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Week of January 9th

Our Learning
Writing: Students began to write about their new year
mantras in an expository essay format. We will continue to
practice drafting expository responses this week as we
prepare for STAAR Ready Writing this Thursday. We will also
review grammar rules we have been learning over the
course of the year. Students are starting to better recognize
what knowledge is expected of them in terms of the test as
we analyze more practice questions.
Reading: Our class was excited to explore a wide selection
of poetry books this week. We used the primary sources to
define characteristics of poetry and discussed, more in
depth, the difference and similarities between similes and
metaphors. Students were inspired to write their own
metaphorical poems where they compared the qualities of
two seemingly unrelated objects/ideas. We will continue to
explore more types of figurative language so students better
understand their meaning while reading as well as use them
to enhance their own writing.
Math: Students worked individually or with a partner on to
prove that they understood how to compare fractions
through simplifying fractions, finding equivalent fractions,
using benchmark fractions, and determining unlike
denominators least common multiple (LCM). They created
the means in which they were going to show what they
know and then presented their projects in small groups. The
second half of the week, we focused on adding fractions
with common denominators using an area model and
number line.
Social Studies: We had a wonderful time listening to our 5
panelists at our Immigrant Panel on Friday. Students got to
hear a story from each individual about why he/she
migrated to the U.S. and the striking differences in cultures.
Right after, they were motivated to create their summative
assessment projects about a panelist of their choice (or
multiple) to show understanding of our units central idea.

Happenings in

Spice World
Additional Notes
Science Fair experiments are due
Monday, January 23rd. Please
remember to document the process
with your child!
Our technology specialist, Mrs.
Haney, discussed digital citizenship
with our class last week. Students
were able to identity which online
responsibilities effected them as
individuals, their friends and family,
and the larger community.

Practice at Home
One session of XtraMath per night is
required to be completed MondayThursday. Students may complete
Jam Sessions on TenMarks as well.
With our fractions unit, students are
realizing the importance of knowing
their basic multiplication and division
facts. Timed tests are a good way to
drill and check. 5 minute, 100
question tests can always be found
on (along with other
practice sheets for all types of skills
we cover in 4th grade).
Students can record their minutes on
their Six Flags Reading Record Log.
Logs are due February 10th.
Encourage your child to read as
much as they write at home!

Upcoming Events
Thursday, January 19 PTA General Meeting in Library @ 6:00PM
Monday, January 23 Science Fair Experiments Due
Wednesday, January 25 6:00-7:00PM Science Fair Family Viewing Night in the Library
Wednesday, February 1 12:00PM Early Release
Thursday, February 2 Spring Individual & Group Picture Day