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Homeopathic remedies for Arthritis:Arnica:Useful for chronic arthritis with a fe

eling ofbruising and soreness. The painful parts feel worse from being moved or
touched.Bryonia:Helpful for stiffness and inflammation with tearing or throbbing
pain, made worse by motion. The condition may have developed gradually, and is
worse in cold dry weather. Discomfort is aggravated by being touched or bumped,
or from any movement. Relief can be hadfrom pressure and from rest. The person m
ay want to stay completely still and not be interfered with.Calcarea carbonica:H
elpful for deeply aching arthritis involving node formation around the joints. I
nflammation and soreness are worse from cold and dampness, and problems may be f
ocused on the knees and hands. Common symptoms are: weakness in the muscles, eas
y fatigue from exertion, and a feeling of chilliness or sluggishness. The person
who benefits from Calcarea is often solid and responsible, but tends to become
extremely anxious and overwhelmed when ill or overworked.Aurum metallicum:This r
emedy is often prescribed for wandering pains in the muscles andjoints that are
better from motion and warmth, andworse at night. The person may experience deep
pain in the limbs when trying to sleep. Also may feel discomfort that may wake
the person up. People who need this remedy have a tendency to feel depressed.Cau
sticum: Useful when deformities develop in the joints, in a person with a tendon
problems, muscle weakness, and contractures. The hands and fingers may be most
affected.. Stiffness and pain are worse from being cold, and relief may come wit
h warmth. The person often feels best in rainy weather and worse when the days a
re clear and dry.Calcarea fluorica: Helpful when arthritic pains improve with he
at and motion. Joints become enlarged and hard, and nodes or deformities develop
. Arthritis after chronic injury to joints also responds to Calcarea fluorica.Du
lcamara:Indicated if arthritis flares up during cold damp weather. The person ge
ts chilled and wet. They are often stout, with a tendency toward back pain, chro
nic stiffness in the muscles, and allergies.ArsenicumAcute drawing pains in the
arms and in the hands.Swelling of the arms, with blackish pustules of a putrid s
mell. Acute drawing pains in the night, beginning from the elbow and extending t
o the armpits acute pulling and shooting in the wrists. Cramps in the fingers. A
t night, sensation of fullness and swelling in the palms of the hands. Excoriati
on between fingers. Hard swelling of the fingers, with pain in the finger-bones.
Cramp in thelegs. Acute drawing pains in the hips, extending tothe groins, the
thighs, and sometimes even to the ankle-bones, with uneasiness, which obliges on
e to move the limb constantly. Tearing and stinging in the hips, legs, and loins
. Tearing in the tibia. Rheumatic pain in the legs, and especially in the tibia.
Paralytic weakness of the thigh. Pain, as from a bruise in the joint of the kne
asthenic subacute rheumatism in p
e. Affections of the shin-bones. FatigueColchicum
eople overworked and subject to hygiene, with wavelike electric pains, traveling
crosswise or from left to right. Special affinity for fibrous tissues.Benzoic
arthritis deformans; painful nodes in joints, especially in syphilitic or gono
rrhoeal patients, with rheumatic diathesis; pains go from right to left side and
from below upward; aggravation from heat and joints cracking on motion; gout an
d rheumatism affecting heart or alternating one with other.Lobelia
inflammatory rhe
umatism in right knee, swelling and extreme pain; painful stiffness in knees as
after a long march; rheumatic pain between scapulae in right shoulder-joint, goe
s to the left upper arm and around the elbow-joint.Guaiacum guaicum is a remedy wit
h many rheumatic symptoms. It is in the chronic forms of articular rheumatism wh
ere the joints are distortedwith concretions that it will do the most good.Ranun
culus B great remedy for intercostal rheumatism. Apis Mel
acute inflammatory rheumat
sm, mostly articular; affected parts feeling very stiff and exceedingly sore to
any pressure, often with sensation of numbness; sensation as if the swollen join
ts were stretched tightly. in the legs and in the feet. Pains in the fleshy part
of the toes, as if they were galled by walking.Great Prostration, with rapid si
nking of the vital forces; fainting. The disposition is:a. Depression, melanchol
y, despairing, indifferent.b. Anxious, fearful, restless, full of anguish.c. Irr
itable, sensitive, peevish, easily vexed.The greater the suffering the greater t
he anguish, restlessness and fear of death. Mentally restless, but physically to
o weak to move. Indicated by its periodicity and time aggravation: after mid-nig
ht, and from 1-2 a.m. And by its intense restlessness,mental and physical: its a

nxiety and