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Nostalgic (kisi ke yad me Afsorda ya kho jana)

The effect of extreme sports on society, which was always debatable has now
become more controversial. Its substantial importance has sparked new
controversies around the world in recent years. The fact cannot be ignored that
these kinds of sports require a great deal of care in its pursuits. This essay will
elaborate both benefits and shortcomings of adventure sports and thus, will lead
to a logical conclusion.
At the outset, there are many benefits of adventure sports but the most
important one stems from that fact that it develops competitive spirit, and it
makes one to face the future problems with utmost patience. For example, when
one participates in these kinds of activities, one could become capable of
handling various vicissitudes of life because these sports require high
hardworking tendency. Moreover, one would be trained so that one could serve
ones country by joining defence forces.
However, extreme sports have the other facet which cons. Generally, these
sports are chosen by youngsters and in the event of playing they might get
severely injured, sometimes may become physically handicapped. Furthermore,
in extreme cases, these sports may cause the death of a person. For example, a
car race, which might give thrilling experience but with a minor mistake it may
cost a valuable life.
To summarise, ultimately by taking proper care, one can minimise the cons of
these sports. In my view, cons overweigh pros of extreme sports.