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Allora & Calzadilla - Puerto Rican Light

DIA Center For The Arts 2016 ISBN 9780944521816 Acqn 26308
Pb 15x23cm 408pp 50ills 28.50

Puerto Rican Light (Cueva Vientos), a new Dia Art Foundation commission by Jennifer Allora &
Guillermo Calzadilla, is situated in a natural limestone cave system near the southern coast of
Puerto Rico. This long-term site-specific work integrates the journey to the site as part of the
viewers engagement. The companion publication eschews the traditional catalogue in favor of
gathering contemporary scholarship on the issues surrounding the project. It pairs photographs of
the journey to and from the site with newly commissioned texts, acting as both artists book and
scholarly compilation. Political theorist Franco Bifo Berardi, novelist Juan Lpez Bauz,
philosopher Timothy Morton, architectural historian Spyros Papapetros and anthropologist
Michael Taussig contribute, among others.

Flow And Friction - On The Tactical Potential Of Interfacing With Glitch Art
Art And Theory Publishing 2016 ISBN 9789188031372 Acqn 26836
Pb 20x25cm 210pp col ills 33.25

To explore how interfacing shapes spectatorship online, Vendela Grundell examines experiences
of the flow of digital culture through the friction of photo-based glitch art by Philip Stearns, Rosa
Menkman, and Evan Meaney. With a focus on the viewer, these three cross-disciplinary case
studies analyse material new to the art historical context. In particular, they focus on how glitched
artworks in online environments can make viewers aware of their own activity within the flow,
causing a break in the increasingly naturalised integration of system and individual. A tactical
potential emerges when a glitch invites the viewer to try out different positions relative to the

Fausto Gilberti - Lucio Fontana

Corraini Editore 2016 ISBN 9788875706050 Acqn 26934
Pb 20x20cm 32pp 16ills 1col 17.50

With his disruptive and innovative move, Lucio Fontana managed to synthesise something
unique: he was able to represent space, infinite space, through a cut in the canvas. This was how
he created his famous Spatial Concepts, works make from holes and cuts in paper, clay, canvas
or metal, which Fontana created with focus and determination. Following books dedicated to
Piero Manzoni, Yves Klein, Jackson Pollock, and Marcel Duchamp, Fausto Gilbertis collection of
books, which intelligently and amusingly tell us about the work of the great protagonists of
contemporary art, continues to grow.

Finnish Landscape
Garret Publications 2016 ISBN 9789527222003 Acqn 26937
Pb 13x22cm 192pp col ills 28

Finnish Landscape is a reader resulting from an exhibition curated by Joanna Warsza at the
ethnographic museum on the island of Seurasaari. The exhibition Finnish Landscape was a
response to the past, present and future of the museum featuring the contemporary artists
Ahmed Al-Nawas and Minna Henriksson, Kader Attia, Annika Eriksson, Natascha Sadr
Haghighian with Haig Aivazian and Jumana Manna, Ilya Orlov and Liisa Roberts. Their works
dealt with conservation and destruction, nature and culture, ethnography and post-ethnography,
historical use and misuse, identity-building and branding of current cultural and political
landscapes in Finland. The book includes a series of interviews by Hanna Ohtonen with the
artists about their interventions as well as with the curator Clmentine Deliss, who speaks about
the need to remediate ethnographic museums.

Alex Farrar - The Suits Archived

Alex Farrar 2016 ISBN 9789491783111 Acqn 27075
Pb 17x24cm 42pp 65ills 50col 19.75

This slim volume signals the conclusion of a project that began in 2007 when, without any prior
experience or technical advice, Alex Farrar made a suit from scratch to wear whenever
representing himself as an artist. Another, improved suit was produced in 2009, suggesting a
course for the rest of the project: the work would conclude once a suit was made that was
indistinguishable from a professionally crafted example. Following a series of replacements, such
an exemplar was finally produced in 2016. This book is structured around reports and
documentation produced by the conservators of the suits. Designed by Stphanie Dondelinger,
with texts by Laura van Grinsven and Robert Barry.

Derek Kreckler - Accident And Process

Perimeter Books 2016 ISBN 9780994388308 Acqn 25790
Hb 22x26cm 116pp col ills 42.75

Published on the occasion of the first survey exhibition of Australian conceptual artist Derek
Kreckler, this eponymous book brings together photography, video, installation, sound, and
performance works drawn from the artists early experimental practice of the 1970s, through to
his more recent focus on still and moving imagery in the 21st century. In it, the relationship
between culture and the environment is considered, with a focus on representations of
landscape, national identity, and the role of chance in determining these. Evident is Krecklers
desire to explore, extrapolate, and test our understanding of our physical, cultural, and social

Apichatpong Weerasethakul Sourcebook

Independent Curators Inc. 2016 ISBN 9780916365912 Acqn 26325
Hb 22x28cm 272pp 50ills 30col 38

Offering a fresh perspective on the work of internationally acclaimed filmmaker Apichatpong

Weerasethakul (born 1970), the Apitchapong Weerasethakul Sourcebook moves between
scientific documents and personal documentary, interviews and epistolary dialogue, the cinematic
and the poetic. In its multimodal approach the Sourcebook reflects Weerasethakuls artistic
practice in which he portrays the everyday alongside supernatural elements while suggesting a
distortion between fact and folklore, history and storytelling. Weerasethakuls personal writings
and interviews, much of which is translated here for the first time, draw out his deep commitment
to stories often excluded in history in and out of Thailand: voices of the poor and the ill,
marginalized beings and those silenced and censored for personal and political reasons. The
Sourcebook includes materials on such topics as implanted memories in mice, caves in Laos left
over from the Indochina wars, new methods for listening underwater and meditations on light and
darkness, plus interviews between Weerasethakul and leading art historians as well as texts
drawn from his personal library. The Sourcebook invites readers into Weerasethakuls intimate
exploration of his influences--in his words, like [a] stream of consciousness, suffocated by the

Sigrid Sandstrom - The Site Of Painting

Art And Theory Publishing 2016 ISBN 9789188031334 Acqn 26600
Hb 23x29cm 144pp col ills 46

According to the essay by Risa Puleo, Swedish painter Sigrid Sandstrms recent paintings
speak to internal orientations set within and against external coordinating systems, asking us to
be aware of what is inside us in concert with what is around us. Done in smooth layers of acrylic
paint on board or canvas, the overlapping of irregular shapes, thin lines left by masking tape, and
gestures of smeared paint seem to straddle the observers blind spot, the dividing line between
inside and outside. Featuring more than 120 works, plus an interview and installation views of
exhibitions in Houston and Stockholm, the volume gives an insightful overview of this young
artists growing oeuvre.

Tomoo Gokita - The Great Circus

Torch Press 2016 ISBN 9784907562021 Acqn 26691
Hb 23x30cm 144pp 94ills 54col 33.75

Published in conjunction with an exhibition of Tomoo Gokitas work at the Kawamura Memorial
DIC Museum of Art, this handsome volume offers a glimpse into the surrealistic vision of the
Tokyo-based artist. Although known for amorphous, grey-scale paintings that evoke iconic
celebrity headshots but with the faces obscured, reflecting early pop cultural influences drawn
from manga and erotic magazines, his more recent work is looser, more freely articulated,
reflecting a tendency toward hyper-abstraction in which all traces of the human form are erased.
Warm colours feature in expansive, conceptual canvases while moodily scribbled ink gestures
darken other drawings.

Annica Karlsson Rixon - At The Time Of The Third Reading

Art And Theory Publishing 2016 ISBN 9789188031297 Acqn 26763
Hb 30x19cm 120pp col ills 43.95

Swedish visual artist and researcher Annica Karlsson Rixon investigates and juxtaposes two
coinciding events in this book: the third reading of a bill leading to the adoption of the Russian
federal law against propaganda of non-traditional sexuality among minors and a womens camp
on a remote island situated somewhere between Moscow and St Petersburg. The photo series
depicts the affinity between the women at the camp, for whom the new law could have severe
consequences. Insider perspectives of the situation for queer women in Russia are provided
through texts and interviews with activists and academics. This publication is part of Rixons PhD

Walter Swennen - Hic Haec Hoc

Xavier Hufkens 2016 ISBN 9789491245169 Acqn 26913
Hb 23x28cm 238pp col ills 37.95

Walter Swennen is known for his radical, experimental, and associative approach to painting. A
poet before he became a painter, it is no coincidence that Swennen perceives painting to be an
act of translation, and that language plays a vital role in his practice. The manner in which he
handles motifs taking them as he finds them, high or low, and manipulating them at will is akin
to a kind of visual poetry that harks back to his earlier career. Freely associative and humorous,
Swennens paintings explore the relationship between symbols, legibility, meaning, and pictorial
treatment. Published on the occasion of an eponymous exhibition at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels.

Concrete Islands
ROMA Publications 2016 ISBN 9789491843846 Acqn 26918
Pb 15x21cm 44pp 78ills 64col 15.25

Concrete Islands, an exhibition at the Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles, offers a
poetic investigation into the intersection of words and objects. Inspired by Marcel Broodthaerss
1964 sculpture Pense-Bte, in which the artist took unsold copies of one of his books of poetry
and encased them in plaster, it posits the question: where does language end and the world
begin? Produced a wide range of media, artworks by Irma Blank, Alighiero Boetti, Henri Chopin,
Jimmie Durham, Robert Filliou, and Jean-Luc Moulne, among others, follow in this vein,
crossing boundaries between the immaterial and material, language and things, and concrete
poetry and concrete objects.

Rijksmuseum In Detail (English Edition)

Rijksmuseum 2016 ISBN 9789491714900 Acqn 27056
Pb 23x29cm 100pp 250ills 200col 27

Fifty fold-out sheets, designed by Irma Boom, zoom in on highlights in the Rijksmuseum.
Spotlighted details and clear-cut texts examine all manner of aspects of the works of art in the
collection, ranging from their symbolism, technique, style, and material to their historical context.

Terry Rodgers - Solo Spaces

Torch Books 2016 no ISBN Acqn 27058
Hb 21x30cm 72pp 52ills 50col 37.75

The more recent paintings by American artist Terry Rodgers conjure up a vision of the private
nightlife of privileged youth, with complex and large-scale compositions that underline the
detachment of those portrayed. These contemporary character studies, painted in a
representational realist style, draw upon his strong interest in film and photography and seem, at
least on the surface, to celebrate decadence. Yet the characters, caught up in the acts of
undressing and drinking, actually long for any form of meaningful contact. Solo Spaces collects
the latest set of works by Rodgers, called quads visions which respond to our expectations
through fine-tuned fictions.

Marijn Van Kreij - Reclining Nude With A Man Playing The Guitar
Abn-Amro Awards 2016 ISBN 9789081671330 Acqn 27073
Pb 23x32cm 74pp 28ills 24col 27

Winner of the 2016 ABN AMRO Art Award, Marijn van Kreij has a multifaceted oeuvre comprising
drawings and paintings on paper, objects, collages, slide projections, videos, and installations.
Reflecting on ideas around repetition, autonomy, and abstraction, his work often forms a
response to existing works of art, in which form and colour dictate both the process and the
unpredictable result. Published in conjunction with an exhibition of a new series of artworks at
Hermitage Amsterdam, and designed by Irma Boom, this book reproduces monumental paintings
on paper, called the Picasso grids, in which the artist selects details from Picassos late
paintings to serve as points of departure. Includes a Flexi Disc by Bonnie Prince Billy & The
Cairo Gang.

Daniel Boyd - Parts Of Lost Body (after Aime Cesaire & Pablo Picasso)
Perimeter Editions 2016 ISBN 9780995358607 Acqn 27087
Pb 19x25cm 42pp 19col ills 33

Taking late Francophone writer, politician, and founding father of the Negritude movement Aim
Csaire's seminal collection of poems 'Lost Body' (illustrated by Pablo Picasso) as its source
material and guide, this slender volume from Indigenous Australian artist Daniel Boyd not only
shines a light back on the mid-century black consciousness movement, but continues his quietly
spoken mining of modernism's relationship to colonialism. Featuring Boyd's painterly
appropriations of Picasso's economical line-drawings, 'Parts of Lost Body' not only pays homage
to Csaire and his wider impact, but poses questions of Picasso's uncomfortable place in the
cultural scheme of Negritude.

Joanna Lombard Ljusbacken

Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing 2016 ISBN 9789187543951 Acqn 27109
Pb 21x28cm 88pp 60col ills 24.95

Much about Ljusbacken is the stuff of legends. Some of them tell that the hill in southern
Hlsingland, where the large white building is perched, used to be an execution site and the
location of a speakeasy and a brothel. Later it became a retirement home, until Stockholm hippies
in the early 1970 s acquired the property and a plot of land around it. The commune came to
crystallise the hippie and prog movements, along with their at times extreme blends of political
militancy and lifestyle experiments. Ljusbacken is artist Joanna Lombards journey of facing the
memories and extracted stories that were generated during her childhood in the commune.

Can The Museum Be A Garden

Serralves 2016 ISBN 9789727393190 Acqn 27118
Pb 15x21cm 204pp 100col ills 21.95

As the garden represents the rational ordering of nature, so an exhibition is a garden of images,
ideas, and emotions. 'Can the Museum be a Garden?' presents work from the Serralves
Collection that address landscape and nature from natural materials to the movement of plants
and engage the garden as an expanded metaphor for seeing the world. Drawing the unique
setting of the Serralves Park designed by Jacques Grber, and the architecture of the Serralves
Museum, conceived by lvaro Siza, this publication also proposes the museum as a place for
wandering and wondering.

The Name Of The Sun Is Yellow - 37 Very Short Stories By Martijn In 't Veld
Rollo Press 2016 ISBN 9783906213132 Acqn 27146
Pb 11x20cm 38pp 13.50

Dutch writer and artist Martijn in t Veld seeks to give greater meaning to everyday reality in his
work, scrutinising the poetic dimension of an image or experience and in turn bestowing a
philosophical or literary significance on the embodiment of his themes and subjects. The Name
of the Sun is Yellow is a collection of especially concise fictions that reflect the meditative
process behind Martijns body of work. With simple clarity and liberal dashes of whimsical
humour, his minimal narratives encourage the reader to think differently about all sorts of things,
from shadows, clouds, and wind, to coffee, love, paint rollers, horoscopes, and special occasions.

Betye Saar - Still Tickin'

Scottsdale Museum Contemporary Art 2017 ISBN 9780979893667 Acqn 27029
Hb 17x23cm 272pp 177ills 172col 40

Betye Saar (born 1926) is a legend. For 60 years, she has created powerful artworks that
question traditional roles and representations of African Americans and women in the US, as well
as deeply personal works about her family history and spirituality. Betye Saar: Still Tickin
considers the breadth of the artists career and its key themes. To contextualize Saars works,
this volume includes writings by the artist from the 1970s to the present day as well as a recent
interview with Saar in which she discusses her artistic practice and her views on history, including
the current debate about police violence in the US. My art becomes an explorer, a tracer of
forgotten tribes, a seeker of sanctified visions, explains Saar. These works are what I leave

Small Wonders
Rijksmuseum 2016 ISBN 9789491714931 Acqn 27128
Hb 14x20cm 686pp 800ills 600col 42.75

Marvels of human ingenuity, so small they can fit in the palm of your hand, miniature boxwood
carvings from the early 16th century have long remained a mystery because of the enormous
virtuosity with which they were made. Presenting 60 statuettes, miniature altars, prayer nuts,
rosaries, skulls and other memento mori-pendants, 'Small Wonders' focuses for the first time on
these Late Gothic, pocket size carvings from the Low Countries. These ingeniously constructed,
awe-inspiring detailed cut artworks depicting biblical scenes were made as sophisticated toys for
private devotion and amusement, as well as collectibles that only the rich could afford.