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Artist biography

A soulful activist hailing from the east end

of London. Mini Newid takes her soulful voice and gives
in a new edge. With her debut album this little girl.
Born and raised in London Mini was rest discovered
singing in the shower by her girlfriend and told to
pursue it. "he decided to start singing in tube
stations and Covent garden. one day while she was
singing at Holborn station and was a man approached
her saying 'would you like to come down to my recording
studio and record a couple of your songs and see what
happens so Mini did and they loved her so much
they signed her to wizard records and now with her
new single This Girl and her album This little girl she
is destined for success. Her stage name Minni
Newid means Minni change in welsh which reacts
her personality because she wants to help people
and change their life for the better. Along with singing
and playing the piano she likes to do comedy at comedy
clubs around London.