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BPM Name :

Manifest /sep.
sep . ck data e -mail ) Process

Department :

Organization :


IBM US Payroll

Process Owner (Manager ):

Nicholas Harbol/Endicott/

Process Administrator :

Kristine B.

Reviewer :

Christine Eiskant/Endicott/IB

Description of Process
Practitioner runs NPSQMF.SEPCOM_P in TSOW1 daily after 1:00pm EST and before 2:00pm EST. Should also check
to ensure external check number has populated on the A 9 screen on SW1. Using the payroll calendar look at the date
you are running the report to determine if there is a Print Daily , Print Weekly or Print Semi.
If Print Daily or Print Weekly, then use the day before as the start and end dates (i.e. if running report on 4/22/09, then
use 2009-04-21 as both the start and end date ).
If Print Semi, then you will use the date for SEMI/ACCT (i.e. on 4/27, the payroll calendar indicates Print Semi), so on
4/27 you would run the query using 2009-04-22 as both the start and end date .)
NOTE: If there is a Print Semi and a Print Daily on the same day, you will need to run the report two times (once using
SEMI/ACCT dates and once using Daily dates ). For example on 4/27/09, there is a Print Semi and a Print Daily. For the
Semi you would use the date 2009-04-22 as both the start and end dates and for the Print Daily you would use
2009-04-24 as both the start and end dates .
If NO PRINT, no need to perform the process.
The output is sent to Practitioner's VM id. Practitioner is to validate the output by reviewing the final check data from
query output to the A9 transaction. Rename the SEPCOM2.DATA file to CHECKS MMDDYYYY (MMDDYYYY is day you
ran it). If there is a result in the CORRECT.LETTER file that needs to be changed (when a managers serial is the same
with employees serial), open CERIS (screen 6CD), look for employees profile and copy the managers serial. Edit the
SEPCOM2.DATA file (CHECKS MMDDYYYY) for the managers accurate serial and save the updated file. Send the file
to ESCOMM at HRVM1 and send a note to Communications person /s.
ESC communication coordinator will send the manager the e -mail to inform them of the final checks for their employees .
The communications person will supply a note to the CERIS /Seps. Payroll Practitioner confirming the note was sent
including the manager serials it was sent to .

Example of the current manifest note

From: IBM Employee Disbursements
Subject: Manager action required: Delivery of Separations/LOA checks
Listed below is check information for your departing employee(s) based on
a Separation/LOA form you recently submitted. In the next business day,
you should receive these checks from Payroll. The checks will be mailed
to your "Business Address" listed in BluePages (unless you emailed the
Paysep1 ID during the form submission process requesting an alternate
address be used). Also, if you designated another individual on the
Separations/LOA form to receive and distribute the checks, please forward
this email to that person.

To assist you in delivering the checks to the employees during the

departure meeting:
o Locate the check number in the window on front of the envelope and
reference the number below to determine if the check is paying salary,
vacation, separation pay, or an amount that is due to IBM.
o Salary and vacation pay may be included in one check, if applicable;
both will have the same number referenced below.
o If there is a check shown below, AMOUNTS DUE IBM, this indicates the
employee has a balance on their corporate card and may still owe the
amount to American Express. If the balance is still active,
recommend the employee endorse the check to American Express, include
the corporate card account number, and mail as soon as possible to:
American Express
2965 West Corporate Lakes Blvd.
Weston, FL 33331-3626
For questions, please email or contact the IBM
Employee Services Center at 1-800-796-9876, on business days from
8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.,Eastern time, to speak with a service
* Please do not reply to this system generated email *
Referenced Information:
----------------------NOTE: Salary and vacation pay can be included in the same check and will
have the SAME check number.
Mgr. # Emp. # Last Name
Check # Description
------- -------- ------------------ ----------------Serial: