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Short Functional text adalah teks singkat yang memiliki arti dan tujuan tertentu dan dapat dipakai
dalam percakapan sehari-hari.
Ada macam-macam short functional text. Berikut adalah 6 pengertian beserta contoh short
functional text, yang meliputi :
1. Announcement text
2. Letter
3. Advertisement text
4. Message
5. Brochure
6. Tip

Announcement (Pengumuman)
Announcement is something that spoken, written, or published to make others know that
something is happen or will happen. (Announcement adalah sesuatu yang diucapkan, ditulis,
atau dicetak untuk membuat orang lain mengetahui sesuatu yang terjadi atau yang akan terjadi.)

Hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam pengumuman bentuk tulis adalah:

Judul atau jenis peroistiwa (the title or type of the event)
Tanggal atau waktu (date or time)
Tempat (place)
Orang atau alamat yang dapa dihubungi (contact person or address).


To All Third Grade Students

All library books have to be returned on the twenty-second of May, 2013. They should be
covered with non-colorful wrapping plastic. Lost books must be replaced with the ones of
similar subjects. Fine will be charged to the late return of the books. Students who have
handed on all books will get receipts that have to be submitted to the administration

Library Staff


Owing to bad weather, the basketball match between Grade X-1 and Grade X-5, originally
scheduled for tomorrow, 6th May, is now put off until 9th May. The match between Grade X-2
and Grade X-4 will be held on 11th May. Final Match will be held on 15th and 16th May.
Sports Club

Letter (Surat)
Letter is a message that written or type on paper and usually it is entered in an envelope and
sent to someone.(Letter adalah sebuah pesan yang ditulis atau dicetak diatas kertas serta
biasanya dimasukkan didalam amplop dan dikirim pada seseorang.)

Surat dapat berbentuk:

Surat resmi (formal), misalnya surat lamaran kerja dan surat kepada kepala sekolah.
Surat tidak resmi (informal), misalnya surat untuk saudara atau teman akrab.

Bagian-bagian surat:

Alamat pengirim surat (tanpa nama) berada dikanan atas.

Tanggal, bulan, tahun penulisan surat yang ditulis di sebelah kanan atau kiri atas.
Salam pembuka (salutation)
Isi surat (Body)
Salam penutup (Complimentary close)

Jalan Srikandi 15

1st July 2013

Dear David,
How are you? I am writing to invite you to my birthday party on 5th August 2013.

It will be very great because I invite all our friends. My mother will make me a huge birthda
cake. I am sure you will be delighted. Do you still remember Jeanny, Selvy, Adit, and Justin
I have asked them to bring their musical instruments. After dinner we can dance and sing
I am looking forward to you.

Sincerely yours,


Advertisement (Iklan)

Advertisement is annouucement or promotion in public about some product or

service. (Advertisement adalah pengumuman atau promosi secara umum tentang sebuah
produk atau jasa.)

Media iklan komersial meliputi papan iklan/pengumuman (billboards), radio, TV, majalah, surat
kabar, pamfet, dsb.


Low Airfares
New York_____Berlin___________$349
New York_____San Francisco_____$239
New York_____Bombay_________$538
San Francisco__Paris____________$456

All flights make at least one stop with a change of aircraft.

Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.
Once ticketed, any alteration will cost $25.00.
No refunds.

Brochure (brosur)
Brochure is tiny a piece of paper that contented information about something. (Brochure adalah
lembaran tipis yang berisi informasi tentang sesuatu hal.)

Characteristic of Brochure(Ciri brosur):

Menggunakan headlines, terdiri atas kalimat pendek dan sederhana.
Menggunakan jenis dan ukuran huruf yang mudah dibaca.
Menyakinkan pembaca untuk melalukan sesuatu atau membeli produk tertentu.
Menjelaskan sisi baik suatu produk.
Mencantumkan alamat atau orang yang dapat dihubungi dengan jelas.


Bandungs Most Convenient Hotel

Looming High And Majestic.

Our Ideal Location Makes It A Top Choice For Business Travelers.
Comprehensive Facilities Covering Private Boardrooms, A World-Class
Private Lounge And Impeccable Guest Rooms Will Leave You With Little Else
To Desire.
If Thats Enough, Our Blend Of Prompt Efficiency And Personalized Service
Will Surely Win You Over.
Its All Here To Enjoy Like Never Before-All You Have To Do Is Ask.

To Make A Reservation, Please Call Intan Hotel, Bandung at (022) 20354448

or visit our website at

Message (pesan)
Message is oral or written information that sent or given to someone because sender cant speak
directly to the recipient. (Message adalah informasi lisan atau tertulis yang dikirim atau

ditinggalkan untuk seseorang karena pemberi pesan tidak dapat berbicara langsung dengan
orang tersebut.)


Hanif, dont forget to submit your assignment to Mr. Joko at two oclock this afternoon. Put
into envelope. Mr. Joko will be expecting us in Room 206. Please be on time. Send me you

Hi Eva
Brian and I are planning to go to Andis house tonight. Do you want to join with us?


Tip is an advice about something that simple. We can hear it from radio, TV or read it in
magazine or internet. (Tip adalah nasihat mengenai sesuatu yang praktis. Kita dapat
mendengarnya dari radio, TV atau membacanya dari majalah atau internet.)


To remove dark marks caused by a bad suntan, add 5 table spoons of rose
water to one tablespoon of lime juice and apply to face or affected area at
night. Wash off with water the next morning to find clear beautiful skin.

To keep your skin and body smelling nice the whole day, add dried rose petals
to your bath water. You are sure to smell lovely the whole day. No need for an
expensive perfume!

Youve probably got minor infection. Sometimes it takes long to go away. The
important things is to get plenty of rest. Take sometimes off work and youll
probably be back to normal in a few weeks time.
1. Announcement (pengumuman)
Announcement (pengumuman) adalah pernyataan lisan atau tertulis yang ditujukan untuk
memberitahukan sesuatu kepada orang banyak.
Pengumuman lisan minimal memuat:
a. kepada siapa pengumuman tersebut ditujukan.
b. isi atau niaksud dan pengumuman tersebut. Pengumuman lisan biasanya singkat dan diakhiri
dengan ucapan terirna kasih.
Attention, please:
To all passengers of Argolawu train, please get on board now. The train is going to leave in 5
minutes. Thank you.
Hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam pengumuman bentuk tertulis adalah:
a. Judul atau jenis kejadian (The title/type of event)
b. Tanggal dan waktu (date and time)
c. Tempat (place)
d. orang/alamat yanga dapat dihubungi (contact person/address)
On 20 of December, there will be a school trip to Parangtritis Sand Beach.
Departure : 07.30 a.m
Programs : swimming, games, volleyball, and lunch at the Parangtritis Beach Hotel Restaurant

Fee : Rp. 75.000, 00

Contact person : Linda, Rendi
Arsad M


Definition of Memo
The memo is a concise message, the message is written someone with a short,
clear, and easy to understand.
The Characteristics

Special letters are made specifically for the purpose in the office or organization


Judging from the circulation, an office or organization may submit a memo

horizontally and vertically


Submission is horizontal a memo to the delivery office which has the equivalent


Submission is a submission vertically memo from superiors to subordinates or

otherwise to remind or ordered something


Is a form of communication that give advice, referrals, or illumination about



Have a piece of mail that is much simpler than the official letter in general,
especially in the letter.


Due to the limited pedarannya , scrap usually do not include the identity of the
office, such as office name, phone number, fax, and postal code .
Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Short messages is a written or oral short message sent or when the person
left can not meet directly with the people who are targeted in the message.
Characteristic short message:
~ A short message with a limited number of characters that includes letters or
~ How it works is to store and deliver the message.
Benefits short message:
~ Receive and send messages.
~ Able to send messages to multiple numbers at the same time.
~ Has a small failure rate of up message will most likely arrive at the destination.

Example 1 :

Example 2 :

Letter is a means of communication to convey information written by one
party to another.
Function : a means of notices, requests, thoughts, and ideas, written
evidence, as a reminder, the historical evidence, and guidelines.



Announcement text is a text that describes a notification about an event

that will be held, and is more for the general audience does not like the text that
is specific invitation.
Purpose Of Announcement Text:
The purpose is to inform the announcement text information a bout an event, job
vacancies,new enrollment, and so on.

Announcement Text Component:


Shopping list is a list of items required to be purchased by the buyer.
By type shopping list can be divided into several types:
~ A list of groceries and beverages,
~Shopping lists household appliances,
~Office equipment shopping list,
~Shopping list tool kitchen tools,
~Building materials shopping list.
Example :

Notice is a warning or notification in the form of writing or marks to
provide information, instruction, or a warning to the public.



Label is a information contained on the outside packaging of a product or

The Purpose Of Label : To give detailed information about of product.