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Professionally managed Solution driven approach

industrial specialty and
performance materials Leading supplier of activated
company carbons, printing and
packaging ink, resins and RO
More than 17 years of industry membranes, silicones, capital
experience with 2000 equipments
customers across India
Innovative product launch in
Business presence in the market
diversied segments of
industrial chemicals and Emphasis on long term
capital equipments partnership with customers

Pan India presence with

expert team of sales and


To be always No 1 Choice for Specialty Innovative

Materials, Products & Solutions, across
diversied Industrial Segments.

Business principles

Values are our guiding principles. As a Corporate

we Strongly believe in :

Fair Play
Winning & Celebrating
Giving Back to Society, Community and Nature
Caring for People and Environment
Ethical and Compliant with law and regulations

Chemicals Engineering Building & Human Strategic

Division Solutions Construction Resource Alliances

Industrial Paints & Coatings Silicone Fluids & Emulsiers Printing Inks

Activated Carbon Adhesives Water Treatment Chemicals


Metal Products Chemical Products Nylon Products

Insulation Fittings Glazing Sealants For Facade Polyurethane Sealants For Runway

Sealant Dispensing Pump Airless Spray Pumps Ink Dispensing Pump

Lubrication Pumps Aluminium, PVC & Steel Cutting Machines


A company driven by ethics and strong values.

Transparent working environment, at, non-
hierarchical structure and open door policy that
promotes free ow of ideas, opinions,
information and expertise.

Provides a plethora of equal growth

opportunities to all Ameyites. Fair recognition for
performance and hard work. Conducive work
place with easy accessibility for those with
special needs.

Building a better tomorrow by grooming our

current leaders for the next level of leadership
Attract and retain individuals exhibiting talent in
every possible perspective.

New Business & Strategic Alliances Division

caters & looks after Ameya Perfomatt's Future
Business Ventures, Distributorship Alliances &
Acquisitions across the Industrial Segments in
India & Abroad. NBD Division also works
aggressively in Sourcing global Speciality
products for Indian Markets.

NBD interests lies in venturing in to all together

Different Business which is entirely NEW &
ensure to make it a successful venture. In the
Past many such Business had been added
which worked out to be entirely different from
our existing line of Business.

We request enquiries from Corporates

interested in forming Business relationship
with Ameya Perfomatt in form of Alliance/JV or
Marketing tie up. Please be in touch for more
information at:

Email :

Oil & Gas Infrastructure

Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier

for the decorative, protective, marine,
container and yacht markets. From windmills
and bridges to hospitals, ships, power
Power Generation stations and homes, these coatings protect Railway
man-made structures from the corrosive
forces of nature.

Chemical Mining Plant Fire Protection


Personal Care Textile

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. is a

global leader in silicones and advanced
materials, with a 70-year heritage of being
rst to market with performance application
for major industries that support and improve
everyday life. The company delivers science-
based solutions by linking custom technology
Construction Sealant platform to opportunities for customers. High Temp Paints

Fluids, Resins & Emulsiers Release Coatings


Flexible Packaging Sheet Fed & UV

Siegwerk is an international world leading

i n d e p e n d e n t i n k m a n u f a c t u r e r. W i t h
passion,Siegwerkers develop individual ink
solutions together with their customers.
Tradition, Proximity and Reliability are their
core values.

Labels Food & Home Packaging

Paper & Boards Print


Food Pharmaceuticals

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon is the world's

largest and most experienced producer of
activated carbon and offers you a full range of
products, services and technical support.
Cabot's history of innovation, product
performance, technical expertise and our
customer focus ensure that you receive the
Beverages right products and solutions for your specic Medicines
purication needs.
Cabot helps you meet Cabot activated carbons
the new Mercury and Air give you the best
Toxics Standards while performance and the
lowering your total cost most cost-effective
of mercury removal. solution for your odor
control application.

Pharmaceuticals Stationary

Arone Polymers are specialized

manufacturers in the eld of technically
superior emulsion, Arocryl Co-Polymers &
Arovyl Homopolymers. They also
manufacture high quality and cost effective
high tech as well as conventional Arobond
water based adhesives. Few years back, in
Printing & Packaging line with the latest technology, they have Vinyl Flooring
introduced Acrotech water based products as
well as Acrotech UV products

Labelling Products

Water Treatment Chemical Processing

As a strategic business partner, GE offers the

most comprehensive set of Water Treatment
chemical and equipment solutions and
services available, helping our customers
manage and optimize their water resources
and process challenges across industries
and municipalities.
Food & Beverages Pharmaceuticals
GE offers the broadest portfolio of water and
process technologies, including equipment,
chemical, and knowledge management

Power Municipal

Water Purication Water Purication

Lanxess is a German Speciality Chemicals

C o m p a n y. T h e c o m p a n y a l s o h a s
manufacturing facilities in India.

The Liquid Purication Technologies

business unit (LPT) is one of the world's
foremost suppliers of products for treating
Water Treatment water and other liquid media. Lewabrane Water Treatment
and Lewatit are the most established

Lewabrane Lewatit

Building & Construction Oil & Gas

GRACO products move, measure, control,

dispense and apply a wide range of uids and
viscous materials.Founded in 1926, Graco is
a world leader in uid handling systems and
components. Graco product move, measure,
control, dispense and apply a wide range of
uids and viscous materials used in
Newsprint Construction lubrication, commercial and Ports
industrial settings.

Wind Products

Aluminium Lighting Device

For over 30 years now, Emmegi has been a

standard-setter in the sector of machining
systems for aluminium and light alloy proles.

Constant innovation, superior quality,

advanced logistics solutions, and highly
professional sales services are their key
Automotive strengths. Electronic Components

Extrusion Industry Doors & Windows


Runways Taxiways

Kommerling UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Adco

Global Inc, an international group of
Companies in strategic locations around the
world. It has over 100 years experience in the
development, manufacture and distribution of
high quality Polyurethane Compounds &
adhesives and sealants for a variety of
Airport Fueling Areas applications including Airports runways, Airport
Taxiways Fueling Areas, and General

Airport Airport

Facade for Construction Metro Infrastructure

In over 45 years Mungo has gained

experience, technical know how and
profound market knowledge in Anchors &
Fastners. With these competences they are
in the position to develop innovative and
technically fully matured solutions. Mungo
has the Best fastening technology in the
Fire Fighting, MEP, HVAC world. Airport Infrastructure
Mungo is a Swiss Based Company and also
has a Indian Presence. Ameya Perfomatt is
the First to Bring Mungo Fastners to India.

Products Application

Food & Beverage Textiles Construction

Personal Care Paper Buildings & Infra
Water Treatment Electrical & Electronics Power Plants
Automotive Tyres, Rubber Wind Energy
Aluminium Bulk Chemicals Packaging
Paints & Coatings Oil & Gas Air elds, Runways
OFC Plastics & Polymers Pharmaceuticals
Engineering UPVC, Sanwich panels Foam Industry
Inks Process Industries

Branch Ofces Corporate Ofce (Vadodara)

Ameya Towers Plot 10,
Next to PF Ofce,
Radhakrishna Cross Road,
Akota, Vadodara 390020,
Gujarat, India.
Ph.No. : +91 265 2336141 / 2336142
Email :
Web :