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It must be known that leading a department is not one easy

responsibility to handle throughout the school year and so we applaud and
salute our student leaders who are working hard to serve their fellow
students in their respective departments. Thus, the Leaders Circle was
formed as a writing space for the student leaders of ABCollege to share their
leadership experiences.
In this three-part edition, our student leaders are each given a
particular ATTRIBUTE of a GOOD LEADER to write about and relate their
experiences with as they explain why these attributes are important and how
these have been applied, or are applied, in leading their turfs.
For the second part (part one is published in the magazine issue last
semester), find out what our governors have to say about these three

School of Business Management Education
Jared Wynstane Lanz Frejolez
As the Council Governor of the School of Business Management
Education, being a leader is a very tough responsibility to handle with. You
have to get along with the stresses, as much as possible prevent failures and
above all accept mistakes. Being a first time officer, I do not have any
background on how to lead a society. When I was chosen to be one at first, I
said to myself, "how can I do this? I do not have any idea about this." But you
cannot say NO as they say and I remember from my past teacher in
elementary that always quotes, "A good leader is also a good follower. Since
then, before I take action as a leader, I always put my feet in others shoes
and understand how others would feel and I would feel if I am in their
situation. So through the act of empathy I can understand and share another
person's experiences and someones feelings, by which this attribute helped
me in leading my department.

Kharla Angelique B. Ko-Tubat
Governor, School of Law
Leadership, in a sense, is a broad term which refers to a character of a
person. It does not only pertain to some certain individual, physically
instilling motivation in others but it also involves so many things which are
unfathomable to even made mention. Such character echoes to the most
basic foundation of society, from the highest ranking official to a mere novice
with a meagre group.
However, no matter how valuable leadership is to every potential
wielding prospect or to an experienced person, it does not resonate without
the attribute of confidence. Confidence revolves in every single person for
without it, a person may not be able to socialize with one another especially
when leadership resides in a person. It is given and as gloriously depicted
throughout history that leadership signifies the gifts of wisdom, power and
the aura that improves every subordinate, member and even how boisterous
a nation is. But how can a person portray such gifts, without the poise of
relaying the matter? Though confidence is essential but one does not need a
sufficient amount. The moment a leader asks for an advice from his
members, that is confidence. That time when a leader speaks in a strict yet
righteous manner of the faults of a member and consults him with the right
thing to do the next time, that is also confidence. That instance when the
leader takes all the blame for the delay of the submission of papers, that is
without a doubt confidence.
Confidence is a concept of which for some, it is a difficult attribute to
attain but it is actually dormant within every single person apparently since
all of us has the potential of being a leader. The only thing is to start
believing that someday and even in the moment, you will be ready to convey
the confidence to be a leader.

Earley Mae Regencia
Governor, College of Arts and Sciences
Commitment is not just a leaders attribute. It is part of the leader that
defines leadership.
I was never the kind of student who would step up for a cause and be
the leader who guides people to their journey of success. However, I have
seen the opportunity to be the beacon of hope of my department, the
College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). This is the reason why I have to stand up
and be committed -- committed to pursue development, committed to take
the challenges of leadership.
Being a leader is never easy. In fact, it never will be. There are
circumstances where you feel like giving up but the punchline here is, think
why you even started. That is commitment. You are committed, as a leader,
to do the bidding of leadership, to raise the departments bandwagon higher
than any other could. When challenges show up, face it because you are not
working for yourself. You are the leader who leads your department to its
destination. You are the anchor of your own ship - a captain and a fellow
passenger. Be the leader who commits to leadership through and through.