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Section 1. Founding Principles: The Nagoya University alumni group in the
Philippines was originally conceived as an organization to promote friendship and
exchange information among its alumni based in the Philippines. Given the call by
Nagoya University hereinafter referred to as NU, in 2014, to play an important role to
help its Alma Mater fulfill its academic charter, that is, for NU to play a pivotal role in
meeting social demands by supporting local and international endeavors and
cooperation in research, education and the exchange of information; the Philippine
branch was organized and formally mainstreamed into the Nagoya University Alumni
Association, hereinafter referred to as NUAL.
Section 2. Name: The Nagoya University Alumni Association-Philippines, hereinafter
referred to as, NUAL- Philippines while continuing its tasks to promote friendship and
exchange information among its alumni based in the Philippines, fully supports and
binds itself to NUAL in forging a close relationship among NUAL branches, and
collaborating with its Alma Mater in carrying out their activities. NUAL-Philippines was
formally inaugurated on December 20, 2014.
Section 3. Vision: NUAL- Philippines is envisioned as:
a pivotal branch of NUAL for cooperation, support, participation and exchange of
information, in industry, research and education, and in bridging friendship and
collaboration among alumni members of other NUAL branches.
Section 4. Mission: NUAL-Philippines will carry out the following activities in line
with NUALs undertakings:
4.1 Provide opportunities for cooperation, support, participation and exchange of
information, in industry, government, research and educational institutions, and for
bridging friendship and collaboration among alumni, students and teachers within
NUAL- Philippines and among NUAL branches;
4.2 Encourage participation and engagement among its members to forge linkages
with NUAL branches and contribute to NUALs role in opening up NU to society at

4.3 Engage in socially relevant endeavors related to community, resilience building

with the aim of contributing to human welfare, cultural development, and industrial
4.4 Disseminate information about the societal contributions of its alumni and use this
knowledge as the basis for promoting information and human exchange and enhance
the reputation of NU.
Section 1. Office: The principal office of NUAL-Philippines is at the residence of its
incumbent president.
Section 2. Aims: NUAL-Philippines, as an organization essential for connecting NU
to society, seeks the further development of NU and contributes to society while
facilitating communication and promoting amity among its members and the members
of other branches.
Section 3: Responsibilities: NUAL-Philippines shall perform the following duties in
order to achieve its aims:
Coordinate and collaborate with NUAL;
Cooperate in events including get-togethers and fora;
Provide support in establishing an alumni database;
Promote active participation in NU alumni activities; and
Undertake other activities that are aligned with the aims of NUAL.
Section 4. Committees: The Executive Board of NUAL-Philippines shall create
committees as needed.
Section 5. Membership: Membership in NUAL-Philippines shall be composed of the
5.1. Founding Members. The founding members are composed of twelve (12) officers
of the Executive Board and the active members present in the organizational meetings
in 2014.
5.2 Regular Members.
5.2a. Members of alumni associations of departments and courses of NU or an NU
Graduate School;

5.2b. Graduates and current or former faculty of NU or an NU Graduate School who

are not members as designated above;
5.2c. Graduates of Language Training Programs, Teacher Training Programs,
Exchange Scientists, Visiting Professors and Instructors, and Exchange Students who
have attended
and are attending NU; and
5.2d. Other individuals or legal entities that have a connection to NU or an NU
Graduate School and that have been recognized by the NUAL President.
Associate Members. Current NU and NU Graduate School students shall be
considered associate members.
Section 1. Executive Board: The management of NUAL-Philippines shall be vested
in the Executive Board.
Section 2. Officers of the Executive Board of NUAL-Philippines: The Executive
Board is composed of the following officers:
1. President;
2. Vice President;
3. Secretary;
4. Assistant Secretary;
5. Treasurer;
6. Assistant Treasurer;
7. Auditor;
8. Public Relations Officer (PRO).
Section 3. Functions of Officers: The duties and responsibilities of the officers are
designated as follows:
3.1 President. The President shall serve as the representative/external
liaison/spokesperson for NUAL-Philippines, preside at all meetings, and supervise and
oversee all its affairs.
3.2 Vice President. The Vice President shall assist the President and shall have such
powers and perform such duties as prescribed by the Executive Board from time to
time. In the absence or inability of the President, he/she shall exercise the powers and
discharge the duties of the President.

3.3 Secretary. The Secretary shall take down and keep the minutes of all meetings of
the Executive Board and manage the affairs of NUAL-Philippines as well as
administer office affairs. He/she shall keep and manage the directory and database of
registered members as well as call, collect, organize articles for NUAL-Philippines
newsletter, Meidai Network.
3.4 Assistant Secretary. In the absence or incapacity of the Secretary, the Assistant
Secretary shall act as Secretary.
3.5 Treasurer. The treasurer should be in charge of the funds, receipts, and
disbursements of NUAL-Philippines. He/ she shall render to the President or to the
Executive Board, whenever required, an accounting of the financial conditions of
NUAL-Philippines and of all transactions of NUAL-Philippines made by her as
treasurer. He/she shall keep correct books of accounts of all financial transactions of
3.6 Assistant Treasurer. In the absence of the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer shall
act as Treasurer.
3.7 Auditor. The auditor checks the book of accounts and financial reports and
statements of the Treasurer in accordance with financial reporting framework.
3.8 PRO. The public relations officer plans, develops, puts into place and evaluates
information and communication strategies that present NUAL-Philippines to the public.
He/she organizes and manages the events of NUAL-Philippines.
Section 1. Nomination and Election of Officers of the Executive Board: The
officers shall be nominated and elected by the members.
Section 2. Term of Office: Each of the officers of the Executive Board shall serve a
two-year term from January following the election year until two years after and may
be re-elected.
Section 1. Types:
1.1. General Meeting. NUAL-Philippines shall hold an annual general meeting of its
members on a date set by the president in consultation with the Executive Board.

1.2 Executive Board Meeting. The Executive Board shall hold a regular meeting at
least two times during a year.
1.3 Special Meeting. A Special Meeting may be convened upon proper notice to the
other members of the Board, to take up matters of immediate and relevant importance
to the activities of NUAL-Philippines.
Section 2. Quorum:
2.1 Executive Board and Special Meetings can be convened when there is a quorum
composed of a majority of seven executive members.
2.2 General Assembly. A quorum consists of at least 12 members.
Section 3. Notice of Meetings: For the general meeting, regular board meetings and
special meetings, notices of date, time, and place of such meetings shall be given at
least two weeks before.
Section 4. Matters for Deliberation: The Executive Board deliberates on the
following matters.
4.1 Matters requiring deliberation in carrying out the affairs of the Association;
4.2 Matters concerning the reform and abolition of articles in the
Articles of Association;
4.3 Matters concerning business plans and announcements;
4.4 Matters concerning budgeting and account settlement;
4.5 Matters concerning member qualifications;
4.6 Other matters referred by the President.
Section 1. Fund Resources: The activities of the Association shall be funded by the
membership fees and the annual dues paid by regular members and from such other
sources such as donations by the members and those that may be recommended
and authorized by the Executive Board.

Section 3. Auditing: The auditor shall audit all the accounts of the association,
examine its books as often as may be necessary, and certify an annual audited
financial report to the Executive Board and the members of the Association.
Section 1. Detailed Enforcement of Regulation: All issues and matters necessary to
the operation of this Association but not contained in these Articles of Association are
to be deliberated on and endorsed at an Executive Board meeting.
Section 2. Amendments: An amendment to the provisions of these Articles of
Association shall be endorsed to the Executive Board for deliberation, which will then
be presented to the general assembly for ratification. Any amendment shall be
considered ratified upon the majority vote of the general assembly.
The Articles of Association came into force on December 20, 2014 and details and
revisions were approved at a meeting of the Executive Board by a majority vote on
May 19, 2015 at UP NIMMB, Diliman, QC.
Crtistino Collado (President)
Pag-asa Gaspillo (Vice President)
Andres Winston Oreta (Secretary)
Cynthia Palmes-Saloma (PRO)
Ma. Amelita Estacio (Treasurer)
Daisy Montesa (Asst. Secretary)
Renan Ma. Tanhueco
Florante Salvador
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INFORMATION ABOUT NUAL PHILIPPINES

Section 2. Fund Depository: The Executive Board shall determine the official
depository for the funds of the association. This depository should be a joint bank
account in the name of the Treasurer, Vice-President and the President. The funds
shall be withdrawn from the bank with which they are on deposit by the signature of at
least two signatories.

27 Sept 2014 - Founding Meeting at DLSU STC Canlubang of twelve alumni:

Joseph Masangkay, Crtistino Collado, Pag-asa Gaspillo, Andres Oreta, Cynthia
Palmes-Saloma, Renan Ma. Tanhueco, Gerardo Augusto, Daisy Montesa,
Florante Salvador, Ruth Palanca, Ma. Amelita Estacio, & Lerma San Jose Maldia.
20 Dec 2014 - Formal Establishment of NUAL-Philippine Branch at EDSA
Shangrila Hotel with Prof. Dr. Michinari Hamaguchi (President, Nagoya
University) & Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda (President, NUAL).