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Fear of


Fear of losing jobs

When John Kay invented the

flying shuttle, it was
considered such a threat to
labor that weavers mobbed
him and destroyed the mold.

When people feel that a business change is

a threat to their job security, that
the change will eliminate the need for their
job, they will resist change.

People are more concerned about the

risk of loss than they are excited by the
prospect of gain.

Change is resisted because it

can hurt.
When new technologies
displace old ones, jobs can be
lost, prices can be cut,
investments can be wiped out.
Rosabeth Moth Kanter

Fear of losing power

The # 1 reason why managers resist change is

the fear of losing power.

There is considerable revenue

associated with the current
successful model. Careers have
been built on its growth.
Any change to a new model
threatens those revenues and
those reputations.
Paul Sloane

People sometimes resist organizational change to save


If they go along with the change, they think it would

mean that they would admit that some of their previous
decisions or beliefs were wrong.

A major reason people resist organizational change is that

they think they will lose something of value as a
People focus on their own best interests and not on those
of the total organization.

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Fear of failing

Fear of failure is one of the root

causes of organizations inability to adapt.

Fear of stress

When people feel that a certain change

requires that they work more than they do
now and already now work under
high pressure they will resist change.

Its too much!

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