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Study Skills; Lesson Plan

Subject Area: Study Skills

Lesson Topic: Study Skills and Critical Reading

Content Standard(s): 9-10.2.1Analyze the structure and format of functional workplace documents, including
the graphics and headers, and explain how authors use the features to achieve their purposes. (Transition)
Objective:1) We will be able to understand what their status is in general education classes and know what
they need to work on to improve their grades.
2) We will explore the career options in the field of aviation.
Teaching Strategies & Sequence:
Opening / Anticipatory Set:
Students fill out class plan, take agendas out and discuss plan and grades
with teacher.
Two lessons Today:
1) Review of new class plan with I will statements
2) Class works on gen. ed. Curriculum
a. Re-takes
b. Making note-cards and studying
c. Getting help on math
d. Working on projects
e. Checking Zangle grades
3) Critical Reading Lesson: Unit 1: Field of Aviation
a. Read 2 of article
i. Underline and circle
b. Video clip and questions

Assessment Sources:
In what ways will you check for
understanding? (Every 5-7 minutes)
Check in with students on an
individual basis throughout entire

Ask them to show work

Ask them to re-phrase
what I teacher them in
their own words,


Ask them how they think

they can find an answer
that they do not know

Guided Practice:
1) Students will be working in partners or individually on
2) During Critical Reading: Students will work on underlining and
circling key terms and important information.

Stamp, student plans, assignments from other classes, image projector and video for Critical Reading Lesson,
reading handouts.

Lesson Plan Continued

Teaching Strategies & Sequence:
10:20 * Good Things
10:25 * Teacher reviews new class plan with I will statements.
Students take out agenda and fill in student plan while teacher takes roll.
10:30 * Teacher stamps agendas and checks plans, discusses work and
10:30-11:30 * Class Work Time:
Students work independently or in pairs on core curriculum
from general education classes.
Students use computers in groups of five to pull up Zangle
grades and show teacher. Teacher compiles a list of students
who need to stay in for embedded support and discusses
grades with each student.

Assessment Sources:
In what ways will you check for
understanding? (Every 5-7 minutes)
Teacher checks plans, agenda, Zangle
grades, checks work as they finish and
signs off plans.
Teacher also monitors students progress
by walking around room and asking
questions and looking at work.
Teacher must initial student plans as they
finish a task and move on to the next
Teacher must sign student plan and verify
that any assignments that were not
finished in class are written in agenda
before student leaves.
Teacher must make a note of what tele
parent message to send home (write
directly on class plan).
Teacher may also need to assess students
on goals from IEP and or interview for
Transition plans.

11:30-11:50 * Begin Critical Reading Lesson:

*Handout reading and review steps one, two and three.
*Teacher will have students number paragraphs
*Students will do a read #2 (underline and circle)
*Teacher will go over on board
* Watch video clip and answer questions.
11:50 * Teacher signs class plans
Teacher checks agenda again to make sure students have
written homework they need to finish at home.
Teacher discusses with students what tele parent message will
be sent homepositive or informational.
12:00-12:20 * Teacher dismisses those who have made the list to leave
Begin embedded support time:
Specific help to those who are staying.

Teacher Announcements
Remind students about college fair Nov. 1st at Cal Hi (6-8 pm); Also military care packages due Nov. 16th.
12:00 Have all checked off plans signed, agendas checked. Do I need to call home, e-mail teachers or parents re? any student? Make sure students have written
the assignments down that they need to complete in their agendas.
Have a healthy lunch!