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A holiday magazine has asked its readers to send in articles describing their own
experiences of holidays. Write an article, describing a holiday you have taken and
explaining what it was about the holiday that made it so memorable. (220-260

The perks of being a music lover

I had been planning this holiday for months and my dream finally came true.
The air, the mountains and the atmosphere were nothing short of a wonderland.
The pristine clouds were reigning on the sky while the wind was blowing mildly,
spreading calmness and smell of pine
Being a music lover, I always enjoyed festivals and at that time Padina Fest,
which took place on Padina plateau, situated in Bucegi Mountains in Romania, was
about to start. It was a very environmentally friendly event, whose aim was not only
to bond with the nature, but also to raise awareness regarding the protection of the
nature. What I loved the most about it was that people werent supposed to stay in
a hotel because everybody brought their own tents and food.
When I woke up in the first day, I could not believe my eyes: the landscape
amazed me in such a way that it took my breath away. Such peaceful atmosphere
that I decided to take a brisk walk down the river. After I came back, the festival was
about to start. I was astonished by how beautiful it was, even though the music
could have disturbed the animals. To my delight, the music was as peaceful as the
atmosphere around us.
Throughout the four days of the event, my holiday was one of the best
experience in my life and this is the main reason why I would love to go every year:
the landscape, the nature and last but not least, the music.