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(Adapted from the folktale Timun Mas and Buto Ijo)

Told by Desviena Hepri Cahya Yasyifa from SMPN 4 Balikpapan
Long time ago.. in the island of Java, Indonesia, lived a couple of farmer. They had
married for some years, butthey had no children. So they prayed to a MONSTER
called MONSTER BURJO to give them a child. MONSTER BURJO was a ferocious
and powerful monster. His body was fuullllll of Bubur Kacang Ijooo.

: great MONSTER BURJOwill you please grant us a beautiful

baby. Our life is so empty without our own babypleaseee.we will
sacrifice soooooo much Kacang Ijoooo for youuu..

Monster Burjo

: HMMMMM..let me think while I am eating this



: We are hoping so muchmuchmuch.(with echooo)..

Monster Burjo

: HMMMMMMI could grant u a childBUUUUUT..with ONE



: What is it great Monster Burjo.?

Monster Burjo

: When your child had grown up,YOUhave to sacrifice your

child for me to be eaten. I will mix your kid with my favorite

Monster Burjo liked eating fresh meat of human being with the mixed of kacang ijo
so much. The farmers agreed to his condition.

Several months later the wife was pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful
baby girl. They named her Ini Emas because she was born with golden blink blink on
her body. The farmers were happy. Ini Emas grew up very healthy and became a very
smart girl. She was also very diligent.
When she was a teenager Monster Burjo came to their house.
Ini Emas was frightened so she ran away to hide.
Ini Emas

: Motherwho is that monster?..


: Great Monster Burjoour daughter is still a child and so innocent. We

havent told her about you and our promise..could you please come
again after a year?

MONSTER BURJO agreed to postpone. The following years MONSTER BURJO came
again and again When the third time MONSTER BURJO came, her parents had
prepared something to help their daughter. They gave Ini Emas several Ice Cream
Sticks, seeds of Kacang Ijo, Smelly stockings and A bottle of mineral water.

: Ini Emas, take these things.

Ini Emas

: What are these things..?


: These are your weapons, dear to escape from Monster Burjo


: Now go!

Ini Emas was scared so she ran as quickly as she could. Monster Burjo was very
Monster Burjo

: Arggghhhhh.I will chase that girl.!!..and

YOUUUfarmers..!! I will eat YOU BOTH

When he was just several steps behind, Ini Emas quickly spread the Ice creams
sticks. In seconds they turned into much ice creams. MONSTER BURJO was very
thirsty so he grabbed and ate them. When MONSTER BURJO was busy eating Ice
cream, Ini Emas could run away. MONSTER BURJO realized and started running
again. Then, Ini Emas threw her Kacang Ijo Seeds. Soon they turned into dense
Kacang IJo lake. It took him some time to break the dense kacang ijo by eating
them. Meanwhile Ini Emas could run farther. MONSTER BURJO chased her again.
This time, Ini Emas threw her smelly stockings. This time it turned into giant bad
smelly stockings and ... MONSTER BURJO couldnt stand with its bad smell,
WUECCKKKKKhe was busy to save himself out of the giant stocking.
Ini Emas ran way. Again! MONSTER BURJO could overcome it and continued
chasing her. Finally, threw her mineral water. Soon the land where MONSTER
BURJO stood turned into ocean. Monster Burjo was drowned and died instantly.
Ini Emas was thankful to god and came back to her home and be happy with
her parents again.