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Joshua Ronel Z.

BGS111 / FM2F

TTh / 3 - 4:30 pm

Kinds Of Filipino Community Members

Dole-out Mentality (The Pahingi Nga Person)

This mentality is a kind of person who is too dependent on other
people. He intent to receive and waits to be given any kind of resources like
money, food, and material that will satisfy his or her needs.
It is a bad behavior because this mentality make the person lazy and
make them dependent to other people, making easy works for them by
waiting to be give a thing.

Entrepreneur-minded (The Paano Ako Kikita Person)

This person has a future insight. His target is to increase his status or
level by being entrepreneur-minded. He always look for a way to start a
business to rise here present level. He has a determination and perseverance
to work and to increase his economic status in life.
It is a good behavior because it perceive a person to work hard in order
to achieve his desired goals and for his better living in life.

Uncooperative (The Ayoko Sumama Person)

The person with this mentality is meant to be fearful or feeling of
distrust of other people. He is used to doing what he is accustomed to
because of his upbringing. Maybe he experiences negative event in his past
resulting to a wrong decision.
It is either good or bad behavior depends on the situation, if this will
make you a bad person, attitude or value, it's a good behavior to avoid bad
influence people. but if it is for the good purposes like fieldtrips or
educational tours, it is a bad behavior.

Cooperative (The Sige, Sama Ako Diyan Person)

This person is a pro-active and very optimistic person. He pursue to
have changes on himself, has an opportunity to gain experience and
knowledge and also to be part of accomplishment of the group the tasks or
duties that they have planned.

It is also either good or bad behavior depend on the situation of the

person. It is opposite of uncooperative mentality, if it is for good purposes,
well it is a good behavior but if not, it is a bad behavior.
Starter Only (The Ningas-Kugon Person)
This person never finishes his works, he only show his interest in the
beginning. He does not implement and evaluate the work, maybe he show
some plans and decision making but not ended in the right way.
This is a bad behavior because this kind of person with this mentality
doesn't accomplished anything and doesn't finished a single work, job or

Wait-and-See Attitude (The Antay-Tingin Person)

This person cannot be easily to persuade or convince by others unless
he see it himself. He observe first before doing something or joining some
groups. He assures all his things before he do.
It is a good behavior because he just want to be certain at things and
by being a good example to others.

All knowing (The Lahat Alam Person)

This person seek people and attention, he use to be wise and good at
talking, make others to be left or unknowledgeable at things.
This is a bad behavior because the person will be boastful yet he
defend himself disagreeing on other member's ideas and plans because for
him he know all the things.

Avoid conflict (The Iwas-Gulo Person)

This person has fear of conflicts and tensions. He don't want problems
at all, he will face the problem and run away from the group. He is too timid
to show some ideas to make the group out of the conflict.
It is a bad behavior because he is being selfish, by being feared, he
outrun the problems and give it to his members make them suffer all the
problems of the group.

I can do it (Tphe Kaya ko yan Person)

This person is very suitable, flexible and has a determination of doing
his works. He is self-reliant and independent person. He always try new
things, seek new things in his life and experience unusual work that he was
not able to do.
It is a good behavior because he doesn't fear to fail because he know
that he will learn from his mistakes and it is a good start for him to do again
in order to achieve his goal.

Komunidad Person)



This person focuses on one thing and this is to improve and build
harmonious relationship with others. His goal is to make his member get
involved in community in a good way of work. He will not be wavered by
other people.
This is a good behavior because he desires for a betterment
community and has no intention of stepping poor people but to valued the
experiences, thoughts and ideas of poor people.