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Jeremy Moya

The start of my freshmen year I had a difficult time in Living Environment;

science was always tough for me. The whole first semester I didn't understand
anything, it got to the point where I almost failed the class. The next semester I did
everything I could to pass the class with a higher grade. I asked questions, went to
tutoring, and started taking notes in class. I was so amazed at myself when I received
my first exam back and saw 105 as my grade. Seeing this inspired me to achieve more
of these grades and helped me gain confidence in a subject I was horrible at. I began
getting all the questions right on exams, and all I had to do was pay attention in class,
ask questions, and take notes. This new habit brought me from having an almost
failing grade in Living Environment to having the highest grade of the class during my
second semester.
My teacher acknowledged my improvement; my junior year the vice principal
of the school recommended me to sign up for the College Now STEM Research
Academy at Baruch College. I was so astonished at the fact that I was given this
opportunity. One of the requirements for the program was to write an essay on what I
love about biology. Writing this essay came easy to me because I had developed a
passion for Biology. I started writing my essay and couldn't stop. Most of it was on
genetics, my favorite topic in biology. I handed in my essay and application for the
STEM Research Internship at Baruch and hoped for the best. I got a reply about two
months later. I was so proud to have been accepted into the program. Who would
have thought that this boy from a ghetto neighborhood in Bushwick, Brooklyn would

be given such an amazing opportunity? I was ecstatic because the program not only
allowed me to study and do research, but it also provided me with a college credit.
All this happened because I almost failed a science class, which changed my
mindset for the better; it made me a stronger and more hardworking student. Now I
was going to have the opportunity to work in a lab alongside a professor. I finally met
my professor and she taught me about genes and the role they play in creating the
muscles in our bodies. Her main focus was looking into the genes responsible for
creating muscles, in order to prevent muscle deformities. She used fruit flies as her
model organism; when I first heard this I was very scared because I have always been
afraid of insects. I am extremely grateful for this experience because I learned so
much from my professor and overcame my fear in order to get my work done.
I finished my internship at the end of summer before starting my senior year. I was
sad that it ended because I learned so much and got to apply the skills I learned in
class in a real world experience. As soon as school started I received great news. I was
ecstatic to find out I was placed in AP Biology.
Almost failing a class is nothing to be proud of, what matters is how you take
failure and what you do with it. While not entirely positive, almost failing Living
Environment led me to find my true passion for Biology. In the process, I replaced my
bad study habits with good ones, leading me to amazing opportunities in the field