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“The synthesis of competencies and methods"

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a term widely used in the corporate

world to showcase one’s contribution to the society on the whole through different
self-regulated mechanisms and activities concerning the environment, consumers,
employees, stakeholders, community, etc.
However, much to the common feeling it has somewhat become a statutory
obligation over the years than the true passion of giving back the society something
as a token of appreciation and gratitude for all that it enjoys from the society.
Corporate work under the socio-economic and it becomes an obvious and binding
duty for the corporate to look after the society’s well being. Awareness Programme on Competency Mapping for CII
The verdict on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy has perhaps made us all pause for a at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
moment and think. Think deeply and contemplate on the brutal act of corporate
negligence that caused not only the immediate 20,000 lost lives but also the QUOTE OF THE MONTH
generations next. Amidst all the controversy of quantum of punishment,
compensation, extradiction, etc its seems most imperative for all of us to define and It is not good enough to do what the law
redefine the CSR whether it is a Multi National based in some other foreign land or in says. We need to be in the forefront of
India. these (social responsibility) issues.
What is important here is to understand the term responsibility. We are not
talking about the Law of the Land that needs to be redefined to impose
- Anders Dahlvig, CEO of IKEA,
responsibility. Social Responsibility is a duty of a corporate towards the society
based on which it does its business. Corporate must understand and feel this
responsibility. It is a feel that each organisation needs to imbibe in its policies
percolating to its employees. It is an accountability that the corporate has to take PERSONALITY OF THE MONTH
towards the society within which it works.
Corporate cannot forget the fact, at the end of the day the end-consumer of In 1944, Emmeline Snively,
any line of business is the society itself in some form or the other and they cannot Director of the Blue Book
ignore their liabilities towards them. Twenty five years down the road after the Modelling Agency told
worst industrial tragedy losing thousands of lives, handicapping millions, have we modelling hopeful Norman
learnt our lessons? Have we ensured that such an incident shall never occur again in Jean Baker,
our country or for that matter of fact anywhere on earth? Have we been able to “You would better learn
identify, constitute and implement the best CSR practices in our respective secretarial work or else
organisations? Have we been able to train and educate our employees to understand get married”
its importance and impact to the society at large?
And many more such questions need to be asked today by the corporate She replied by being
today to themselves. It’s time to introspect and ensure that what happened at Marilyn Monroe
midnight of December 2-3, 1984 remains as the only case study of failure of CSR
resulting in the misery of millions. We at PERCON stand committed to the cause by
assisting the corporate strategising and implementing their CSR.
Mr. Dhruva Trivedy reminisces his personal experience of the Bhopal Tragedy
Let me recall the year 1979. I was working with a large Indian Company
manufacturing paper and board. Our factory was situated not very far from where the Personnel manager: What made you leave your last
UCIL plant was. One day while when my wife and I were sipping a cup of tea on the job?
terrace, we saw smoke rising into the skies from the north. Within minutes, we could Applicant: "Sickness."
spot the flames. I had my mobike handy and dashed towards the spot and lo! What do I Personnel manager: And what was the problem?
discover? A huge fire had broken out in the UCIL plant. The crowd gathered around Applicant: My boss was sick of me!
were keeping their fingers crossed that the flames should not in any way touch the MIC
plant. As God would shower his blessings, there was a strong wind blowing in the
opposite direction! I was young and unaware of what my responsibilities were as a THINKING TIME
social being but the little that I had, I was intrigued with the fact as to how could the
Chief Inspector of Factories grant a permission for the erection such a hazardous plant Who coined the term "Generation X"?
in the midst of habitation which was thickly populated!!
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