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Directions: Pick two of the journal topics below and respond to the
questions asked. Each journal entry must be at least ½ a page. To receive
credit, the minimum this assignment should be is 1 FULL page. You may
write your responses on the back, if you write in a small sized font. If not,
you need to write on notebook paper.

1) Briefly describe the personalities of Antigone and Ismene. What is

Antigone’s conflict with Ismene? What is Ismene’s conflict with
Antigone? Which character’s arguement do you agree with? Why do
you agree with her argument?

2) In the play, Creon claims that when Polynieces brought war to Thebes
he was planning to burn the city down, kill many of the citizens, and
enslave the rest. Does this claim change your perspective about
Polynieces? Why or why not?

3) When the Sentry presents Antigone to Creon he says that he feels

relieved that he has caught the criminal, yet he feels guilty at the same
time. Why doe he say this? Can you relate to his feelings? What
would you do if you were placed in the same situation?

4) When Creon accuses Ismene, he has no proof that she has committed
the crime that Antigone has confessed to. Why do you think he
accuses her? Do you think she is as guilty as Antigone even though
she didn’t commit the crime? What is Creon’s reasoning that she
should die along with Antigone?