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395 Page Mill Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306 1(888) 944-9466

At Crowdbooster, our mission is simple. Were helping
businesses understand and achieve online influence through social
media, so that they can better connect with their customers and
create meaningful relationships that we couldnt have imagined just
a few years ago.
The future of marketing lies in a business ability to engage its online
followers using social media, really making it a 2-way street, rooted
in a mutually beneficial relationship. This kind of marketing is less
obtrusive to the consumer, and more effective for the brand. Its the
embodiment of Permission Marketing that Seth Godin introduced
back in 1999, and more.
Crowdbooster is creating the first social media optimization
(SMO) solution that uses analytics and actionable
recommendations to guide marketers on how they can most
effectively manage and grow their social media presence. The web
application is an action plan to help marketers understand how they
are performing, and what steps they have to take to increase their
online influence and more connected to their customers.

Why Crowdbooster?
Social networks account for 18
percent of where searches begin.
This number will only increase as
social media expands, displaying a
need for brands to adopt social
media marketing strategies.
Studies demonstrate social
networks have created banner
blindness, a phenomenon in
which users focus on their social
newsfeeds and ignore any
surrounding advertisements on a
webpage. Crowdbooster helps
companies move beyond traditional
forms of advertisement and engage
with online fans and followers.
66 percent of corporate social
strategists find engagement data
successful. In fact, studies have
demonstrated increased
engagement leads to improved
sales, increased traffic, elevated
brand exposure, and new business
86 percent of marketers who have
adopted social media strategies
identify demonstrating ROI as an
obstacle. Crowdboosters clear
color-coded UI tracks key metrics
for marketers to identify a brands
best social media efforts.

the product
Crowdbooster is a social media marketing solution that fuses targeted recommendations and data-driven
insights to guide brands to achieving online influence. Crowdbooster currently offers service for Twitter
accounts and Facebook Pages.

Actionable recommendations allow you to:

- Schedule tweets or posts at the best time. We determine the best time to tweet or post based on
user past performance and typical audience activity.
- Engage with influential followers. Crowdbooster alerts you when a people with high Klout scores
follow you.
- Curate relevant content. Based on the past performance of links you have sent, Crowdbooster
suggests sources from which you should find content to connect with your audience.
- Cross-post between social networks. We uncover the content that resonates best with your
followers on Twitter so that you can share the best with your fans on Facebook.
- Respond to missed tweets. If we don't detect a response from you within 3 hours of someone
directly mentioning you, we ensure you never miss a thing and increase your engagement efforts.
- Thank your most engaged followers. Every Friday, we generate a tweet that mentions your top
followers for the week.

Intuitive analytics help you understand:

- The metrics that matter most. Scan our sleek graphs and tables to quickly determine how well
your content resonates on Twitter (based on impressions, retweets, clicks, mentions, and replies)
and Facebook (based on impressions, likes, and comments).
- Follower and fan growth over time. Track the benefits of long-term engagement or the
effectiveness of a one-time social media campaign.
- Influential audience segments. We uncover followers with high online influence so that you can
foster and maintain relationships with them.
- Loyal followers and fans. Engage the fans that interact with you the most in order to cultivate and
maintain a brand community.

Personal Plan
Access to targeted
recommendations and analytics
for up to 3 social media profiles
at no cost to the user.

Business Plan
Access to targeted
recommendations, analytics, and
on-demand reporting services
for up to 10 social media
profiles at $20/month.

Enterprise / Agency Plan

Prices vary on a case-by-case
basis. For more information call
1-888-944-9466 or email

Crowdbooster brings analytics with a twist to understand the exact performance
metrics of individual tweets all within a user-friendly, color-coded UI that quickly
and simply highlights your best tweets and areas for improvement.


A fantastic social media product that will help you time your tweets. Very promising
and helpful.


A dashboard-style interface that mashes up data and tells you when to tweet, top
influencers and recommendations based on a range of variables -- and that's just
scratching the surface. This alone is about 10,000 steps ahead most other tools I
have currently seen.

PR Week

The tracking service lets a user see their full reach. Your tweets are presented on a
scatter plot graph, making it easy to view which tweets and topics garnered the most

Inc. Magazine

With Crowdbooster, weve been tracking follower growth, retweets, and
especially the timing aspect for large brands like Coca Cola and Nike Better


Crowdbooster does a really good job of helping us listen to and talk to followers
at once. Business managers like to see large facts and figures, which
Crowdbooster allows us to select. Crowd Surf (manages Britney Spears,
OneRepublic, The Black Eyed Peas, Kate Voegele)
Whereas before we had impressions through people we met, we never have
something so statistical. Crowdbooster allows us to look deeper into the
feedback of how what we said resonates with our audience. I try to get
Crowdbooster into everybodys hands to see their online behavior change to
have a better response.

Stussy, clothing brand

founding team
Ricky Yean, as CEO of Crowdbooster, wants everyone to
understand how to get more out of social media. He first began
experimenting with Twitter in 2008 and quickly became fascinated by the
potential for new relationships between us and the people, things and
organizations that we love. Ricky holds a BA in Science, Technology &
Society from Stanford University where he served as Co-President of
BASES, the most respected student entrepreneurial organization in the
world. He struggles with balancing his goofiness with professionalism on
Twitter for public consumption. (817) 805-3431

David Tran had a head start on learning HTML in the fourth

grade, designing websites for his elementary school. By 2009, David had
created his first prototype of a Twitter customer support tool after
interviewing dozens of social media managers with Ricky. In 2010, he left
the Computer Science Masters Program at Stanford University to launch
Crowdbooster. During his spare time, he follows basketball and baseball,
proudly cheering for the Warriors and As. (510) 409-5879

Mark Linsey founded his first venture-backed startup, a social

music-sharing service, in 2007. He has also worked at Microsoft as part of
the MSN search team and drove cross-company initiatives at
as a Technical Project Manager. In 2010, he graduated from Stanford
University with a BS in Computer Science (Concentration: Artificial
Intelligence). As much as he loves Facebook and Twitter, you can find
some of his best posts and advice on Quora and Hacker News. (626) 840-4425


Twitter dashboard: helps you easily understand your performance, schedule


Facebook dashboard: helps you easily understand your performance,

schedule posts, and receive actionable recommendations, tailored
specifically for you.


for Twitter (left)

Tweet scheduler


Targeted recommendations for Facebook (top)

Highly customizable Facebook post scheduler (bottom)


Content curation: suggests

the best performing content
based on click data for you to
curate to followers

Cross-posting: recommends
you to take the best
performing content from
Twitter and post that on
Facebook, where post quality
matters even more.


Discover your top


Track the growth of

your community.