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5528 Pershing Avenue, Apt. 502, St. Louis, MO 63112




Elasticity, St. Louis, MO

Bachelor of Journalism, Magazine Journalism

University of Missouri

Community Manager & Copywriter

Columbia, MO (2005-2009)

2016-2017 (contract)


Maintain the image of a popular spirits brand, managing social

media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Engage with followers and fans in the fun, confident voice of the
Monitor comments to uphold community standards.
Write copy and conceptualize content for social media channels.


Extensive experience with several

content management systems including
WordPress, Squarespace and Answers
Hemingway and Guides systems.

Multiply (formerly Answers), St. Louis, MO


Nearly a decade of utilizing social media

platforms including Facebook, Twitter and
AP style

BH Media, Hickory, NC



Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite


Edited up to 30 articles a day from team members and freelancers.

Co-wrote comprehensive style guide, which improved accuracy,
quality and uniformity of content.
Managed a team of 12 freelancers, scheduling assignments and
providing detailed feedback on articles.
Improved efficiency of writing and submission processes by utilizing


Content Specialist

Wrote more than 500 entertaining articles that drove traffic to

Answers sites and created millions of social media impressions.
Created Facebook ads that improved click through rate (CTR),
regularly exceeding 10 percent.
Lengthened successful existing articles to increase pages per view
Instrumental in creating and editing content to launch HealthyWay,
a premium fitness and health site.
Spearheaded the development of an in-house video initiative that
produced several videos with more than 1 million views.

Ive had a passion for writing and creating since I was a kid. As
an adult, Ive made a career out of it.
Im a seasoned content specialist with more than five years of
experience writing, editing and content marketing in
fast-paced media environments.


Copy Editor

Designed and edited up to 12 sports pages a night in a

deadline-driven environment.
Coordinated the design of up to three different sports sections in
one night.
Worked to move up from designing small community papers with
circulations around 5,000 to working on high-profile papers with
circulations of 30,000.


Manhattan Mercury, Manhattan, KS

Government and Business Writer


Wrote several news articles a day on deadline and also contributed

in-depth features to the weekend edition.
Raised the profile of the paper with second place awards from the
Kansas Press Association and National Newspaper Association for a
business feature titled, Big business.
Shed light on serious issues such as the heated fight over a city
non-discrimination ordinance, causes and subsequent aftermath of
severe flooding in the area, funding for social service organizations,
campaign finance and small business closures.