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How to Create User Isogen Symbols Using Symbols Editor 2 FAQ


Is it possible to create User Defined Symbols (SKEY) for Isogen Isometric Drawings?
User defined Symbols can be created for Isogen Isometric Drawings, using a utility called
the Symbols Editor (Version 2). In this example we are going to create and add a new
Isogen Symbol (SKEY) to the Coriolis Flow Meter User Shape as seen below.

In order to create an Isogen User Symbol (SKEY), the Symbols Editor 2 needs to be
accessed from the following directory.

Next, in the Symbols Editor 2, expand the Instruments section and select the
Instrument group. Next click on the Symbol menu and click on New Symbol to create
a new Instrument Symbol (SKEY) as seen below

A new SKEY will now need to be assigned to the User Symbol. In this example the SKEY
used stands for Flow Meter Flanged. In some cases, if the User SKEY is similar to a
default SKEY the Original Symbol Graphics can be copied to the new SKEY to be quickly
modified. In this case a new SKEY Symbol Graphic will be created from scratch. Click on
the OK button as seen below.

Using the Draw tools, the User Defined Symbol (SKEY) can now be drawn into to the
drawing area provided. A preview of the Symbol is also presented at the top right of the
drawing area for reference.

Using the Select drawing tool, Start and End Locations can be moved into the correct
locations. The Green Dot marks the Start Location and the Red Dot marks the End
Location as seen below.

Multiple User Defined Symbols (SKEYS) can be added to this Symbols Library to be used on
any project in CADWorx Plant Professional. Now that the User Defined Symbol (SKEY) has
been completed, this Isogen Symbols Library needs to be exported to a format that
CADWorx Isogen Style Managers can read. Click on the File menu and click on Export
ISOGEN Symbols as seen below.

A name can now be assigned to this User Symbols Library (*.asc) file and save location
directory can now be selected as seen below. It is advised to save this Library file to a
directory in the Isogen Style Directory to ensure that this file follows this Style Directory if

The Symbols Library (*.asc) file now needs to be loaded into I-Configure so that when the
relevant Isogen Style is used, the User Symbols (SKEYS) are available. In I-Configure,
select the relevant Isogen Style and click on the Detail tab. Expand the
Supplementary menu and then expand the DataFiles menu. Select the
ISOGENFiles(1) menu option and inside this menu, right click on the table and click on
Add Row as seen below.

Double click on the File Type cell on the added row to add a new data file type. Choose
to add an ASCII-SYMBOLS file type as seen below.

Next, double click on the FilePath cell on the added row and click on the Browse button
as seen below.

Browse to the correct location, select the exports Symbols Library (*.asc) file and click on
the Open button as seen below.

To accept the selected file path, click on the OK button as seen below..

Now that the User Symbols Library file (*.asc) has been loaded, this Isogen Style needs to
be Saved and Exported to a format that can be read by CADWorx Plant Professional as
seen below.

The User Defined SKEY can now be added to the Isogen Data menu in the Component
Edit Dialogue box, for components already inserted into the model as seen below..

Alternatively, the User Defined SKEY can be added to the Specification Project file so that
this Symbol is adopted every time this component is drawn into the model as seen below.

Once this component is exported to Isogen, the result should be similar to the User
Defined Symbol below.

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