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Subscribe Share + Past Issues ‘Translate ¥ RSS Sees DILLON een ree INNECTICUT HOUSE DEMOCRATS Doar Neighbors Since Ihave become a legislator, women's preventative heath care and access to contraception have been priorities. Given the eeal threat that Congress wil peal the ‘Affordable Care Act, leislatve actions by states are more important than ever. | am backing legistaton arms our commitment to policies covered by ACA. I'm pleased to join my colleagues atthe State Capitol to introduce a package of bls designed to protect a women's health, ‘The bills include: + Preserving requirements in the Affordable Care Act requiring no cost-sharing for women's preventative services, and to futher improve contraceptive access: + Preserving constitutional ighs fo healthcare agains federal threats and to cody the principles ofthe Supreme Court's decision in Whole Woman's Health v Hollorsteat + Preserving requirements inthe Affordable Care Act requiring that nursing mothers be provided with a breast pump, and to improve protections for nursing mothers inthe workplace: + Improving current workplace protections for pregnant women. CT has a long history of supporting women's heath care issues, and we must be ready to defend those rights regardless of what happens on the national level Sincerely, Barn Patricia Dilon 6e