL POWDER should be considered as category "A" for which all electrical fittings and lightning
protection system should be as specified in STEC Pamphlet No. 7 & 17. Flame proof and dust tight fittings for all
electrical equipments including lighting, motors, starters etc. are to be provided in category "A" buildings.

All motors, starters, switches, motor control centers provided in isolated motor rooms should be flame proof, complying to IP65 and
enclosed type. Buildings in which inflammable vapours are present, flame proof fittings are required for both inside and outside the
buildings excluding motor rooms. All motors, starters and contactors shall be rated at least 20% higher than duty requirement.

d. All motors should be provided with starters with Single Phase Preventer, phase reversible, earth fault and counter over
load relays. Wherever required remote FLP (Flame Proof) push button-stations are to be provided.

All starters, controlling motors of 20 kW and above shall be provided with ammeter of suitable range and ammeter selector switch.


All motors circuit will be provided with independent circuit, fuse, isolating switches and starters.

g. Moisture proof labeling should be carried out on all control elements/wires for proper identification. Labeling/marking for
identification of circuit for all machines.

All requisite laying material such as cables, trays, clamps/clips etc. within the battery limit should be provided by the Tenderer.
Size of incoming cables, boxes, switchgears, bus bars, control panel etc. shall be suitable and shall be furnished based on load
data by the Tenderer. Motor control panel/ power panel shall be freestanding cuboid type with bottom entry & 0.7 M away from
the wall as per IE Rules. Panels should be provided with energy meter, voltmeter and ammeter along-with selector switches.


The supplies shall include the required number of distribution panel. They shall be of sheet metal construction, totally enclosed type

and shall be complete with latest available switchgears.


All power cables shall be Fire retarded insulated double-sheathed copper conductors. All cables should be rated for 200%
over of rating at 40C. To take care of de-rating, all control cables shall be minimum 2.5 Sq. mm sections of copper
conductors. The control and power cables are to be laid in separate fiberglass trays or separate trenches.


Suitable size of double armoured PVC aluminum conductor cables are to be laid underground from respective Substation/feeder pillars to the buildings according to the designed load of buildings.


Emergency 4-pole isolating switch for power of suitable capacity to be provided for each building.

m. Two Earth terminal shall be provided on machine (with red paint mark) and all other equipment rigidly connected to carry
3-phase supply. One earth terminal shall be provided on single-phase equipment. Earthing connection as per requirement
shall be provided by tapping it from two independent and distinct earth strip/electrodes to be made.
n. Lighting System and Illumination Level - Lighting system is to be designed as per STEC 7 & illumination level shall be
250 LUX minimum inside building and 100 LUX outside building. Special lighting if any required shall be clearly spelt out
in the offer mentioning illumination level.

o. Tenderer will provide with charging and discharging devices, balancing equipment as necessary including capacitor bank
for unit power factor.

Process water (indicated parameters are as follows):

a) Turbidity
5 ppm max
b) PH Value
7.0 to 8.4
c) Dissolved Oxygen
5.5 ppm minimum
d) Total alkalinity as Ca Co3
162 ppm
i) Prealkalinity as Ca Co3
ii) Mulkalinity as Ca Co3
162 ppm
iii) Alkaline hardness as Ca Co3 24 ppm
iv) Total hardness CaCo3
300 ppm max
e) Chlorides as Cl
300 ppm max
f) Total solid
300 ppm max
g) Iron
0.3 ppm max
h) Permanent hardness
0.3 ppm max
Water softening plant shall be provided, if required, to rectify water supplied by Purchaser

9. Pollution - Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) norms prescribed for pollution level of any effluent from the
equipment as well as noises and air pollution should be strictly adhered to. Any purification and other gadgets required to be
adhered for International norms shall also form part of the supply which will no way deviate/relax from the standard of MPPCB
norms. The pollution level prescribed for discharge of water shall fall within the specified limit. Noise level of pumps, motors,
compressors etc. and also of the complete plant should be within the permissible limit. The noise level is to be demonstrated.

10 Calibration - The plant and the equipment shall be calibrated in Metric system with all dials, instruction plates etc. in English.

SPARES - The purchaser would like to purchase spares sufficient for trouble free running of the plant for the first two years. A list of

such spares required for replacement due to normal wear and tear on the basis of twenty-four working hours a
day is to be furnished in the tender.

The plant should be Eco-friendly on Environmental Impact including of dust of products at shop level. Similarly, the
electrical, water, steam, air equipment and contrivance should be energy efficient providing direct facility for periodical
energy audit should be available for each process.


All modern safety gadgets are to be incorporated in the plant. Automatic drenching/fire extinguishing devices are to be
provided wherever necessary.


Inter-process building transport system for shifting the product/raw material for further processing should be automated
with inbuilt safety systems. The automated transport system may be done either by conveyor belt with suitable
damper/fire cut off system or any other most modern conveying system so that manpower deployment is minimal.

13.Material of construction
a. All items supplied should be new, and should be compatible with site condition and tropical climate as mentioned in this specification.

b.All structural supports/backing flanges/foundation bolts etc., which are exposed to corrosive atmosphere, must be made of
Stainless Steel.
c. The design of various equipment shall be in accordance with current Indian Standards and Statutory Regulations or Recognised
Regulation or Recognised International specification and code of practice. The material of construction of equipment shall be such that it
would ensure reasonable economic life and to guarantee quality as well as safety of operation of plant and control of pollution.

14. Environmental and site conditions


Tropicalisation - The equipment should be suitable for installation at place where the climatic conditions changes as follows:

Meteorological data in respect of plant location is as follows.

a) Height above Mean Sea Level - 350 Meters
b) Barometric pressure
- 730 mm of Hg
c) Rain fall
- 1000mm to 2000mm/ year
d) Maximum shade Air temperature - 48 deg C
e) Minimum Shade Air temperature - 02 deg C
f) Relative humidity i) maximum - 95%
ii) Minimum
- 20%
g) Wind Speed
i) normal
- 5 km p/h
ii)Maximum - 112to128 KM/ph
h) Water temperature i) Maximum - 40deg C (during 2months of summer)
ii) Minimum
- 15deg C (during winter)


All the functions of the equipment, its hydraulic system, electrical system and control system, shall be tropicalised to
work trouble-free and with full efficiency under above conditions, continuously for 24 hrs. a day.
Performance tests will cover working in the above environment

15. Statutory Requirements and Regulations - The tenderer shall get acquainted with all Statutory Requirements and
Regulations those are to be complied during supply of plant as a whole i.e., all plant, equipments etc; civil works; during
construction, erection, commissioning and guarantee run. Some of those but not all are detailed below :
a. Indian Explosives Safety Regulations (CFEES) to be followed totally and the locations and design of the buildings have to be
approved by Indian Explosives Authority. Regarding type of motors to be installed in the building where explosives are handled,
the tenderer shall follow the Regulations on safety for "Electrical Installation and Apparatus for Buildings and Areas containing
Military Explosives". The tenderer shall take the responsibility to get approval regarding location and design of the buildings from
Indian Explosives Safety Authority (CFEES) within their time schedule. Buyer will render necessary help.
b. The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 - The Executing Agency who required employing more than twenty workmen on
the work under this Contract shall be bound by the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act 1970 and Rules framed

thereunder. No tenderer or Executing Agency can undertake or execute work without a License issued by Licensing Officer.

c. Minimum wages payable to Labour - Schedule of minimum wages is not enclosed along with the tender but the executing
agency is deemed to have full knowledge regarding the minimum wages payable to labourers as legally effective.
Irrespective of the fact that Gazettee Notification may not have been published or that the tenderer was unaware of the
increase in minimum wages. The minimum wages legally effective referred to above be the minimum wages notified in
Gazettee or governed by any Local Regulations whichever is higher.

s Compensation Act, 1923

e.The Payment of Wages Act, 1936

f. The Factory Act, 1948
g. All Statutory Rules of the Govt. of India and Govt. of Madhya Pradesh shall be applicable. Indian Laws, rules, specifications
will be applicable wherever they exist. In such cases where Indian laws, rules, specifications do not exist International
laws, rules, specifications or those of the country of the equipment will be applicable. In such cases when a specification of
the country of origin is to be adopted, deviation from International specification should be clearly brought out in the offer.

MANPOWER - The tenderer will indicate the number of technical personnel required for normal running of BALL
POWDER manufacturing plant including ancillaries, buildings and effluent treatment plant in all the three shifts at full outturn in the Technical bid. Tenderer should give the details of the requirements of personnel of each trade and grade like
semi skilled and skilled workers, supervisor, process in-charge and shift in-charge

The vendors should design the foundation and execute the same as per international practices. The tenderer should confirm
that the design is as per the relevant norms. Broad guidelines are given in para B(a), 2.0 A. are to be compiled.

Scope under this head includes training of twenty Purchaser's personnel by the Tenderer for a period of 10 working days at Tenderer's
manufacturing unit where similar plant is functioning / working. Training will include all the operation, inspection & testing of input, intermediate
and finished material and maintenance including periodical and preventive maintenance of all equipments including all its anc
manufacturing unit shall be quoted separately.


Tenderer shall also train a batch (team consisting of production, maintenance and services) of purchaser's personnel during erection and
commissioning of the plant at purchaser's works for operation & maintenance specially highlighting the mechanical, electrical and
instrumentation sides of main plant as well as ancillaries and utilities. The number of personnel to be trained for each process will be


The price quoted for training will be paid separately after completion of training.

4) It will be necessary to impart training during erection and commissioning to 6 persons belonging to the Purchaser's
organization in the disciplines of :i. Programming, interlock and protection systems.
ii. Electrical and electronic maintenance.
iii. Fluidics and Mechanical maintenance.
5) The duration of such training shall be, as agreed to by purchaser, at the machine manufacturer's works followed by at the
control system manufacturer's works for four weeks each.
6) The vendor shall arrange this training at no additional charge. However, the Purchaser shall bear the boarding, lodging and
travelling expenses of the persons sent for training.
7) In addition, during erection and commissioning of the P&M at Purchaser's works, P&M supplier shall impart training to
Purchaser's personnel in operation and maintenance of the equipment, on site.

1. The entire documentation shall be in English.

2. The P&M supplier shall be supply all documents (soft & hard copies) in quadruplicate and reproducible negative of circuit diagrams.

3. The schedule of supply of documents shall be as under: i) 2 Sets of all documents to reach the purchaser at least 3 months prior to the training of purchaser's personnel or 2
months prior to the delivery of the P&M, whichever is earlier.
ii) Dimensioned drawing for foundation/erection shall reach the customer at least 2 months prior to the delivery of
the P&M or as separately asked for by purchaser.
iii) 2 sets of all documents including erection drawings along with the equipment package.
4. The list of documents required to be supplied by the vendor for maintenance/operation. The vendor shall supply all
information/documentation asked for by the purchaser, which in the opinion of purchaser are necessary for erection, commissioning,
operation and maintenance of the equipment. Withholding of information may make the offer liable for rejection.
5. The nature of documents to be supplied for electronic maintenance shall be of such details so as to enable chip level maintenance in
all PCB's by the purchaser's personnel. Documentation suitable for mere card level maintenance is unacceptable.

6. Component identification in the component list/specifications shall be in terms of International Generic Numbers in addition to
7. The purchaser after scrutiny of the documents duly received and on finding the documents as adequate will issue a certificate to that effect
within six weeks of receipt of the documents. This certificate will be a pre-requisite for release of pre-delivery inspection certificate.

8. In the event of the documents found not up to the mark on receipt/ examination by the works engineers, the contract will
be terminated without any compensation to the vendor. This will however be without any prejudice to the rights of the
purchaser for compensation owing to failure of the vendor to perform.
9. LIST OF DOCUMENTS TO BE SUPPLIED:Unless otherwise agreed, the following documents shall be supplied along with plant and machines.
(1) List of P.C. Board.
(2) Circuit diagrams for all P.C. Boards.
(3) Detailed description of working of all P.C. Boards.
(4) Components list/components specification.
(5) Inter connection details of P.C. Board.
(6) Maintenance manuals (Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics).
(7) Cable assembly details for all the cables including connector details.
(8) Electrical wiring diagram.
(9) Circuit diagrams and working of power supplies inside the control system.
(10) Circuit diagrams and detailed working of spindle drive and feed drive.
(11) Test points and signal wave form.
(12) Trouble shooting techniques.
(13) Detailed maintenance manual and maintenance instructions on all peripherals like CRT, paper tape reader, tape punch etc.

(14) Detailed interface details including the machine magnetic documents.

(15) Programmable machine interface details.
(16) Detailed description of the measuring systems used.

(17) Diagnostics manual with instructions to use in different diagnostic tests.

(18) Programming manual.
(19) Operation manual.
(20) Installation/commissioning procedures/documents.
(21) Hydraulic system details/manual.
(22) Refrigeration system details/manuals.
(23) Lubrication charts.
(24) Spare parts manuals.
(25) Certificates.
(26)Specification of all types of greases, oils, lubricants etc., required to be used in the equipment indicating
International/Indian source of supply of these items.
(27) Manufacturing drawing and material specification of all Tooling items.
(28) Instructions on care & storage of equipment prior to taking over by vendor for erection.
Criteria of acceptance : Pre-despatch inspection will be carried out by the Tenderer and the inspection report will be sent to purchaser
for approval before dispatch of individual unit in the format. Inspection of the PLANT and equipment, components, etc. covered by
this specification to be supplied by the TENDERER, will be delegated to the TENDERER by the PURCHASER irrespective of whether
such equipment/components are of Foreign/Indian origins. The TENDERER shall furnish the PURCHASER or his authorized
representative, certificates of inspection and correctness in respect of various units, assemblies or sub-assemblies of the PLANT and
equipment in a form / certificate by QA of Tender. The furnishing of such certificate does not relieve the TENDERER of the
warranties/guarantees given by him for the sound performance of the PLANT as a whole as per this specification.

1. As the supply of the plant is on turnkey basis the plant will be finally accepted on satisfactory performance of 5 lots of
5.56mm propellant and 1 lot of 7.62mm propellant and 1 lot of A7 propellant of 8 MT each in test subject to confirmation to
i) 5.56 mm to spec - CQA(A)3609 issued on 23 Sep 2003
ii) 7.62mm to spec - JSS 1376-12 2003
iii) A-7 to spec. Draft Spec - CQA(A)3609 for A-7
as per the relevant specification and demonstration of capacity of 4 MT production of each unit / stage per day for 14 days
working period at OFI.
The supplier must supply the plant meeting the following maximum or less consumption of raw materials required per MT of Ball

Powder production.


Maximum Qty.


860 kg/ton
120 kg/ton
60 kg/ton

Guaranteed consumption
to be
indicated by Tenderer and the same
will be
performance run as actual uses.



Bone Glue/



10 kg/ton
10 kg/ton
3.0 kg/ton
320 kg/ton
250 kg/ton
0.4 kg/ton
40 kg/ton
260 m3/ton
15 t/ton

Raw Material Efficiency will be calculated as follows and in no case plant will be accepted with conversion efficiency (calculated as

below) less than 90%:

Calculation of conversion efficiency of raw material
E1% =


E2% =
E3% =
E4% =
E5% =
E6% =
E7% =
E8% =
E9% =
E10% =
E11% =
E12% =
E13% =
E14% =
E15% =

Over all raw material conversion Erm% =


Guaranteed consumption kg/Ton x 100

Actual usage kg/Ton
-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-doE1% + E2%%

2. Raw materials and services consumptions will be determined for the whole test period taking in account the balance of re-circulated
products, such as grained NC and ethyl acetate present in the plant at the beginning and at the end of the test period. The utilities
networks will be so designed as to permit the connection of portable meters and the metering of consumptions on each step. In the 2

event of any particular equipment or service etc not being fully tested on full load in the above manner, the capacities of such
equipments and services etc will be independently established by appropriate combination of live or simulated blank tests. The
measurements errors on consumptions and specifications shall be taken in account for performance evaluation. The detailed
programme of such runs and the details of measurement of consumption of raw material and utilities and production achievement
shall be mutually settled between purchaser and TENDERER prior to the start of guarantee runs. At the end of these runs the
capacity achieved, quantity of products and the actual consumptions per 1000 kg of products shall be worked out.

3. In the event of the capacity falling short of guaranteed figures of the plant falling short of the guaranteed figures or the end
products not conforming to the specifications, the TENDERER will immediately carry out at his own cost and expenses
modifications, rectification or replacements or make additional supplies necessary to achieve the guaranteed performance
with in a period of 4 months from the date such variation is noted. After such modification, the TENDERER shall be allowed
a second performance test run only after he has established the quality parameters of the products of the contract. Such
second test run for justified reasons is proven to be too short, the parties shall mutually agreed to the prolongation of said
period as necessary but not exceeding six months. The cost of TENDE
personnel for the said modifications or
rectifications of defects, trial runs and also for second performance test run shall be borne by the TENDERER.
4. When all performance tests to be demonstrated by the TENDERER in accordance with this contract have been successfully
carried out the plant shall be deemed to be accepted and the purchaser shall within 1 week of the completion of the test,
issue a taking over certificate. From the date of this certificate, the plant is considered as finally accepted.
5. The purchaser shall not delay the issue of the taking over certificate on account of any minor defects or short supply of non
critical items in the equipment which do not materially affect the safe performance thereof provided that the TENDERER
shall undertake to make good the same within reasonable time.
6. Any special tools mutually considered necessary for performance tests at site but not available with the purchaser shall be
supplied or loaned by the TENDERER without extra cost to the purchaser exclusive of custom duties.
7. COMMISSIONING AND PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE RUNS - As soon as erection of the Plant is completed the PURCHASER shall
provide at no costs, requisite facilities, personnel, raw materials and utilities to enable the TENDERER to carry out commissioning.

8. PRE-COMMISSIONING TRIALS - As soon as the erection of equipment with auxiliary facilities is completed the purchaser
jointly with the TENDERER/Indian Collaborator representative shall proceed with the preliminary tests which are to prove
that the unit has been completely delivered properly erected and is fit to be operated. This will include no-load and load
trials of Plant/ equipment and site testing of all important parameters of Plant/equipment for the functioning and as required
satisfying statutory conditions. As soon as the tests have been carried out and the results are found to be to the satisfaction
of the purchaser he shall record his preliminary acceptance and proceed with Acceptance Tests.
9. QUALITY OF FINAL PRODUCT - During pre-commissioning trial the TENDERER shall ensure that the plant is capable of
producing Ball Powder to specification as mentioned earlier. Only after that the plant shall be put on performance guarantee run.

10. Plant Efficiency - The overall efficiency of the PLANT shall be calculated on the manufacturing of Ball Powder Plant
minimum 4 MT per day and the usage / conversion efficiency of utilities as indicated above.

11. Acceptance Criteria - If the capacity and quality are realized in full and raw material conversion efficiency are realized as
above, then the plant shall be accepted and treated as commissioned.


12.1 Within one month after the date of completion of dry/wet/trial runs, the performance test runs will be carried out as
described below in order to prove the contractual capacity, quality and consumption rates and flexibility for the plant. The
test and evaluation measuring) periods of performance guarantee run shall be as follows:
Normal operating time : 3x8 Hrs. shift per 24 hrs. x 14 working days
Commissioning / Guarantee Run : To produce 4 MT per day (minimum)

12.2 If the guaranteed capacity and quality satisfy the requirement of (i) Quality and capacity of the products and
(ii) Consumption of raw materials vis--vis yield & services then the plant shall be accepted.
12.3 In the event of the capacity falling short of guaranteed figures or the efficiency of the plant or of the end products not
conforming to the specification, the Vender shall immediately carry out at his own cost and expenses modification, rectification
or replacement or make additional supplied necessary to achieve the guaranteed performances within a period of one month
from the date such variation is noted. After such modifications, the Tenderer/Indian Collaborator shall be allowed a second
performance test run only after he established the quality parameters of the product as given. Such second test run shall
extend over a period of up to one month, to achieve the guaranteed performance. The cost of rectification of defect, trial run
including extended safety for foreign and Indian technicians shall be borne by the Tenderer/Indian Collaborator.

12.4 When all performance tests to be demonstrated by the Tenderer/Indian Collaborator have been successfully carried out,
CERTIFICATES. From the date of this certificate, the plant is considered as finally accepted.
12.5 The guarantee test run shall consist of main process plant with ancillaries as well as or utility plant equipments. The
utility and ancillaries guarantee run can be done separately or simultaneously. This shall be discussed between Tenderer
& Purchaser at site and agreed upon mutually. Based on the guarantee run capacity and efficiency for main plant (Ball
Powder Plant), steam generation unit, chiller- compressor unit shall be evaluated.
12.7 If the test is interrupted after five or more hours for reasons not imputable to the Tenderer then the test shall be deemed to be complete.
If the test is stopped after three or more hours but less than five hours, for reasons not imputable to the Tenderer, the test shall be
rescheduled by the Tenderer for the outstanding period remaining at the time of the stoppage. If the test is interrupted after three or
more hours for reasons due to the Tenderer then the test shall be rescheduled by the Tenderer for the outstanding period remaining at
the time of the stoppage. If the test is stopped after three or more hours but less than five hours, for reasons due to the Tenderer, the
test shall be rescheduled by the Tenderer for the full five hours/day for three day in day light only.

12.8 All working date of the guarantee test runs which are required for the purpose of evaluating the results of such test runs shall be signe
efficiency shall be done by averaging the figures during the guarantee test runs period.
12.9 In the event of the capacity falling short of guaranteed figures or the efficiency of the plant or of the end products not

conforming to the specification, the Tenderer/Indian Collaborator shall immediately carry out at his own cost and expenses
modification, rectification or replacement or make additional supplies necessary to achieve the guaranteed performances within
a period of one month from the date such variation is noted. After such modifications, the Tenderer/Indian Collaborator shall be
allowed a second performance test run only after he has established the quality parameters of the product as given. Such
second test run shall extend over a period of up to one month, to achieve the guaranteed performances. The cost of
rectification of defects, trial run including extended stay for foreign and Indian technicians shall be borne by the vendor.
12.10 When all performance tests to be demonstrated by the vendor have been successfully carried out, the PURCHASER

shall within one week of the completion of the test, and issue a taking over certificate, from the date of this certificate, the
plant is considered as finally accepted.
12.11 The performance of the PLANT shall be evaluated during the above mentioned test period by the TENDERER as follows:
12.12 The capacity of the PLANT and the consumption of raw materials and utilities per 1000 kg of product shall be checked jointly

by recording inventories of all inputs analysis of process streams and effluents, process materials, recoveries and outputs.
12.13 The measurement errors on consumptions and concentrations shall be taken into account for the performance evaluation. The

detailed Programme of such runs and details of measurement of consumption of raw materials and utilities and production
achievement shall be mutually settled between the PURCHASER and the TENDERER prior to the start of the guarantee runs
broadly as specified. At the end of the runs the capacity achievement, quality of product produced and the actual consumption
of raw materials and utilities per 1000 kg of product shall be worked out.
12.14 Modification in case of Non Achievement - In the event of the capacity and quality of the PLANT as specified and

consumption of raw material and utilities falling short of the specification. The TENDERER may modify the PLANT and
machinery and/or rectify the defects at his own cost within four months from the date of such variation is noted provided
the quality of product has been achieved.


13.1 When all tests to be demonstrated by the TENDERER accordance with this CONTRACT have been successfully carried
out, the PLANT shall be deemed to be accepted and the PURCHASER shall within one week of the completion of the
test, issue a take over certificate. From the date of this certificate the PLANT shall be considered as finally accepted.
12.2 The PURCHASER shall not delay the issue of the taking over certificate on account of any minor defects or short supply
of non-critical items in the equipment which do not materially affect the safe performance thereof, provided that the
TENDERER shall undertake to make good the same within a mutually agreed time.

The PURCHASER shall not operate the PLANT prior to commissioning and guarantee test and shall maintain the idle plant as
per instructions of the TENDERER. During the pre-commissioning trial and guarantee run the Tenderer shall properly train the

15. LIABILITY FOR NON-FULFILMENT OF PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE - On the event of non fulfillment of capacity,
quality and raw material and utility consumption, the plant as a whole shall be rejected after two unsuccessful trials.
16. COMPENSATION - In the event that the plant fails to meet the performance guarantees for capacity and Ball Powder
production even after the second guarantee run, the TENDERER shall be required to pay compensation.
17. All claims shall be submitted by either the TENDERER or the PURCHASER by registered letter and/or personal delivery
to the competent representative of the other party. The stamped date of registered letter and/or the date of receipt by the
relevant representative shall be considered as the date of claim lodged.
18. If the quality of the end product is not achieved for reasons imputable to the Tenderer, the Purchaser shall have the right
to reject the plant but only after the Tenderer has been given reasonable opportunity to resolve the issue of quality. No
variation whatsoever in the quality of the product shall however be permissible. For second guarantee run the Purchaser
shall supply raw materials for six days only out of which 72 hours shall be treated as second guarantee run.
19. If the reasons for not achieving the performance guarantees are established as not attributable to the TENDERER, the TENDERER
for undertaking the above modifications and conducting subsequent guarantee test run. Against this contract the
Tenderer is fully responsible for his personnel both direct and indirect.

Rejection of the plant

20.1 If even after the 2 guarantee run of the equipment/plant and modification carried out by the Tenderer, the capacity
and/or plant efficiency falls short of the guaranteed figures, the Purchaser shall have the right to reject the plant.
20.2 The Purchaser shall also have the right to reject the plant if the quality of end product is less than the guaranteed
figures. In case of rejection of the plant by the Purchaser as above, the Tenderer shall replace the plant at his cost.


i. The P&M/equipment required shall be designed for continuous heavy-duty operations.
ii. The P&M/equipment shall be designed for high precision work. Design features should be such as to sustain the
accuracy over long period (at least 10 years) of continuous working.
iii. The design shall incorporate adequate factors of safety as per applicable codes of practice and regulations.

iv. The vendor while quoting for an P&M/equipment shall ensure that the typical applications projected for tooling-up does
not fall in the extreme end of range of application of the machines from considerations of accuracy, power,
transmission, tool thrust etc. There shall be sufficient reserve for future applications with more demand on these factors.
v. All electrical motors, power contactors shall be rated higher than duty requirements. Motors shall be of totally enclosed
fan cooled with class B or E type insulation and shall have a nominal voltage rating of 415 V 6%.. Motors above 0.5
HP shall have 3 phase design.
vi. All above ground cables in the least shall be PVC insulated and PVC sheathed, all underground cabling shall be PC
sheathed, single wire armoured and overall PVC sheathed. All control cables shall be of minimum 2.5 mm2 section
copper conductor. All power cables shall be suitable for 100% additional current over reputed cable manufactures rating
recommendations at 40C to compensate for derating due to various factors prevailing in site.
vii. All electrical motors upto 7.5 HP shall be provided with direct on line starters. Beyond 7.5 HP, reduced voltage starter to
limit the starting current to 1.73 times the full load current, shall be provided. For L.T. Motors beyond 300 HP, the
starting current shall be limited to 1.2 times the said current.
viii. Motors beyond 400 HP shall be designed only on H.T. on 6.6 KV/11 KV. Confirmation on this is to be obtained from the purchaser.

ix. Two earth terminals shall be provided on machine. All the equipments shall be rigidly connected to or carrying 3-phase
supply, readily identifiable with red-paint mark. On single phase equipment, one earth terminal may be provided.

In the hydraulic system of the machine, arrangement shall be provided for natural or refrigerated cooling of the hydraulic fluid
to maintain the desired temperature. The oil temperature shall not exceed 25 C above for 24 hours of running. If required,
cooler shall be provided. Water cooler shall be provided. However water coolant heat exchangers shall not be used.

xi. All solenoid operated valves shall be operated by hand for maintenance checks.
xii. Hydraulic equipment and piping shall be accessible and mounted in such a position that adjustment or maintenance to
mechanical and electrical equipment is possible.
xiii. Suitable means shall be provided to remove suction strainers without draining the hydraulic tank.
xiv. Piping shall be so arranged that pressure may be tested at accessible built in checking position which shall be indicated
on circuit diagram.


i. Necessary suitable safety and interlocking devices shall be incorporated in the equipment to present any accident or
damage to the individual components/assembly of the equipment, personnel and materials arising out of abnormal
working conditions, leakage of high procure fluid, electrical contact, high temperature, explosion etc.
ii. Guards shall be provided around the moving parts and in front of the working area for protection of the operator. The
guards shall run on rollers so that the working area is readily accessible. The guards shall be of double skin construction
with viewing window (s), made from reinforced glass.
iii. All electrical and electronic equipments shall be housed in totally sealed enclosures/panels.
iv. All electrical panels shall have interlocking devices to ensure that panels doors can be opened only after switching off
the incoming supply.
v. All incoming and outgoing cables from the control panel shall be connected to the control through dust proof
openings fitted with glands/ferrules to prevent ingress of dust and insects.
vi. All equipments/parts shall be suitably protected against damages due to corrosion, rusting etc., in the prevailing condition at site.
vii. The basic equipments shall be finally painted in Apple Green colour as per shade No. 281 of IS: 5 - 1978 for ready mixed paint.

viii. The electrical equipments shall be painted as follows: -

415 volts AC machines/Panels - Brilliant Green (Shade No.221 of IS : 5-1978).

240 volts AC equipments - Light Orange (Shade No 557 of IS : 5-1978).

110 volts AC equipments - Light Admiralty Gray (Shade No. 697 of IS: 5-1978).
ix. The electronic/CNC control system and peripherals can be supplied in the standards colour of the manufacturer.


i. The power supply available in the site is 415 6%, 50 Hz., AC 3 phase, transient high voltages are expected.
ii. If the voltage fluctuation as above is considered harmful for any part of the system, the vendor shall provide a suitable
motor generator set or isolation transformer for transient free stable supply.
iii. For any other voltage requirement, the vendor shall install inbuilt transformers in the control panel.
iv. Where the total connected load exceeds 400 KVA, the supply would be normally HT (11 KV OR 6.6 KVA as available with
voltage variation of 6%). It will be made available at a single point through a suitable H.T. cable with AC conductors.
Further distribution including H.T. Breaker, ACB panels etc. will form part of vendor's supply. Vendor may refer to the
particular technical modifications for details.
i. Hours of Work during installation and commissioning.
ii. The daily working hours during installation will be 8 hours commencing at 8.00 am and terminating at 5.00 pm with on
hour for lunch. Normal working pattern is 6 days working in any 7 day period with Sunday as the normal rest day.
iii. The TENDERER may reserve the right to work 13 days in any 14 day period with the rest, rest day agreed with the
PURCHASR usually one week in advance.
iv. The TENDERER may vary the working hours and rest days to maintain the requirements of the programme with the
approval of the Purchaser.
v. At all times that TERDERER Staff are working it will be n
vi. Hours of Work During Preparation for and the Performance Test.
vii. During the commissioning period for preparation of the Performance Test and the actual Performance Test it will be
necessary to be available for continuous seven day working on a 24 hour basis. Tenderer will obtain prior approval for
working any additional hours from the Purchaser in advance.
viii. This will be organized by the TENDERER Engineer on site at the time of the tests.



the site of the new plant and The PURCHASER will provide at no cost to TENDE

accommodation and daily transport to and from the site.

ii. Catering service is available on payment basis.


aim for this will be charged to the






Commissioning Engineers, One Senior Engineer.


rs will be at least two Experienced engineers who will complete the project through
to mechanical Completion.

Programme at TENDERER

viii. During the Commissioning Programme the PURCHASER

Engineers in all aspects of plant operation, start up, shut down and routine adjustments.


technical advice to PURCHASER

as far as this PLANT and process covered by this CONTRACT are concerned for a period of 5 years after taking over of

x. In case of suspension, delay, cancellation of work under the Contract, the Purchaser and the TENDERER shall mutually
discuss and agree within a reasonable time, to the future course of action, extension of time and cost implications, if any.
xi. TENDERER shall be free to select/appoint his suppliers/sub TENDERERs for the performance of his scope of work. However,

in this regard shall be given by the TENDERER to PURCHASER in advance.


xii. The TENDERER shall ensure that all the equipment to be supplied under this Contract after commissioning shall meet
the Indian Pollution Control Norms and/or the relevant act as may be applicable.
xiii. The TENDERER shall be responsible for safety of all personnel working at the plant site during erection and commissioning of the
plant. The TENDERER shall ensure adherence to all safety norms in force at OFI during erection and commissioning of plant.

The design criteria of big turnkey plant shall be specified to take into account the necessity for in-built redundancy depending
on criticality of operation, so that normal production is not affected due to major breakdowns or serious accidents (like
explosion in case of explosive plants).

i) The design of the plant should be such that there is 50% redundancy in any operation having only a single equipment, i.e.
capacity output per day shall be achieved in that operation in less than 12 hours,
ii) There is 33% redundancy in operations having more than one equipment, i.e. capacity output per day shall be achieved in
such operations in less than 16 hours. Otherwise, the number of connected standby machines for each stage or one
standby line for the critical stages of the plant may be specified.
iii) The capacity of vessels for storage of input, intermediate and output materials shall be sufficient so as to enable production,
even if there is interruption in receipt/issue of materials for one month.

1. Scope of contract shall be:
a) Design Engineering Documentation of the plant as a whole
b) Training of Purchaser's Personnel
c) Supply of all Plant, Machineries Equipments required to complete the plant as whole, which shall meet the requirement of
this specification
d) All associated and required Civil Works and services within the Battery Limit.
e) Erection of the Plant as whole and Commissioning of the Plant (up to taking over of the plant by the purchaser after
successful demonstration of performance guarantee run by the Tenderer) including Supervision by the Tenderer.
f) Supply of spares and tools
g) To fulfill the contract terms the vendor will have to subject the equipment to tests and extend warranty/after sales service as specified.

h) To ensure completeness of the equipment the vendor shall include in his scope of supply all auxiliary items like pipings,
interconnecting cables, initial filling of oils and lubricants and such other items which will be necessary for running the
plant for 3 months but are not included in this specification.
i) Ensure provision of zero effluent discharge

a. Input material to the specn. will be supplied by purchaser during trial run.
b. Steam, water, electricity will be provided by purchaser at designated point.
c. All these consumables will be given free of cost during trial run.
d. All civil Engineering works, including drainage outside battery limits and of rain water outlet will be provided by purchaser.
e. The bldgs. of existing plant to be provided by purchaser are enclosed.
2. Responsibilities of PURCHASER

Since the contract is on a turn-key basis, the plant to be supplied by the TENDERER shall be complete in all respects within the
battery limits as specified elsewhere. However the Purchaser shall in turn be responsible for fulfillment of certain reciprocal

promises and/or obligations for the smooth and successful implementation of the contract. A list
responsibilities shall include the following :
b. Space required for erection and commissioning of the plant and utilities.
c. Reference lines like bench marks, elevation etc. necessary to locate the site shall be decided mutually.
d. Construction water and power on payment basis at points to be decided mutually.

e. Raw materials and utilities, of required quantity and of specified quality at agreed points at BATTERY LIMIT of the PLANT.


As under the Terms of the Contract the responsibility for the provision of Erection Staff is that of the TENDERER and not
PURCHASER should consider the requirement of training for his staff in this respect. The number of skilled personnel to
be provided by the Purchaser shall be decided mutually.


The Purchaser shall provide on mutually agreed basis adequate numbers and suitably trained operating and maintenance personnel as
well as skilled, semi skilled personnel during testing, trial run, commissioning and performance guarantee test of the PLANT. The
pre-commissioning and performance guarantee run.

5. The plant and equipment shall be stored in the covered and/or open storage areas to be provided by the Purchaser within
the factory premises and the TENDERER shall deploy their own watch and ward for ensuring safe custody.
6. Workshop facility on payment and laboratory facilities as available with the PURCHASER shall be extended to the TENDERER

whenever required.

rges and rules applicable.



Marshalling yard shall be provided by the purchaser.. However, arrangement for unloading at yard, shifting to the site and care, custody

10. Supply of raw materials/utilities required for commissioning and guarantee test run of the plant as specified.
11. Necessary assistance for obtaining registration of the boiler with the local boiler authorities. However the responsibility
shall rest with the TENDERER.
13. The Purchaser shall obtain necessary clearance from the Madhya Pradesh State Pollution Control Board and/or other Statutory
authorities, if required, for implementation of the Project. The TENDERER shall render necessary assistance to the Purchaser in
this regard. However, the TENDERER shall ensure that the equipment specified in the Contract meets pollution control norms.

14. The TENDERER shall. if required in the interest of the work, give a written notice sufficiently in advance to the Purchaser
for shutdown of the plant which will be complied by the Purchaser during commissioning/guarantee run.

(a)Process description for the offered plant as a whole.

(b) Special features and advantage of the offered plant.
(c) Process flow diagrams.
(d) Layout of all buildings along with major activities in each building. Each building shall be numbered for easy reference.
(e) Building wise layout of all major equipments and instruments.
(f) Line plan drawing of all individual buildings to be designed and supplied by the vendor showing dimension, wall thickness
and roof structure, details of road with illumination details, etc.
(g) List of major equipments, service requirements, controls and indicative list of equipments. Each of the above should be numbered.

(h)The cycle time of processing at each stage / operation. Bidder should clearly indicate the redundancy in capacity and the
availability of standby equipments like pumps at each stage/operation.
(i) List of all major instruments along with brief description of their utilization and effectiveness in process and process control.
This list should be enumerated process-wise as far as possible so as to facilitate a comparison with the layout of the plant
and utilities showing general arrangement of the plant, equipment and also the periodicity desired for calibration.
(j) List of spares with part no. and quantity used in entire plant.
(k) Safety features process wise and plant as a whole.
(l) Requirement of manpower for operating the plant as a whole per shift and per day. Requirement of operating,
maintenance and supervisory personnel to be mentioned separately.
(m) Descriptive flow diagram showing the links between the above numbered plant/ equipments etc as well as the instrument layout.

(n) Quantitative flow diagram describing consumption of raw material and also for utility items separately.
(o) Guaranteed consumption of raw material and utilities i.e. steam, water, electricity, etc for processing one Metric Ton of output.

(p) Requirement of steam, cooling water and process water (average and maximum)
(q)Installed electric power load; average and maximum demand of power separately for ancillary facilities for generation of
utilities like compressed air, instrument air, chilled water/ brine etc. for the plant.
(r) Pollution control measures indicating the composition and quantities of effluents and waste per MT output from the plant
along with scheme for treatment to ensure zero discharge including air pollutants.
(s) List of specific exclusion from scope of supply.
Whenever used in this specification, the following terms will have meaning as follows if not stated otherwise.

Battery Limit - Battery limit shall mean area belonging to the main plant, its ancillaries and utilities where equipments offered are to be
installed up to a space of 1 meter all round the area as per layout drawing or up to the point specifically mentioned in this specification.


Contract - Shall mean the Contract expected be signed between the Purchaser and the Tenderer/s, as and when, selected by the
fication is only
for advance information to the Tenderer about few points in brief which may be incorporated in the contract and not for any other
purpose. The Purchaser is no way bound to make any contract with any of the Tenderers who made offers against this Tender Enquiry.


General Manager - Shall mean General Manager, Ordnance Factory Itarsi

a. Effective date of the contract - Shall mean the date as specified in clause of this specification

b. Ton or MT - Shall mean 1000 kg i.e. metric ton

c. Plant Site - It is the site at which the plant as a whole is to be set up at Ordnance Factory Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, India.
d. Plant as a whole - Shall mean the plant for manufacture of BALL POWDER complete in all respect.
e.Purchaser - Shall mean The President of India acting through Chairman/DGOF, Ordnance Factory Board, 10 A
Saheed Khudiram Bose Road, Kolkata 700 001.
- Shall mean Ordnance Factory Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, India.
g.Specification - Shall mean terms and condition of this specification No. SPCN/EO/OFI/BALL POWDER if not specified in
any other way.