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A List of Derivative Adjectives

The word list in this material contains derivative adjectives and is intended for practicing spelling. The list includes
adjectives frequently used in ordinary speech and writing as well as adjectives used mostly in formal written English.
Some rare and bookish adjectives are also included. Many of the adjectives in the list have complicated spelling and
require regular spelling practice.
The adjectives in the list are grouped according to the suffix they contain. Some negative adjectives (with the prefixes IN,
UN, etc.) are also included in the list. Where there are variants of spelling, the more common variant indicated in various
dictionaries has been chosen for this list. Adjectives are written according to American spelling norms. British variant of
spelling is also indicated (if different).
Adjectives with the suffixes ABLE, IBLE
bearable, capable, countable, curable, eatable, flammable, laughable, liable, likable, lovable, movable, notable, palpable,
portable, probable, suitable, taxable, tenable, touchable, usable;admirable, amiable, amicable, applicable, arguable,
charitable, comfortable, comparable, creditable, enviable, explicable, fashionable, formidable, hospitable,
irritable;favorable (AmE), favourable (BrE), honorable (AmE), honourable (BrE), miserable, measurable, pleasurable,
perishable, punishable, practicable, venerable, vulnerable;changeable, chargeable, knowledgeable, manageable,
noticeable, navigable, palatable, preferable, profitable, questionable, reasonable, reputable, separable, sociable, valuable,
variable;acceptable, achievable, adorable, advisable, agreeable, allowable, assessable, attainable, available, commendable,
dependable, desirable, reliable;despicable, dispensable, disposable, enjoyable, excusable, expendable, impeccable,
inflammable, predictable, redeemable, regrettable, remarkable, respectable;abominable, appreciable, communicable,
considerable, imaginable, impressionable, negotiable; interchangeable, understandable;dishonorable, disreputable,
immeasurable, improbable, inalienable, inapplicable, incapable, incurable, incomparable, inevitable, inexplicable,
inhospitable, inoperable, insatiable, inscrutable, inseparable, invaluable, irreparable;nonflammable, unbearable,
uncomfortable, uncountable, unenviable, unfashionable, unfavorable, ungovernable, unmanageable, unmentionable,
unpalatable, unreadable, unspeakable, unthinkable, unquestionable, unreasonable, unsociable, unsuitable, untouchable,
unusable;disagreeable, inadvisable, indispensable, inescapable, inexcusable, irredeemable, irreplaceable,
irrevocable;unacceptable, unachievable, unavailable, unavoidable, unbelievable, uncontrollable, undeniable, undesirable,
unforgettable, unforgivable, unimaginable, unmistakable, unpredictable, unreliable, unremarkable, untenable.
audible, credible, edible, fallible, feasible, flexible, horrible, legible, plausible, possible, sensible, tangible, terrible,
visible;eligible, negligible; intelligible; compatible, combustible, contemptible, convertible, perceptible, susceptible,
suggestible;accessible, admissible, permissible, expansible, extensible, invincible, irascible, ostensible, reducible,
responsible, reversible;illegible, implausible, impossible, inaudible, incredible, inedible, ineligible, infallible, inflexible,
insensible, intangible, invisible;imperceptible, inaccessible, inadmissible, incompatible, incorrigible, incorruptible,
indivisible, inexhaustible, inexpressible, irrepressible, irresistible, irresponsible, irreversible;unintelligible;
Adjectives with the suffixes AL, IAL
bridal, brutal, central, dental, dismal, equal, fatal, feudal, final, fiscal, formal, frugal, global, legal, regal, lethal, mental,
neutral, rental;local, loyal, royal, moral, mortal, nasal, naval, normal, oral, oval, postal, real, rural, thermal, total, tribal,
verbal, vital, vocal; ideal;capital, cardinal, corporal, criminal, cultural, digital, fictional, general, liberal, literal, minimal,
national, natural, nominal, optional, orbital, ordinal, personal, principal, prodigal, rational, regional, structural,
terminal;additional, conditional, conventional, emotional, exceptional, intentional, occasional, professional, proportional,
provisional, reciprocal, traditional, vocational; constitutional, institutional, international, occupational;bilingual, colossal,
eternal, external, internal, integral, nocturnal, maternal, paternal, parental, primeval, triumphal; abdominal, bilateral,
electoral, original, phenomenal, medicinal, subliminal, maniacal, venereal;accidental, incidental, dialectal, fundamental,
instrumental, monumental, ornamental, horizontal, multilingual, multilateral, aboriginal, noncommittal, sentimental,
suicidal, unilateral, universal; coincidental, experimental, temperamental; infinitesimal;actual, annual, casual,
dual,gradual, manual, mutual, punctual, ritual, sensual, sexual, usual, virtual, visual; continual, eventual, habitual,
perpetual, residual, spiritual; individual, intellectual;abnormal, disloyal, illegal, immoral, immortal, impersonal, informal,
irrational;unequal, unreal, unnatural, unusual; unconditional, unconventional, unemotional, unintentional, unprofessional;
(Note nouns with "al": admiral, capital,
criminal, manual, ritual, etc.)

aerial, cordial, cranial, crucial, facial, genial, jovial, martial, partial, racial, social, special, serial, trivial;commercial,
financial, judicial, official, provincial; artificial, beneficial, sacrificial, superficial; controversial;essential, initial,
potential, substantial; confidential, influential, preferential, presidential, residential;celestial, centennial, colloquial,
colonial, perennial, proverbial, primordial, remedial; ceremonial, matrimonial;material, memorial, imperial, mercurial,
pictorial, tutorial, terrestrial; editorial, equatorial, secretarial, territorial;antisocial, immaterial, impartial, insubstantial,
inessential, nonessential, unessential, unofficial.
(Note nouns with "ial": aerial, official, material, memorial, serial, etc.)
Adjectives with the suffixes AN, IAN
African, Anglican, Balkan, German, Mexican, Roman, Texan;Alaskan, American, European, Korean, Moroccan, Tibetan,
Venezuelan;certain, human, pagan, urban, puritan; suburban, republican;cosmopolitan, metropolitan. Note: humane,
urbane.uncertain, inhuman. Note: inhumane.
(Note nouns with "an": human, pagan, republican, talisman, German, etc.)
Asian, Caspian, Persian, Christian, Belgian, Georgian, Indian, Martian, Persian, Russian;Australian, Bostonian, Brazilian,
Californian, Canadian, Egyptian, Hungarian, Iranian, Italian;Norwegian, Olympian, Parisian, Peruvian, Scandinavian,
Siberian, Ukrainian;apian, avian, simian; amphibian, reptilian;barbarian, bohemian, civilian, patrician, pedestrian,
utopian; vegetarian; humanitarian, totalitarian.
(Note nouns with
"ian": civilian, historian, musician, pedestrian, Italian, Russian, etc.)
Adjectives with the suffixes ANT, ENT
blatant, constant, distant, dormant, errant, flagrant, fragrant, gallant, instant, migrant, piquant, pleasant, poignant,
pregnant, rampant, stagnant, vacant, vagrant, valiant;adamant, arrogant, brilliant, dominant, elegant, hesitant, ignorant,
militant, nonchalant, petulant, radiant, relevant, tolerant, vigilant;abundant, assistant, expectant, important, indignant,
malignant, observant, redundant, reluctant, resistant, resultant; compliant, defiant, triumphant;extravagant, exuberant,
luxuriant, predominant, protuberant, significant;incessant, inelegant, insignificant, intolerant, irrelevant, unimportant,
(Note nouns with "ant": applicant, assistant, instant,
migrant, variant, etc.)
absent, ardent, current, decent, fervent, fluent, frequent, latent, patent, potent, present, prudent, recent, silent, stringent,
urgent, ancient, patient;affluent, competent, confident, corpulent, decadent, different, diffident, eloquent, eminent,
evident, excellent, fraudulent, imminent, impudent, lenient; self-confident;indolent, innocent, insolent, diligent, negligent,
opulent, permanent, prevalent, prominent, resident, reticent, reverent, subsequent, truculent, turbulent, vehement,
violent;intent, content; abhorrent, adjacent, apparent, complacent, component, consistent, delinquent, dependent,
emergent, insistent, persistent, recurrent, resplendent, transparent, translucent;convenient, deficient, efficient, sufficient,
ambivalent, equivalent, belligerent, intelligent, magnificent, benevolent, malevolent, obedient, recipient;adolescent,
convalescent, effervescent, evanescent, fluorescent, iridescent, luminescent, intermittent, reminiscent;impatient,
imprudent, indecent, infrequent, incompetent, indifferent, impertinent, irreverent; inconsistent, independent;
impotent;disobedient, inconvenient, inefficient, insufficient, nonexistent, unintelligent.
Adjectives with the suffixes ARY, ORY, AR
contrary, primary; arbitrary, cautionary, customary, fragmentary, honorary, legendary, literary, military, missionary,
momentary, monetary;necessary, ordinary, sanitary, secondary, solitary, stationary, temporary, tributary, visionary,
voluntary; disciplinary, veterinary;exemplary, auxiliary, contemporary, extraordinary, hereditary, imaginary,
precautionary, preliminary, reactionary, subsidiary;complimentary, complementary, documentary, elementary,
parliamentary, rudimentary, supplementary, revolutionary;insanitary, involuntary, uncomplimentary, unnecessary.
cursory, sensory, desultory, mandatory, migratory, predatory, promissory; ambulatory, deprecatory;accessory, advisory,
compulsory, illusory, perfunctory, placatory;accusatory, contributory, derogatory, exclamatory, explanatory, exploratory,
inflammatory;obligatory, preparatory, respiratory; articulatory, conciliatory; anticipatory;contradictory, introductory,
satisfactory, congratulatory, unsatisfactory.

polar, solar, stellar, vulgar; angular, cellular, circular, globular, muscular, nuclear, popular, regular, secular, similar,
singular, tabular, tubular;corpuscular, familiar, molecular, particular, peculiar, spectacular, triangular, rectangular,
vernacular;dissimilar, irregular, unfamiliar, unpopular.
Adjectives with the suffix ATE
private, accurate, adequate, delicate, duplicate, intricate, desperate, literate, moderate, separate, temperate;animate,
intimate, ultimate, fortunate, obstinate, passionate, graduate; innate, irate;affectionate, appropriate, approximate,
articulate, associate, commensurate, compassionate, considerate;deliberate, elaborate, immediate, legitimate,
postgraduate, proportionate, subordinate; intermediate;dispassionate, illiterate, illegitimate, immaculate, immoderate,
inaccurate, inadequate, inanimate, inordinate;inappropriate, inarticulate, inconsiderate, indelicate, insubordinate,
Adjectives with the suffix FUL
awful, bashful, faithful, fateful, forceful, graceful, grateful, hateful, hopeful, lawful, mournful, painful, playful, shameful,
tasteful, thankful, thoughtful, trustful, wakeful, wasteful;dreadful, fretful, fruitful, healthful, helpful, stressful, mindful,
frightful, rightful, scornful, spiteful, sinful, skillful (AmE), skilful (BrE), willful (AmE), wilful (BrE), wishful, wistful,
woeful;boastful, careful, cheerful, direful, doubtful, fearful, gleeful, harmful, hurtful, joyful, needful, peaceful, rueful,
sorrowful, tearful, tactful, truthful, useful, vengeful, watchful, wrathful, wrongful, youthful;beautiful, bountiful, fanciful,
dutiful, merciful, pitiful, plentiful, colorful (AmE), colourful (BrE), masterful, meaningful, powerful, wonderful,
purposeful;deceitful, delightful, disdainful, distressful, eventful, forgetful, neglectful, regretful, resentful, respectful,
successful, remorseful, resourceful, reproachful;distasteful, distrustful, mistrustful, unfaithful, unfruitful, ungrateful,
unhelpful, unlawful, unmindful, untruthful; disrespectful, unsuccessful.
Adjectives with the suffixes IC, ICAL
academic, acoustic, acrobatic, aesthetic, agnostic, alcoholic, allergic, analytic (also analytical), anemic, angelic, apathetic,
apocalyptic, apologetic, aquatic;Arabic, archaic, aristocratic, arithmetic (also arithmetical), aromatic, athletic,
atmospheric, atomic, authentic, autocratic, automatic, axiomatic;barbaric, basic, bureaucratic, calligraphic, cataclysmic,
catastrophic, caustic, ceramic, charismatic, choleric, chronic, civic, classic, claustrophobic, comic, concentric, conic (also
conical), cosmetic, cosmic, cryptic, cubic, cyclic (also cyclical);democratic, demographic, demonic, despotic, diabetic,
diabolic (also diabolical), diagnostic, dialectic (also dialectical), didactic, diplomatic, dogmatic, domestic, dramatic,
drastic, dynamic;eccentric, eclectic, economic, ecstatic, egocentric, elastic, electric, electronic, emphatic, encyclopedic,
energetic, enigmatic, enthusiastic, epic, epidemic, epileptic, episodic, erratic, esoteric, ethnic, exotic;fanatic (also
fanatical), fantastic, forensic, frantic, generic, gigantic, geologic (also geological), geometric (also geometrical), Gothic,
graphic;hectic, heroic, historic, hydraulic, hygienic, hyperbolic, hypnotic, hypodermic, iconic, idiomatic, idiotic, idyllic,
intrinsic, ironic (also ironical), laconic, lethargic, lunatic, lyric;magic, magnetic, majestic, melancholic, melodramatic,
metallic, metric, microscopic, mnemonic, moronic, mystic, neurotic, nomadic, nostalgic, Olympic, optic, organic,
oceanic;panoramic, parasitic, pathetic, patriotic, patronymic, pedagogic (also pedagogical), pedantic, periodic,
philanthropic, phlegmatic, phonemic, phonetic, photogenic, photographic;plastic, platonic, pneumatic, poetic (also
poetical), polemic (also polemical), pragmatic, prehistoric, problematic, prolific, prosaic, psychiatric, psychic, psychotic,
public;quadratic, romantic, rustic, sarcastic, sardonic, satanic, scenic, schematic, scholastic, scientific, semantic, septic,
Slavic, sonic, specific, sporadic, static;strategic, symbolic (also symbolical), sympathetic, symphonic, symptomatic,
syntactic (also syntactical), synthetic, systematic;telegraphic, telepathic, telescopic, terrific, titanic, tonic, topographic
(also topographical), tragic, traumatic, volcanic;asymmetric, inorganic, unenthusiastic, unhygienic.
aesthetical, allegorical, alphabetical (also alphabetic), analogical, anatomical, archaeological, astronomical, biblical,
biographical, biological, botanical;canonical, categorical, chemical, chronological, classical, clerical, clinical, comical,
critical, cynical, diacritical, ecological, economical, electrical, elliptical (also elliptic), empirical, ethical;geographical
(also geographic), grammatical, heretical, historical, hypocritical, hypothetical, hysterical, identical, inimical, ideological,
lackadaisical, lexical, logical, lyrical;magical, mathematical, mechanical, medical, meteorological, methodical, musical,
mystical, mythical, mythological, nonsensical, numerical, optical;paradoxical, parenthetical (also parenthetic),
pathological, periodical, pharmaceutical, philological, philosophical, phonological, physical, physiological, piratical,
political, practical, psychological, puritanical;quizzical, radical, rhetorical, rhythmical (also rhythmic), satirical (also
satiric), skeptical (AmE), sceptical (BrE), spherical, stoical, symmetrical (also symmetric);tactical, technical,
technological, theatrical, theoretical, topical, tropical, typical, typographical (also typographic), tyrannical; vertical,
umbilical, whimsical;illogical, impractical, unpractical, unethical.

Note: IC and ICAL

The adjectives with IC and ICAL in the following pairs have similar and different meanings. Compare some of the
classic example; classical music; comic actor; to look comical; economic situation; economical car; electric kettle;
electrical engineer; historic moment; historical facts; optic nerve; optical instruments.
Adjectives with the suffixes ISTIC, ISTICAL
altruistic, antagonistic, artistic, atavistic, ballistic, capitalistic, characteristic, chauvinistic;egoistic (also egoistical),
egotistic (also egotistical), euphemistic, fatalistic, formalistic, futuristic, holistic;humanistic, idealistic, imperialistic,
impressionistic, individualistic, journalistic, linguistic, logistic (also logistical), materialistic, moralistic;nationalistic,
naturalistic, nihilistic, optimistic, pessimistic, puristic, realistic, ritualistic;sadistic, simplistic, surrealistic; inartistic,
uncharacteristic, unrealistic.
egoistical, egotistical, logistical, statistical.
Adjectives with the suffix ISH
British, Danish, English, Finnish, Irish, Jewish, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish;bookish, foolish, garish, lavish,
peevish, prudish, selfish, sheepish, sluggish, snobbish, squeamish, stylish; unselfish;clownish, fiendish, freakish, hellish,
impish, largish, smallish, oldish, owlish, pettish, roguish, slavish, sweetish, waspish;babyish, childish, boyish, girlish,
mannish, womanish; devilish, feverish; nightmarish; coquettish;blackish, bluish, brownish, grayish, greenish, pinkish,
reddish, whitish, yellowish, darkish.
Adjectives with the suffix IVE
active, passive, massive, pensive, native, furtive, sportive; lucrative, narrative, negative, positive, primitive, relative,
secretive, sensitive, talkative; decorative, figurative, qualitative, quantitative;attentive, creative, collective, selective,
deceptive, detective, directive, defective, effective, objective, subjective, perceptive, preventive, prospective, protective,
respective, suggestive, supportive;constructive, destructive, instructive, deductive, inductive, productive, seductive,
attractive, contrastive, exhaustive, descriptive, prescriptive, distinctive, instinctive, restrictive, addictive,
vindictive;affirmative, alternative, appreciative, attributive, distributive, comparative, competitive, repetitive, consecutive,
executive, conservative, diminutive, indicative, illustrative, imperative, informative, inquisitive, intuitive;prohibitive,
provocative, superlative; authoritative, commemorative, communicative, imaginative; argumentative, interrogative,
representative, retrospective;abrasive, abusive, adhesive, evasive, elusive, compulsive, impulsive, decisive, defensive,
offensive, conclusive, exclusive, inclusive, expansive, expensive, explosive, extensive, intensive, obtrusive, persuasive,
pervasive, responsive;depressive, expressive, impressive, oppressive, obsessive, possessive, excessive, permissive,
submissive, aggressive, progressive, regressive, reflexive; apprehensive, comprehensive;impassive, inactive, inattentive,
indecisive, ineffective, inexpensive, inexpressive, inoffensive, insensitive;unattractive, unimaginative, unimpressive,
unobtrusive, unproductive, unresponsive, irresponsive.
Adjectives with the suffix LESS
aimless, airless, artless, blameless, breathless, careless, fearless, hairless, tireless, faceless, faultless, flawless, lawless,
nameless, painless, shameless, stainless, tailless, tasteless, weightless, worthless;childless, lifeless, mindless, priceless,
timeless; boundless, cloudless, countless, dauntless, guiltless, homeless, hopeless, jobless, noiseless, pointless, spotless,
voiceless;endless, headless, helpless, restless, selfless, senseless, listless, ceaseless, needless, speechless, harmless,
heartless, tactless, thankless, thoughtless, fruitless, ruthless, toothless, useless;limitless, meaningless, merciless,
numberless, penniless, pitiless, bodiless, colorless (AmE), colourless (BrE), powerless, humorless (AmE), humourless
(BrE), valueless; relentless, remorseless; expressionless.
Adjectives with the suffix LY

burly, comely, costly, deadly, friendly, ghastly, ghostly, godly, homely, kindly, likely, lively;lonely, lovely, lowly, only,
portly, seemly, shapely, sickly, sprightly, stately, surly, ugly;earthly, heavenly, worldly; bodily, cowardly, elderly, masterly,
miserly, orderly, scholarly, slovenly;daily, hourly, monthly, nightly, quarterly, weekly, yearly; early, timely; easterly,
northerly, southerly, westerly;fatherly, motherly, brotherly, sisterly, manly, womanly, neighborly (AmE), neighbourly
(BrE);disorderly, unearthly, unfriendly, unkindly, unlikely, unmanly, unseemly, unsightly, untimely, unworldly.
Adjectives with the suffix OUS (EOUS, IOUS, UOUS)
famous, jealous, zealous, grievous, nervous, lustrous, monstrous, pious, pompous, raucous, callous;luminous,
mountainous, ominous, poisonous, ravenous, ruinous, synchronous, villainous; blasphemous, posthumous, venomous,
mischievous;credulous, frivolous, marvelous (AmE), marvellous (BrE), perilous, populous, scandalous, scrupulous;
hazardous, covetous, riotous;amorous, boisterous, dangerous, generous, glamorous, humorous, ludicrous, murderous,
numerous, onerous, rigorous, thunderous, torturous, treacherous, vigorous;disastrous, enormous, horrendous, stupendous,
tremendous; adventurous, cadaverous, carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous, preposterous, vociferous;analogous,
anomalous, autonomous, indigenous, magnanimous, meticulous, miraculous, monotonous;anonymous, ridiculous,
precipitous, synonymous, unanimous, ubiquitous, voluminous; ambidextrous, intravenous;infamous, incredulous,
gorgeous, righteous; beauteous, bounteous, piteous, hideous, igneous, nauseous; self-righteous;erroneous, sebaceous,
spontaneous; courageous, outrageous, advantageous;homogeneous, instantaneous, miscellaneous, simultaneous.
anxious, cautious, conscious, gracious, luscious, noxious, precious, spacious, specious, vicious;curious, furious, glorious,
serious, various, copious, dubious, odious, studious, tedious, devious, envious, obvious, previous;religious, contagious,
prestigious, ambitious, fictitious, flirtatious, infectious, pretentious, tendentious; ostentatious, surreptitious,
conscientious;atrocious, audacious, capricious, delicious, fallacious, ferocious, malicious, officious, pernicious,
precocious, self-conscious, suspicious, tenacious, voracious, obnoxious; avaricious;delirious, gregarious, hilarious,
illustrious, imperious, industrious, injurious, laborious, luxurious, mysterious, nefarious, notorious, precarious, victorious;
multifarious;amphibious, fastidious, ingenious, insidious, melodious, harmonious, impervious, oblivious, obsequious,
rebellious; ceremonious, parsimonious;unconscious, ungracious, unceremonious, unpretentious, unselfconscious.
arduous, strenuous, tenuous, virtuous; ambiguous, conspicuous, contemptuous, contiguous, continuous;impetuous,
presumptuous, promiscuous, superfluous, tumultuous, voluptuous;incongruous, inconspicuous, innocuous, unambiguous.
Participial adjectives with the suffixes ING, ED
boring, charming, cunning, fitting, haunting, living, missing, piercing, pleasing, shocking, striking, thrilling, tiring,
willing;frightening, interesting, limiting, maddening, promising; devastating, fascinating, irritating;amazing, amusing,
annoying, appalling, appealing, confusing, convincing, depressing, disgusting, disturbing,exciting, existing, forbidding,
increasing, preceding, surprising, surrounding;astonishing, developing, embarrassing, excruciating; condescending,
corresponding, disappointing, outstanding, overwhelming;breathtaking, heartbreaking, law-abiding, easygoing, easygoing, good-looking, longstanding, painstaking, well-meaning;displeasing, uninteresting, unwilling; unappealing,
unconvincing, unexciting.
bored, charmed, armed, damned, fixed, marked, pleased, shocked, skilled, tired, wrinkled;crooked, cursed, learned, naked,
ragged, sacred, wicked, wretched; crowded, worried;balanced, cultured, frightened, frustrated, limited, spirited, talented,
prejudiced, privileged, qualified; animated, educated, interested, irritated;advanced, amused, annoyed, concerned,
confused, depressed, disturbed, reserved, surprised;accustomed, conceited, developed, distinguished, excited,
experienced, sophisticated; disappointed;bad-tempered, good-humored (AmE), good-humoured (BrE), good-natured, ill-

natured;absent-minded, old-fashioned, well-dressed, well-timed, wholehearted, whole-hearted;disabled, disinterested,

displeased, unarmed, unbalanced, uninterested, unlimited, unprejudiced, unqualified, unskilled;inexperienced,
unconcerned, undeveloped, undistinguished, unemployed, unexpected, unprecedented, unreserved.
Adjectives with the suffix Y
angry, catchy, crafty, dreamy, empty, faulty, funny, greedy, giddy, gloomy, grisly, grumpy, guilty, happy, hardy, hearty,
hasty, healthy, heavy, haughty, holy, hungry, husky, jittery, jolly, jumpy, lofty, lucky, lusty, merry, mighty, moody;
melancholy;nasty, naughty, needy, paltry, petty, picky, ready, risky, shabby, shaky, silly, sleepy, sneaky, sorry, speedy,
steady, stealthy, stingy, stony, sturdy, sulky, testy, thirsty, tidy, touchy, trashy, thrifty, tricky, trusty, wealthy, weary, witty,
wordy, worthy; trustworthy;busy, clumsy, cozy (AmE), cosy (BrE), crazy, dizzy, drowsy, easy, flimsy, fuzzy, lazy, noisy,
nosy, queasy, rosy, sleazy; fancy, racy, saucy; fussy, glassy, glossy, messy;curly, dainty, dirty, dusty, filthy, flabby, furry,
pearly, pretty, prickly, rusty, sandy, scanty, scary, shiny, silky, silvery, skinny, slimy, soapy, sloppy, soggy, sticky, stuffy,
sultry, sweaty, tiny, wavy;creamy, crispy, crunchy, fruity, greasy, juicy, lumpy, milky, nutty, oily, powdery, puffy, salty,
savory (AmE), savoury (BrE), spicy, sugary, syrupy, tasty, watery;breezy, chilly, cloudy, foggy, smoggy, hazy, misty,
frosty, icy, rainy, muddy, sunny, slippery, stormy, windy;uneasy, unhappy, unhealthy, unholy, unlucky, unruly, unsavory
(AmE), unsavoury (BrE), unsteady, untidy.
Other suffixes of adjectives
alien, ashen, brazen, even, uneven, flaxen, golden, open;silken, sudden, sullen, token, waxen, wooden, woolen.
Participial adjectives with EN:
beaten, brazen, broken, chosen, drunken, frozen, rotten, spoken, stricken, written;forbidden, mistaken; grief-stricken,
panic-stricken, poverty-stricken;unbeaten, unbroken, unspoken, unwritten.
Adjectives with ER: bitter, clever, dapper, eager, former, inner, neuter, outer, proper, sinister, sober, super, tender, upper,
utter; improper; somber (AmE), sombre (BrE).
Adjectives with OR: junior, major, minor, prior, senior; anterior, exterior, interior, posterior, ulterior, inferior, superior.
Note: Suffix ER in the comparative degree of adjectives: bigger, harder, smaller, larger, etc. Suffix EST in the superlative
degree of adjectives: biggest, hardest, smallest, largest, etc. (See Degrees of Comparison in the section Miscellany.)
eastern, northern, southern, western, modern.
Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Maltese, Portuguese, Siamese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese; journalese.
Note spelling: obese, these.
acid, acrid, arid, avid, candid, fervid, flaccid, fluid, frigid, horrid, humid, languid, limpid, liquid, livid, lucid, lurid;morbid,
pallid, paranoid, placid, putrid, rabid, rancid, rapid, rigid, solid, sordid, squalid, splendid, stupid;tepid, timid, torpid,
torrid, turbid, valid, vapid, vivid; carotid, insipid, intrepid, invalid.
agile, docile, ductile, fertile, fragile, futile, hostile, imbecile, juvenile, missile;mobile, senile, servile, sterile, tactile,
infantile, versatile, virile, volatile; immobile.

alkaline, aniline, aquiline, bovine, canine, crystalline, feline; divine;pristine, feminine, masculine, genuine; marine,
routine; clandestine.
capitalist, chauvinist, communist, extremist, fascist, imperialist, nationalist, racist, socialist, surrealist.
composite, opposite, exquisite, requisite, prerequisite; favorite (BrE: favourite);definite, infinite; indefinite; erudite, finite;
polite, impolite.
childlike, ghostlike, godlike, ladylike, sportsmanlike, workmanlike;businesslike, homelike, lifelike, starlike, warlike; belllike;unladylike, unsportsmanlike.
SOMEawesome, burdensome, cumbersome, fulsome, gruesome, handsome, irksome;loathsome, lonesome, mettlesome,
quarrelsome, tiresome, troublesome;wholesome, winsome; unwholesome.
fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth;thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth,
eighteenth, nineteenth;hundredth; thousandth; millionth;twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth,
backward, downward, forward, inward, onward, outward, rearward, upward;eastward, northward, southward, westward;
homeward, seaward; awkward; straightforward.