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Ancient Egypt Diorama Project

100 points
Due January 27, 2014

Task: You will create a diorama of Ancient Egypt.

1) Inside a shoebox, you must show one or more of the following concepts:
- The Nile River and what it provided to the people of Egypt
- Pyramids and the Sphinx
- The mummification process
- A tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh and all his treasures
- The social structure of Ancient Egypt (upper class, middle class, lower
- The daily life of the middle class (scribes writing, artisans making
clothing or tools, farming, children playing)
- Egypt Geography physical features of Egypt

*Cover the outside of the box with construction paper or butcher paper.

2) On the back of the box, you must write at least 2 well-written paragraphs
about one of the following pharaohs: Queen Hatshepsut, Khufu, Tutankhamen,
and Ramses II
- It must include a colored illustration (either printed, or neatly drawn)

3) On one of the sides of the box, draw and color a map of Ancient Egypt. Be
sure to include: The Nile River, The Nile Delta, Lower Egypt, Upper Egypt, Giza,
Nubian Desert, Arabian Desert, The Red Sea, The Mediterranean Sea, the Dead

4) On the other side of the box, write the following:

- The heading (name, class, period, date)
- A word in hieroglyphics: your name or an appropriate word

*Things to keep in mind:

- You may use library books, history books and the internet, but you are NOT
allowed to copy it word for word. It must be written in your own words.
- Put some effort! Research the topic you chose. Get more information to make
your project interesting. Teach me something.
- DO NOT wait until the last minute! If you do parts of it one day at a time, you
will not stress out and your project will reflect hard work.

Rubric for the Inside of the Diorama

The diorama shows knowledge of the concept chosen 30

The diorama has figurines and a background. The diorama shows 20

effort and hard-work. It is neat.

Rubric for the Back of the Diorama (Direction #2)

The writing shows knowledge of the pharaoh. 20

Effort and hard-work is shown. The illustration is neat and in 8


Rubric for the Side of the Diorama (Direction #3)

The Ancient Egyptian Map shows all of the places in the correct 10
The map is neat and in color. 5

Rubric for the Side of the Diorama (Direction #4)

The heading is written correctly 2
The hieroglyphics spell out an appropriate word. It is neat and 5
in color.


Project idea for:

1) Inside of Diorama: _______________________________________
2) Back of Diorama: ________________________________________
3) Side of Diorama: Ancient Egyptian Map
4) Other Side of Diorama (word I will spell out): ______________________

* I understand that this project is equivalent to a project grade. FIVE points will
be taken away from my total score for each day it is late.

X__________________________________ (student)

X__________________________________ (parent)