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NLP-K™ Workshop

“Transform your

A unique workshop on the Integration of NLP and Kinesiology.

N L P (Neuro Linguistic Programming): At the end of the workshop you learn to

A system of modeling the excellence of geniuses  Overcome limiting beliefs
 Accomplish goals with your unconscious mind
Kinesiology:  Handle Dis-Stress
The study of the relationship of Muscle Testing with  Release Dis-Ease and illness
Unconscious Beliefs  Cure phobias
 Release trauma and anxiety
NLP-K™:  Apply it on Self using 5 different methods
It is an integration of the systemic use of NLP and  Apply on others
Kinesiology to create compounded benefits such that  Tailored application for Family and Friends
not only can you create fast, effective changes for Certification
yourself but also help and support others to create You are also given an opportunity to enroll in the
physical, mental, emotional, financial, intellectual assessment & certification program that allows you
and spiritual changes in their lives. to become a certified NLP-K™ Practitioner.

What does this mean? Faculty

Some times, we have the will, commitment, belief,
determination, drive etc. to make something
happen; however things don't move the way we
expect it to move. Does that sound familiar?

The Reason
The will, commitment, belief, determination, drive
etc. are moved by the conscious mind. However the
unconscious mind is not in alignment with the
conscious mind. Krish. Srikanth

As you are aware the unconscious mind is

considerably more powerful than the conscious
mind.  Has undergone extensive training in NLP
with Dr.John Grinder, Judith Delozier,
The Solution Fr.Dick McHugh.
 NLP Modeler – Making the skills &
Create an alignment between the Unconscious mind
competencies of geniuses available to
and your conscious desires.
 Guest faculty in IIM-Bangalore, XLRI and
Sounds simple, but how?
other top B-schools in India
The NLP-K™ workshop uses the techniques of NLP
 Trained in kinesiology with Three-in-One &
and Muscle Testing to integrate the Unconscious
Institute of Advanced Spiritual Research
mind with the Conscious mind.
 Guest faculty in IIM-Bangalore, XLRI and
other top B-schools
Post-workshop support
As a peak performance coach, Krish has trained
Attend 3 support sessions with a certified NLP-
many leaders including
KTM practitioner within 1 month of the workshop.
 Naveen Jindal, the M.D of Jindal Steel &
The Workshop
 Col. Rajyavardhan Rathore, Olympic Silver
The NLP-K™ workshop teaches you the following. Medalist
 Muscle testing – to create a communication  Dinesh Kaarthick & Robin Uthappa of the
channel with the unconscious mind Indian Cricket Team
 Two NLP processes – to resolve limiting
beliefs and install new beliefs into your
He has trained over 24,000 people all over the world
in 10 countries and in 49 cities all over India in the
 Learn to speak the language of the
last 15 years. Countries where he has worked and
Unconscious to communicate your desires
consulted include USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Ireland,
and goals.
France, Spain, Singapore, UAE.
Applications of NLP-K™
An illustration of how NLP-K™ can be applied to key areas in life is shown below.
Gestalt Emotions: Self Esteem
NLP-K™ empowers you to let go of
NLP-K™ helps you to release the pain depressing thoughts and realize
from loss/grief and to go ahead with a your personal worth.
peaceful life.
You can get-over self-pity/ internal
You can resolve any loss/grief/shame/ suffering and establish a very
guilt; forgive yourself/others and feel positive self-image and self-respect.
more relaxed and comfortable with
yourself. Personal Power:

NLP-K™ gifts you the power to play the game of life

Health & Body: with a resourceful state of mind rather than going
through life as it pushes you
NLP-K™ enables you to establish a around.
positive relationship with the body
and revives your physical vitality. You can project yourself from
the point of power in every
You can resolve simple physical activity that you perform and
inconveniences such as headache, create a brand for yourself in
body pain, etc. to chronic ailments everything that you do.
such as obesity, cancer, etc.

Prosperity & Wealth:
NLP-K™ connects you to the
NLP-K™ helps you create a divine source be itgod/
positive association with money consciousness/ higher self, etc.
and resolves any limiting belief and brings in a harmony within
that is preventing prosperity yourself.
from flowing towards you
effortlessly. You can align yourself with the divine love, follow
the inner voice and live a joyous life.
You can install new empowering
beliefs that can remove any mental resistance you
have towards attracting wealth & success. Testimonials
“I found this to be a very practical and result-oriented
Relationships: workshop. I do see changes in me and am really
hooked to the processes.” – Sajjan Dabriwal, Dy. MD,
NLP-K™ helps you foster a Khaitan Fans
strong relationship with your
family members, friends & “NLP-K™ has allowed me to take one of the biggest
business associates and enjoy decisions of my life easily” – Dirk Luenzer, Investment
an abundance of love & support Banker, New York
from your associations.
“I have been learning various self-help techniques for
You can resolve internal the last 8-9 years. NLP-K™ techniques are the simplest
conflicts that are preventing to learn & use and have produced quick & long lasting
you from getting the best out of results for my patients”- Dr. Bachalli Sridhar, ENT
your relationships. Surgeon, Bangalore

“This program has helped me connect to my true

purpose in life” - Nisreen Officewala, Lawyer, RMZ