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The True Story of Melania Trump First Edition
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Young Melania


The True Story of Melania Trump By: Adam

You know, it really

doesn`t matter what the
media writes as long as
you`ve got a young and
beautiful piece of ass.
Donald J. Trump This book is dedicated to all
women who are entangled with a selfish,
controlling, man who derides her looks and that
of other women, and who feels that beauty is a
woman's most important asset.

The Melania Trump Myth

First of all let's immediately dispense with the myth
that Melania Trump was a "high fashion super
model" before she came to America. She was not. She
was simply one of a million other young girls who got
by on their looks and their willingness to do anything
for money.
Did Melania Trump attend university and graduate
with a degree in engineering? Is she as cultured and
refined as she appears to be. To both of those
questions the answer is a resounding no.
There is a beautiful biography of Mrs. Trump on the
internet at that purports to tell
the story of her life. I have incorporated that piece of
fiction here.
Born on April 26, 1970 in Slovenia, Melania Knauss

began her modeling career at the age of sixteen. At

the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling
agency in Milan. After obtaining a degree in design
and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania
was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan,
finally settling in New York in 1996. The
Slovenianborn brunette has appeared in high profile
ad campaigns, and has worked with some of the top
photographers in the fashion industry, including
Patrick Demarchelier, Helmut Newton, Arthur
Elgort, Ellen Von Unwerth, Peter Arnell, Antoine
Verglas and Mario Testino. At 5 feet 11 inches,
Melania has a captivating presence in front of the
camera. She has graced the covers of Vogue, Harper's
Bazaar, British GQ, Ocean Drive, Avenue, In Style,
New York Magazine. Her major layouts include the
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Allure, Vogue, Self,
Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Elle. In addition, Melania
has appeared in numerous television commercials,
most recently for Aflac, in which she stars with one of

America's top icons, the Aflac duck. She has also

cohosted The View with Barbara Walters. Melania's
style has been noted to be one of natural elegance. In
the words of Manolo Blahnik, "She is a true beauty.
She has it."
With a penchant and passion for the arts,
architecture, design, fashion and beauty, the aquaeyed
beauty has thrived on the cultural diversification of
New York City. This passion can only be surpassed
by her dedication to helping others, and her generosity
has been noted. She was Honorary Chairwoman for
Martha Graham Dance Company in April 2005, is
an active member of the Police Athletic League
which honored her with Woman of The Year 2006,
has been an Honorary Chairwoman for The Boy's
Club of New York for five consecutive years, and in
2005 The American Red Cross awarded her with
Goodwill Ambassador which she has proudly served
for four years. In April of 2008, she was asked by

Love Our Children USA and NASDAQ to

participate in the Fifth Annual National Love Our
Children Day and the beginning of National Child
Abuse Prevention month by ringing the closing bell at
NASDAQ. Melania's philanthropic interests more
and more represent her humanitarian side, and she
remains an indefatigable and dedicated New Yorker.
Melania married Donald Trump in January 2005. In
March of 2006 they had their first child, Barron
William Trump. In February 2010, Melania Trump
announced the launch of her debut jewelry collection
with QVC, "Melania Timepieces & Jewelry. In
March 2013, Melania has added to her already
extensive resume her Skin Care Collection,
"Melania Caviar Complexe C6".
As mentioned before, the biography above is complete
and utter fiction, a pack of lies dreamed up by Mr.
Trump and the talented writers he hired to concoct
them. Accordingly, her Wikipedia page is also a

Trumped-Up version of the truth and there are many

websites who just picked up the fabricated
Trumpedup version of her life and it is repeated over
and over on the internet.
Melania Trump's brand new, shiny biography is
testament to the fact that enough money can purchase
anything you desire.

The Truth
Melanija Knavs, Germanized to Melania Knauss, was
born on April 26,1970, in Sevnica in Slovenia, which
was then part of Yugoslavia. Sevnica was a small poor
Communist village dominated by factories.
Melania's father was a card carrying member of the
Communist Party.
Melania and her parents now attempt to back away
from the fact that they were Communists, declaring
that they are Christians with a deep belief in God.
But this is not true. They can try and deny it but the
fact is they are atheists.
Proof of their Communist affiliation was found in a
document from the Slovenian State Archives.
This document shows that Melania's father was a
member of the Communist party.
The document showing proof of their Communist

affiliation is found at the end of this chapter.

Melania's parents were atheists and this is the manner
of home she grew up in. Belief in God, prayer, the
Bible was not a part of her life. Her new biography
declares that she is a Presbyterian which,
coincidentally, is also the religion her husband,
Donald Trump, claims to be. I doubt if she even
knows what a Presbyterian is.
The fact that Melania and her family were members
of the Communist Party and atheists displeased their
family and neighbors who were all deeply religious
and attended the Catholic church.
Melania has one sibling, an older sister named Inis.
Melania and her sister, Inis, were never baptized,
never made their first holy communion with the other
children in the village, and they never attended a
However, their Communist affiliation also meant that

the Knauss family was somewhat better off materially

than their relatives. Both parents were able to obtain
and hold jobs. Melania's mother was a seamstress in a
clothing factory and her father was a driver for one of
the of the directors. Melania's father was able to use
party contacts to access goods that non-Communists
in their village did not have access to.
Melania and her sister grew up in a very modest
apartment in a concrete housing block. Their
apartment was near a cluster of factories and the view
from their windows was the billowing smoke clouds
from the chimneys. Their windows always needed
clearing because of the smoke infiltration and they
could hardly ever leave their windows open.
Nevertheless, they considered themselves lucky to be
living in their own apartment. Lucky that both
parents had jobs.
The factory where Melania's mother worked
periodically used the children of the workers to show

off some of the new styles to buyers both local and

internationally. They would then use the photos of
the children in their clothing line to sell to buyers who
could not attend.
Melania and Inis loved putting on the new
fashionable clothing. These were not big fashion
shows by any means. The children were just showing
off the factory's clothes to buyers. They just stood
there and faced the camera.
Although the Knauss family lived better than most,
their standard of living was far below those
experienced by Americas. As Melania grew older she
became more and more dissatisfied with her life in the
village and she yearned to break free. The feelings
intensified as Melania grew older. Melania knew that
there was a much better life outside of Slovenia.
People who had moved and come back for visits
regaled the other residents with stories of great jobs,
beautiful clothes, lots of money.

Melania had become acquainted with that better

standard of living in the many American and
European fashion magazines that littered the factory
her mother worked in. The magazines were there
mainly so the clothes in them could be cheaply
reproduced, but Melania read them and dreamed big.
Melania did not just want to get out of Slovenia. She
had her sights on a larger prize. She wanted to go to
America. Even live there one day. The dream seemed
impossible. She was a poor girl, from a poor village.
She had no money, no way of getting out. But she
was young, attractive, strong and determined to go out
into the world and make something for herself.
Melania was a tall slender girl and many people
commented that she should try to be a model.
Melania had already come to that conclusion by
herself. She spent many hours looking at herself in the
mirror and she agreed that she could be a model.
Except for the fantastic makeup and the edgy

expensive clothing, she was not unlike the models in

the magazines. So that became her goal. She would be
a famous model and see the world. She would be rich
one day and everyone would know her name. She
couldn't wait.
So, not unlike many other young, restless girls who
want to find adventure and to better their life, when
she was 16 years old, she ran away to Milan, Italy,
with the first man who promised her a better life. He
told her all the things that a young girl longs to hear
from a man, that she was beautiful, and special and
that she had everything it took to be a famous rich
model. He told her that he had trained many young
girls to be models and he would train her too. She
would not have to worry about anything, that he
would take care of her. Melania was flattered and
overjoyed. This was the break she had been waiting
Melania's Trumped-up version of her biography gives

the impression that when Melania was 16 she was

"discovered" by a top fashion photographer who took
her to Milan, where she signed with a modeling
Well, I suppose that is sort of the truth. She was
"discovered" but it was just by a man who promised to
make her a star. The kind of man who was used to
exploiting young girls and Melania was ripe for
If you have seen of some of Melania's early
modeling photographs, it it is evident that Melania
posed for pictures that were vile nudes and lesbian
photos and videos. She hardly ever wore clothes. You
can see some of these photos at the end of the book.
The shy girl from Yugoslavia ceased to exist and she
was on a mission.
Actually the "modeling agency" in Milan was
something like a gentleman's club where men could

meet and date young European women. Young

European girls were a hot commodity at the time and
Melania made a good impression in these circles. Her
aim was to please. She looked at this as her first step
to getting to America. She was not a dumb girl and
realized that there was a price to be paid for
everything and she was willing to pay it.
It is rumored that Melania has a sketchy history that
includes drugs, but in Donald Trump's strong
commitment to scrub clean all of the negative facts
about Melania's early life, it is difficult to find real
proof. However, seeing the kinds of pictures she took
and the circles she was influenced by, drugs would be
in the realm of possibility.
According to Melania's Trumped-up biography she is
supposedly fluent in several foreign languages.
Interestingly she became fluent in these languages
only after meeting Trump who revised her life story
and gave her a brand new biography. If you listen to

her talk today, she barely speaks English.

It is also a myth that Melania ever attended attended
University and received a degree in architecture.
When the University was contacted and asked about
Melania Knauss they remarked that they did not
know who she was and that she had never studied
there. They also said it was annoying that so many
people had called asking the same question.
This University tale and the tale of the classy,
cultured woman who is educated and speaks six
languages is all part of Donald Trump's shiny new
biography of his wife. He had to remake her
biography in order for her to fit the mold of a person
who he thought deserved to be his wife.
In addition, all the magazine covers, articles, tv shows,
and glamorous charity events referred to in her
Trumped-Up biography happened after she met
Trump and not before.

Trump used his influence and money to erase

Melania's sordid past and to make it appear that she
is an educated cultured woman who was a high
fashion model.

Document Showing that the Knavs family were


Melania Has To Undergoes

Some Physical Betterment
At the time of their first meeting Melania was not
quite the woman Trump envisioned his wife should
be. She was beautiful but she needed some
refinement, some polishing. So he called together his
troop of plastic surgeons to work their miracles.
At first they worked on her nose.

Melania has had several nose jobs but it appears that

she likes the one on the right.
Melania Trump, before and after one of her surgeries.

Melania Trump before and after one of her surgeries

It seems to me that her nose looked better, more
natural before as is shown in this photograph after her
first nose job. This is what happens if you have too
much plastic surgery. If she's not careful her nose
might fall off like Michael Jackson's.

Melania's Breast Augmentation

When Donald Trump got hold of his little tart he
realized that some changes had to be made in order
for her to fit into his world of wealth. He could not
bring just any piece of fluff to show off his family and
friends. She had to not only meet but to exceed the
standard of beauty expected of him in the looks
So, in addition to her face, she needed breast
augmentation and then a butt lift. Melania never said
no to any of the surgical procedures Donald insisted
she get. She wanted for Donald to know that she was
willing to go along with any of his requests. She knew
which side her bread was buttered on.

Trump Family Loves Plastic

Ivanka Trump, Donald's oldest daughter, is no

Ivanka Trump, before and after one of her several

nasal surgeries.

As you can see from these photos, Ivanka Trump was

quite an unattractive young girl, ugly even. She was

often teased in school because of her looks. She was
then too young for plastic surgery, but Donald used
his influence to get her into the modeling world and
this boosted her confidence.
Donald Trump does not like unattractive women,
especially when they are members of his own family
and he promised Ivanka that one day she would be
When she became of age Donald Trump hurried her
into the offices of his plastic surgeons where she
received a steady diet of Botox injections, facial
rejuvenation treatments, and plastic surgeries.
Today Ivanka Trump is a beautiful, stunning, young
woman thanks to her father's money.

Ivanka's true hair color is almost black. Her parents

began dying it blond which she was still young, but
the color suits her.

Ivanka trump before and after one of several breast


Ivanka Trump before and after one of several breast

As you can see Ivanka didn't stop with her face. She
went on to have several other surgeries.

Melania's Business Ventures

Melania has not had much luck in the business world,
though she has not had as many business failures as
her husband (Donald Trump failed in over 12
It is certainly not rare to see rich women seek an
activity or a hobby in an attempt to make their lives
fulfilling. After all, they don't need to work and they
have plenty of maids, butlers and housekeeper to
attend to their every need.
For some of these rich having lunch with friends or
doing charitable work is just not enough. They want
to make their mark in the world. This is especially
true of Melania. Even though she has everything in
the world she could ever want, she wants to be more
than just Mrs. Donald Trump.
This desire is what motivated Melania to design a

jewelry line and a skin care line.

Unfortunately, neither endeavor was a resounding
Melania Trump recently lost her contract with QVC,
the online shopping network, amid complaints that
her line of jewelry, manufactured exclusively in China,
was cheaply made and fell apart easily. Experts have
said that to keep the cost of her jewelry down she cut
corners. Melania said that her plan was to produce a
cheaper version of the genuine, high priced jewelry
gifted to her by her husband, but it seems it was too
cheaply made.
Likewise, her caviar cream and other skin care
treatments are on sale at a highly discounted price at
many stores. Experts in the skin care line have said
that Melania Trump was not knowledgeable enough
to develop a skin care line. They also said that the
caviar put into the cream did not permeate the skin as
it was supposed to do. The experts also said that it

was grossly overpriced.

Samples of Melania Trump's Jewelry

Samples of
Melania's Skin Care Line

The Trump Boys Too?

Donald Trump Jr. Before

Plastic Surgery

Donald J. Trump, Jr. After Plastic Surgery As

you can see, he looks decidedly different

What's That Thing on Donald

Trump's Head?
It's definitely not real human hair, despite his claims.
Donald Trump was ordered by a federal judge to pay
a $1.3 million fine for the death of an endangered
animal, which was used to help make his famously
unconvincing toupee. Although Trump has sworn on
many occasions that his toupee is really his own hair,
it is not. Trump's toupee is actually weaved into his
remaining hairs so that it can be pulled, washed and
styled without having to remove it.
Trumps wig, crafted exclusively for him by famed
New York wig makers, uses the hair of the criticallyendangered Brown Spider Monkey, a nontropical
primate found in small numbers in and around
Colombia. The wig makers have been under
investigation since 2013 for allegedly paying drug
cartels to hunt and kill the rare apes and ship their

hair to the United States, for use in their extremely

expensive wigs.
Trump reportedly paid a little more than $812k for
the latest hairpiece, which is one of a kind and uses
more of the endangered animals hair than any other
wig the company makes. The wigs crafters also
allegedly used the pubic hair from water buffalo,
which arent endangered, to improve the hairs tactile
feel and general texture. All of the Brown Spider
Monkey and water buffalo hair used in the creation of
the wig was carefully, expertly dyed to more closely
resemble Trumps previous wigs, which hes been
wearing since the mid-1990s.
Donald Trump, who has spent a total of more than
$3 million for his wigs over the years, will pay out
$1.3 Million in fines. Nicolas Cage also owes fines
because of the courts decision, worth more than
$600,000, while John Travolta will pay around
$490,000. Madonna will owe money, because her

wigs are made of the same engendered species

monkey hair.
A friend of of Trump says that he is absolutely furious
at the court's decision, mainly because he cannot
publicly denounce it without publicly revealing that
the thing on his head is really monkey and buffalo
hair. He doesn't want anyone to know he wears a wig,
even though its obvious to literally everyone on the
around the globe.
As for plastic surgery, Donald Trump is a 70 year old
man, yet in person his skin is devoid of wrinkles and
imperfections and is as smooth, soft and unblemished
as a baby's bottom.
Besides the obvious Botox injections, skin like that
does not come naturally.

Melania's Trump Fabulous Life

Melania is living a life now that she could not have
envisioned as a young girl living under communist
rule in Yugoslavia. She is wealthy beyond belief. She
has homes all over the world that are decorated like
palaces, some even with gold doors. She flies around
the world on a private jet and has maids and butlers at
her beck and call. She has world famous designers
begging her to let them design a dress for her and
invitations from the rich and famous to attend their
elaborate parties.
Just as Donald went about inventing her a new life
story for Melania and enhancing her looks, he also
hired experts in elocution, English language, table
manners and how to behave in a wealthy society. He
took the raw woman she found through his
matchmaker and made her into a swan.
Now Mrs. Trump might be First Lady of the United

States. Quite a transformation. Is it any wonder that

Mrs. Trump says that a move to the White House
would be a downsize to their elaborate life.
Is there a moral to her story? Well, just that
sometimes it pays to be a "woman of varied

How Melania Really Met

Donald Trump
Donald Trump met Melania through a matchmaker, a
man who specialized in introducing European woman
of a certain ilk to wealthy American men.
Donald was still married to Marla Maples and he was
not happy. He felt that American women put too
many demands on him and his time. Marla wanted
him to be home for dinner at a certain time every day,
for him to spend his weekends with her and not on
the golf course. She wanted him to help plan for the
family that she wanted, but he was just not interested.
He wanted a wife that would let him do whatever he
wanted and to do and be fine with it. European
women were mesmerized by his position and wealth
and they gave him what he wanted most. Adoration,

Marla enjoyed his wealth but Donald knew from

experience that American women were not as as
overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for it the way
Ivana, his first wife, was. Ivana was an Eastern
European immigrant and he spoke of him in the
worshipful terms he felt that he deserved. The only
reason he left her was because Marla was young and
fresh and frankly he was tired and bored with Ivana.
Donald wanted a change. He had always had a
penchant for Eastern European woman who were not
spoiled by western feminism and so he had his people
contact the matchmaker. He wanted a young,
beautiful woman who would adore him, worship him
for his wealth and he knew he would not find this
woman in America.
The matchmaker introduced Donald to a series of
Eastern European women, with attention to the type
he preferred, through photos, correspondence and
private internet meetings. Among those women was

Melania, a young woman who had been knocked

around a bit in her quest for success. She was hungry
for a better life and willing to do anything to get it.
Donald choose Melania and so her transformation
Donald needed Melania to come to America on a H1B Visa so that he could later brag about her being a
high class fashion model.
Here is the description of who qualifies for this visa:
The H-1B temporary visa category includes
persons coming to the U.S. to work in a
professional capacity and well as fashion models
of distinguished merit and ability. Common H1B occupations include teachers, physicians,
computer professionals,
engineers, architects, accountants and health
care professionals.

At the time Melania was introduced to Donald she

could not have possible come into this country on an
H-1B visa because she was not a fashion model of
distinguished merit and her particular ability was
definitely not unique.
Trump and his millions changed all that. Through his
contacts and lots and lots of money she began to be
hired in Europe by distinguished photographers and
to be included in authentic fashion magazines. Her
life changed.
The myth is that Donald met Melania for the first
time at a party at the Kit Kat Club in New York City.
The truth is that this was a ruse, that they already
knew each other and that this particular meeting was
arranged by his matchmaker to make it appear that
this was just a casual introduction. They choose the
party because there were lots of well heeled eyes at the
club who could later give testimony as to how they
met. So their introduced at the Kit Kat Club was for

the benefit of his wealthy friends and associates.

As an award for finding Melania for him Donald paid
for the matchmaker's schooling and license so that he
could begin to work in real estate. The matchmaker is
now a professional real estate broker He no longer has
to work in the sometimes sordid occupation of
A great deal all around.

Melania's Risque Photos Before She Met Trump