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At the time of Jesus, Nazareth was a small village, at times it is not labeled in the

map. That is why when Philip told Nathaniel that the Mesiah is Jesus and he is from
Nazareth. Nathaniel ask Can anything good comes from Nazareth? In a way we
are like Nathaniel. We tend to discriminate and make judgment about them. Also
judge them on how they speak and act. We also look down on people because of
their complexion.
Do you recall the experience of the Meiji? They came seeking the king of the Jews.
Their eyes were open and instead of seeing an earthly being, they behold the king
of heaven and earth. This is what Epiphany means manifestation beholding God
beneath the external appearance of a babe.
Can we have the experience of the Meji. All we have to do is to seek Jesus as the
Meji did one __ is certain. We will not seek him unless we feel that without him
something is lacking in us.
What are we doing here today and why are we at Mass? Is one Mass the same as
another to us? Do we really seek God? He knows that we need Him. He wants us to
come to Him bearing gifts of our hearts, our life, our ___ - our all.
He is in Mass and every Mass ___ here is to take place the wonderful exchange. We
give our hearts, He gives them back joined to his heart. Here we faith, hope and
charity. Here we receive God himself.
Let us ask our Lord to give us such firm and solid on our journey that we may obtain
the gifs he has ___ which is the only important in our life that is to reach Him.