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January 18, 2017

A Seminary is born in El Salvador

By the Rev. Miguel A. Hernndez
In 2015, the idea of offering theological education to the Episcopal Diocese of El
Salvador through distant learning using the Skype platform was discussed between the Rev.
Miguel A. Hernandez, representing the Newark School of Theology (NST) in New Jersey, and
the Rt. Rev. David Alvarado, Bishop of the Diocese of El Salvador. Dr. Douglas Bendall, the
Founder and President of NST supported the efforts at creating a distant learning opportunity for
El Salvador.
This idea was later expanded as the Commission on Ministry of the Diocese of El
Salvador held various conferences and decided to create a Seminary for the Episcopal Church in
El Salvador. The Seminary was conceived as a theological center where students could obtain a
high quality theological education accessible to all interested in pursuing their vocation and
mission in the life of the Church.
For over a year, the planning of the Seminary took place. That effort was led by the Rev.
Irma de Alvarado, who was appointed the Director of the Seminary, and supported by the
Commission on Ministry.
All these efforts culminated in the formation of the Seminary. Thus, El Seminario
Episcopal Anglicano of El Salvador was born. On January 6, 2017, the Seminary was
inaugurated in a ceremony held at the Iglesia San Juan Evangelista in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The Rev. Miguel A. Hernandez was invited to give a talk on the theme Come and
Follow Me1 during a retreat that was held on January 7, 2017, at Cielo Mar, La Libertad, El
According to Bishop David Alvarado, the Seminary is open to also receive students from
outside El Salvador who would like to be exposed to Latin American theology or to practice the
Liturgy in Spanish. El Salvador offers many opportunities for theological reflection as there are
numerous places one can visit, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Oscar Romero Center
located at the University of Central America (UCA), El Mozote, and other emblematic sacred
The Seminary has been launched with very limited resources, and there is a great
enthusiasm, with the starting of the first class this year consisting of six students (4 women and 2
men) and an expected graduation in 2020.

The text Come and Follow Me is found in Luke 18.