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for TOEIC Writing

Questions 1-5:

First of all, you should remember to use both words, as using only one gives you
automatically 1 point.

If there are people/objects in the picture, you could start with:

- They are 2/3/etc. people
- There is a woman/man/motorcyclist/photo/notebook
- The people are gathering
- The people in the picture are

If there is a landscape:

- The beach is
- The grass is
- Etc.

If you want to describe people gathering/meeting around something or with others:

- They are meeting besides (if it is in the side of a lake for example)
- They gather around the table (if they are having a meeting that involves people
sitting around a table)

Also, try to proof read for answers so you can check if the verbs are conjugated correctly,
or if you are missing a word in a sentence. Make sure your answer has the precise

Question 6-7:

Make sure if they ask you to demand for information, to ask for something, or if they want
you to state facts about something, to explicitly do it.

Structure (For an email or a letter), you could start with:

- Hi, I received your email/letter and

Then, to mention your ideas clearly and answering precisely:

- First of all
- I wanted to ask you
- I was wondering if

To continue:
- Nevertheless (Sin embargo)
- Also (Tambin)
- On the other hand (Por otro lado)
- Unfortunately (Lamentablemente)
- Still (Igualmente)

To finish:
- Regards etc.


Thank you for the information

If you need anything else, just email me again/etc.

Question 8:

For the essay, you should first of all, plan. The planning should consider and contain a
clear structure that, for the ease of the reader, could include explicitly words like, As to
start, or I believe, in an introductory mode, then, To continue, In the first place,
First, Second to develop your idea, and to conclude, you could say In conclusion
Lastly, Finally, etc.

Make sure, if they ask for an example, to give it.

Note: Try not to confuse For with To, or Is with Are.

By: Josefa Henrquez