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Act 2 Scene 5

Maria comes in with Sir Toby, Fabian and Sir Andrew and they are talking about a
letter. Maria has written a letter that looks like Olivia has written it and it is for
Malvolio. Maria drops the letter and Malvolio comes in. Malvolio is day dreaming and
wishing he was married to Olivia. While he is day dreaming he finds the letter. He
reads the letter which tells him to wear yellow stockings and cross gartered, which
the letter says is Olivias favorite. Malvolio is very happy about the letter and says
he will try to change to make Olivia happy. His dreams have come true. While this is
going on Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian are listening behind a wall. They come out
when he Malvolio has left and they are very happy with themselves.