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HELP (calling help in Autocad)

opens and closes the text window in which to see history from the
Command Line

turned on / off function OSNAP function (aiming / targeting points)

turned on / off electronic panel board ( TABLET )

transition from one view to another ( Isoplane Top, Isoplane Right, Isolane
Left )

turned on / off function for the Dynamic UCS ( DUCS )

turned on / off GRID

turned on / off function ORTHO

turned on / off function for the step network SNAP

turned on / off function for the polar tracking ( POLAR )

turned on / off function for monitoring OTRACK


After running AutoCAD You can start to change some settings. Besides STARTUP settings at
startup can be defined as follows:
In any respect we draw the line 2D or 3D and can be adjusted accordingly and display the UCS
icon on your desktop. View => Display => UCS Icon => Properties

In what format will save the finished drawing (an older version of Autocad)?
How often will create AutoCAD *. BAK file (backup) in case of problems with the computer
and power supply.
Tools => Options

What size mouse pointer will be?

What color is your desktop? etc etc...

The size of the line for the mouse pointer (Crosshair size) should not be changed unless you're
dealing with surveying, then it is advisable to set it at 100%. Why? I have no idea as I saw that
surveyors work ;-), and probably has a purpose that can see a certain point in the line of the
cursor while drawing lines and the like. In this dialog box has more settings you can change, but
it leaves you to
explore. Yet this is the only web for education BASIS. (for the beginner)
Also set the parameters of units (units) where you draw the drawing. FORMAT => UNITS.
Autocad is used as a measuring parameter "UNIT" (units) and setting the settings I choose
whether to be millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, etc. ... In mechanical engineering
using millimeters,
centimeters and building surveying meters. So this is important because of the plotting (printing
paper) and scale that is set to end.