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The Super Simple Way to Start Your Day Right
Feeling Calm, Clear, and Full of Energy

The Ultimate ThyroidBoosting Meal Plan

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What you are about to discover is a super simple way to boost your thyroid function and help you
start your day right feeling calm, clear, and full of energy.
Yet first, theres something very important you must understand.
Today, youre living in a modern day dark ages when it comes to your health and your thyroid.
Its no wonder why most hypothyroidism sufferers struggle through life and never experience any
real relief.
However, thats all about to change for you.
While the rest of the world remains stuck in the dark ages, you are about to step into the light and
the future of thyroid health and treatment.
If youre tired of suffering from hypothyroidism, Hashimotos thyroitiditis, or any thyroid condition
If youre tired of feeling trapped in a devastating condition that has taken over your life...
If youre tired of running around in circles trying diets and treatments that never seem to work
Or, even if youre just plain tired
This is for YOU.

Theres far more to your thyroid health than just your thyroid gland. And theres far more to
overcoming hypothyroidism than just taking a thyroid supplement or medication.
There are many other hormones aside from thyroid hormone that both negatively and positively
affect your thyroid function. There are also many foods that both negatively and positively affect
your thyroid function as well.
And maybe most important, there are certain food combinations that can synergistically have a far
greater thyroid-boosting effect than any individual food on its own.
This daily protocol you are about to discover uses three simple foods, which when used together
(the SOBC Method) provide an exponential or triple-thyroid-boosting effect...
1. Boosts your active T3 thyroid hormone level.
2. Boosts your cell receptors and your cells ability to use more thyroid hormone.
3. Boosts your metabolism so you can use thyroid hormone more efficiently.

In other words, this formula will help create a surge of active thyroid hormone, push that thyroid
hormone to your cells that so desperately need it, and allow you use more of that thyroid hormone
and use it more efficiently... so your cell produce more energy while you feel great.
Before I explain how you will use this triple-thyroid-boosting daily protocol, first lets cover the 3Foods youll be using and how they work.
I want you to take special note that we are not looking at how these foods influence your thyroid
Because as I mentioned, theres far more to your thyroid health than just your gland.
In fact, Im constantly drilling into my clients heads that 90% of your thyroid condition does NOT
involve your gland at all. It involves deeper aspects of your thyroid function that few people
This daily protocol will help open your eyes to a view of hypothyroidism you may never have seen
And for those who are interested, the research is cited throughout.
So, lets get started.

Salted Orange Juice

Did You Know?
The combination of salt and
orange juice boosts your
livers conversion of thyroid
hormone resulting in an
increase in active T3 thyroid

While much of this is complex physiology, dont worry. Ill keep this as simple and to the point as
possible. However, its important that you understand this very important point.
When you become hypothyroid, your metabolism slows, your body temperature drops, and your
liver loses its ability to regulate your blood sugar.
To compensate for these actions, your body overproduced stress hormones, including two
hormones called adrenaline and cortisol.
Adrenaline works to pull blood flow away from your skin and extremities and to your organs. We
are warm blooded, so your organs have to maintain a certain temperature, otherwise they fail.
Cortisol works to break down muscle tissue in your body and convert it into sugar to prevent your
blood sugar from falling dangerously low. If not for cortisol, your blood sugar could drop so low
that your brain stops functioning and you lose consciousness, never to recover.
While both of these stress hormones function to protect you from the life-threatening effects of
hypothyroidism, they are also known to further suppress your thyroid function.
Before your cells can use thyroid hormone, it must first be converted into the active form (T3) by
your liver.
Both adrenaline and cortisol block this conversion, leaving your cells weak, fatigued, and starving
for thyroid hormone. [1,2]

Thats where salted orange juice comes to your rescue.

Both salt and sugar are essential to stop your stress response and lower both your adrenaline and
cortisol. [3,4]
This combination of salt and orange juice is an ideal thyroid-booster. Its rich in fructose, potassium,
magnesium, and sodium... all of which are necessary for regulating blood sugar and increasing
your livers conversion of thyroid hormone. [5]
This is also why orange juice has been shown to provide an ideal source of energy for those
suffering with diabetes, which is also commonly found among hypothyroidism sufferers. [6]
Special Considerations for Orange Juice
If you find the orange juice too acidic, then adding a pinch of baking soda will help neutralize the
acidity while increasing the beneficial effect. It does this by increasing your CO2 (carbon dioxide)
levels, which improves metabolism.
Its worth noting that low CO2 levels are a tell-tale sign of hypothyroidism and a major cause of slow
poor metabolism among hypothyroidism sufferers.


Fresh Butter
Did You Know?
The higher concentrations of
butyric acid in butter, boosts
the number of thyroid
hormone receptors of your
cells allowing you to use more
thyroid hormone.


Its important to understand that your thyroid health also depends on your ability to get thyroid
hormone to your cells.
And now that youre using salted orange juice to increase your active T3 thyroid hormone levels, if
your cells cant use that thyroid hormone, it wont do you much good.
However, there are certain foods like butter that can help solve this problem.
Butter contains a high concentration of butyric acid, which is known for boosting your thyroid
function by increasing the number of your thyroid hormone cell receptors, allowing your cells to
use more thyroid hormone. [7]
This is one of the main reasons why research studies continue to show that high fat dairy products
make you leaner and significantly lower your risk of obesity. [8]


Fresh Coffee
Did You Know?
Coffee acts similarly to
thyroid hormone in your body
boosting your metabolism
and lowering your requirment
of thyroid while preventing
thyroid related diseases.


It should be no surprise that coffee is one of the most misunderstood foods today.
Unfortunately much of the criticism today behind coffee centers around poor research using very
large doses over very short periods of time and on an empty stomach.
So, unless you drink more than 50 cups of coffee in a single sitting, it doesnt much apply to you.
However, Dr. Raymond Peat has gone into great depth in explaining the therapeutic effects of
coffee and caffeine on metabolism and thyroid function. [9]
While coffee does boost your thyroid function, particularly by activating thyroid hormone secretion,
its therapeutic effects extend far beyond that.
What makes coffee particularly beneficial is that it acts much like thyroid hormone, increasing
metabolism and energy production the same way thyroid hormone does.
In other words, when thyroid hormone is low, coffee can act as a direct replacement.
This means it provides protection against disease caused by hypothyroidism. In fact, coffee and
caffeine have been shown to protective against thyroid disease [10], cancer [11], Parkinsons
disease [12], liver dysfunction [13], and death from all causes [14].
Coffee also increases blood flow improving nutrient and thyroid hormone delivery to your cells.
And its beneficial metabolic effects and high magnesium content also help you to use thyroid
hormone more efficiently.

And possibly the most misunderstood effect of coffee is its ability to reduce your bodys stress
response and inflammation by reducing the effects of serotonin.
With hypothyroidism being a major epidemic, affecting up to as much as 50% of the population
today, why do you think so many people rely on coffee to make it through the day?
Special Considerations for Coffee
Many of the issues surrounding the use of coffee today revolve around its improper use. So, its
important to understand how to use coffee properly.
Its important to understand that the use of coffee, just like thyroid hormone, increases your
metabolism and therefore also your use of sugar.
Its like pressing the gas pedal in your car. When you have gas in your tank, your car takes off. When
your gas tank is empty, your car just sputters.
In other words, having adequate nutrition is extremely important.
Too much coffee without enough nutritional support will just lower your blood sugar, increase
adrenaline, and leave you feeling jittery and anxious.
To avoid this, always have coffee with a meal containing carbohydrate and fat. And the amount of
coffee one can tolerate differs from person to person based on nutritional status. Its better to start
with a smaller amount of coffee and increase the amount you use over time.

The 3-Food Triple-Thyroid-Boosting Daily Protocol

This will vary from person to person, but this is where I typically start with my clients.
I highly recommend you use this protocol with breakfast (it is not a complete meal).

8 oz. (237 ml)

1/4 to 1/2 tbsp.

4 oz. (118 ml) dark

orange juice

(4 to 7 ml) butter

roast coffee with

combined with

with breakfast.

4 oz. (118 ml) whole

1/8 tsp. (0.62 ml)

Butter should be used

milk or 2 oz. (59 ml)

non-iodized salt.

for best results.

throughout the day


cream (carrageenan-free).

How To Boost Your Thyroid Even More

Feel even better and more alive by easily using this
Simple 3-Food Triple-Thyroid-Boosting Protocol and More
in your daily diet with these Done-For-You Recipes
and Meal Plan

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1. All 3 Foods must be used together at the

The Protocol

same time.


2. This daily protocol is best used in the

morning with breakfast for best results.

Now that you understand the

3-Foods and how to use them

3. Sip on the salted orange juice and coffee

slowly for best results. Never drink fast.

to boost your thyroid function,

lets talk about the protocol

4. This protocol can be used multiple times

guidelines for using these

a day. However, caution should be taken

foods to ensure your success.

as some people are sensitive to having

coffee too late in the day, which can
negatively affect sleep.

When done correctly, this daily

protocol can help you feel

5. Adjust the amount of coffee you use

according to your response. Too much

calm, clear, and full of energy.

coffee can lower your blood sugar and

leave you feeling jittery and anxious. In
this case, simply use less coffee and
more orange juice.

Interpreting Your

If done properly, you should feel relaxed


increased level of energy.

and calm with a clear mind and an

You may also feel warmer with a rise in

body temperature and oftentimes pulse

How you respond to this


thyroid-boosting daily

While most will respond this way, there

are some who may respond differently,

protocol will tell you a lot

and for good reason.

about the state of your

As mentioned, many hypothyroidism

thyroid and health.

sufferers compensate by overproducing

Adrenaline itself is very excitatory and
oftentimes makes you feel energized but
oftentimes to the point that you cannot
If you constantly have to be moving and
cant sit down, like some of my clients,
then this is often a tell-tale sign.

In this case, you can oftentimes be very sensitive to coffee, which can make you feel jittery and
anxious. So, its best to decrease the amount of coffee you are using to avoid this affect.
If you find that this protocol makes you crash, then this is a tell-tale sign that your diet is not
adequate and you need to increase your nutrition.
Its important to understand that in either of these cases, the thyroid-boosting daily protocol is not
the cause of the problem. Its simply showing you the imbalances that must be addressed.
For more information on how to incorporate this protocol into your diet, please see these recipes
and meal plan.

How To Boost Your Thyroid Even More

Feel even better and more alive by easily using this
Simple 3-Food Triple-Thyroid-Boosting Protocol and More
in your daily diet with these Done-For-You Recipes
and Meal Plan

Click Here to Get These Recipes and Meal Plan


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