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Date: 21st 25th
November, 2016

Venue: Tropicana Conference

Centre, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
President's Welcome
Resource-full but not yet Energy lies at the heart of the fight to combat poverty,
Power-full succinctly reduce unemployment, and stem economic stagnancy.
captures the paradoxical And for a continent, like ours, that carries the burden of
reality in Africa a a billion+ population, it is inevitable that every home is
continent so rich in powered with sufficient electricity. Adequacy.
energy resources but very
poor in energy supply. The abundance of mineral resources and large markets
posit Africa as a preferred investment destination.
The continent, 'Mama With a luggage of robust economic growth indicators,
Africa', is currently the
Africa's moment is indeed in flight. But in the midst of
second most populous region of the world, by virtue of
her 1.2 billion people. these opportunities is a brewing, if not full blown,
energy crisis that is threatening to scuttle the gains
The implication of this population explosion could be made so far. The worrisome one day on, one day off
felt in the extent to which infrastructures have been electricity situation is hampering businesses, factories
stretched to their limits. What more, available data and start-ups. Thus, the onus falls on the political
show that 2 in 3 Africans lack access to electricity! leadership, with the complement of relevant African Engineering Conference On Energy P1

stakeholders, to light up Africa with steady power programmes and projects. It behooves us to explore
supply. Reliability. and exploit renewable energy sources to guarantee a
clean, healthy, and safe environment. Sustainability.
As Africa works towards a more Adequate and Reliable
Energy supply, we are confronted by the effects of Let me mention here that, as patriotic and forward-
climate change and global warming, signaling that thinking professionals, the Nigerian Society of
power generation from non-renewable energy sources Engineers is strategically positioned to collaborate
has come at a great cost to the environment and the with governments, other relevant professionals and
future of the planet. Now is the right time to reorder our stakeholders in providing the necessary technical
priorities. Engineering is the application of the know-how to encourage our policy makers and
sciences to the solution of human and natural industry players into actions that will bring about
problems in ethical, economical, safe, healthy, and sustainable development.
environmentally friendly manner. Engineers thus have
the responsibility to perform engineering economic Against the backdrop of the concern by Nigerian
analysis that will form the basis of decisions on Engineers, we have taken the bold step by bringing our
choice/selection from alternative solution. They also counterparts in other African nations together for a
are the experts that will carry out cost engineering to roundtable discourse on this knotty issue. To this end,
estimate the costs of selected alternative projects being the Nigerian Society of Engineers in collaboration with
designed also by design Engineers. Engineers, in the Federation of African Engineering Organizations
addition, schedule and control progress on those (FAEO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific

P2 African Engineering Conference On Energy

and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) will at the
African Engineering Conference on Energy, NSE
Annual General Meeting, and UNESCO African
Engineering Week holding in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
(Land of Promise), on November 21 25, 2016, prompt
discourses on the theme, Adequate, Reliable and
Sustainable Energy in Africa. I am optimistic that the
submissions by our Engineers, erudite scholars and
industry players at this auspicious event will provide
our leaders the right platforms for tackling the energy
crisis in Africa.

I look forward to receiving our Nigerian, African and

international delegates in the Land of Promise.

Engr. Otis Anyaeji, FNSE, FAEng

President, The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). African Engineering Conference On Energy P3

Remarks of the Chairman,
2016 Conference Planning Committee
Energy is vital to occasioned by the absence of power. This challenge is
prosperity, its inadequacy surmountable.
as seen in Africa is a major
barrier to development Nigerian Engineers along with their counterparts on
and prosperity. The the continent shall on this 2016 edition of the NSE's
continent holds National Engineering Conference, Exhibition and
tremendous potentials Annual General Meeting, organised in collaboration
for prosperity and this conference shall contribute to with the FAEO and UNESCO, proffer pragmatic
harnessing such potentials by facilitating pragmatic solutions to energy inadequacy on the continent.
solutions to our energy challenges.
Tagged Land of Promise, 2016 after the host city's
The conference theme; Adequate, Reliable and slogan, this special event would be hosted by one of
Sustainable Energy in Africa is apt in a time when the Nigeria's beautiful cities. Uyo is home to the
continent's citizens tell awful stories of hardship continent's newest stadium. The Akwa Ibom

P4 African Engineering Conference On Energy

International Stadium, nicknamed Nest of Land of Promise 2016 offers the auspicious prospects
Champions, was nominated in 2014 for Stadium of the for participants to network with policy makers,
Year in a competition facilitated by StadiumDB which engineers, investors and financial experts. Adequate
keeps a database of stadia worldwide. arrangements are being made to make the event
exciting for spouses by upholding the traditional
The city is home to the University of Uyo among other spouses' events.
academic institutions, and hosts recreational centers
such as the Ibom Plaza, Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Join us to make history and move the continent
Resort and the Tropicana Conference Centre, Venue of forward. See you there.
the Conference amongst other decent budget hotels.

An ambient city for brainstorming sessions, Uyo's Engr. Chief Giandomenico Massari
weather is favourable and most importantly, the event FNSE, FNIEEE, SMIEEE
will hold at a time when chances of rain will be low. Uyo Chairman, 2016 Conference Planning Committee.
is accessible by road and by air from Abuja and Lagos
through the Akwa Ibom International Airport, Okobo. African Engineering Conference On Energy P5

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE or the Society) is the sister Engineering bodies or institutions and coopted
umbrella organisation for the Engineering profession in corporate members. The President is the Chairman of
Nigeria and was founded in 1958. Council. Overall coordination of the Society's activities is
carried out from the Secretariat currently housed at the
Objective National Engineering Centre, Abuja. The Society also has a
To promote the advancement of engineering education, Liaison Office at the National Engineering Centre, Lagos.
research and practice in all its ramifications. The essence is to A full time Executive Secretary heads the Secretariat.
maintain and enhance its members' professional capacities
in order to fulfil their professional obligations in service to
the country and humanity. Organisation
Divisions: Every engineering discipline practiced in Nigeria
are catered for as divisions within the Society. The arious
Membership is open to all bearers of qualifications
disciplines are organised as divisions of the society to enhance
accredited by the Council of Regulation of Engineering in
Nigeria (COREN). There are seven membership types; fellow, individual career development. There are 19 divisions within
corporate, associate, graduate, student, corporate firm and t h e S o c i e t y n a m e ly : Ae ro n a u t i c s, A g r i c u l t u re ,
honorary fellow. Appraisal/Cost, Automotive, Chemical, Civil, Electrical and
Electronics, Environmental, Geotechnics, Highway,
Governance Industrial, Marine, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Petroleum,
The National Council comprises elected National Executive Space, Structural, Water and the Association of Professional
Members, branch/division chairmen, representatives of Women Engineers of Nigeria (APWEN).

P6 African Engineering Conference On Energy

The society is organised into branches based in various cities around teh country to cater for members' local
activities. There are 60 active branches in Nigeria.
Aba Bonny Ilorin Ogbomosho
Abakaliki Calabar Jalingo Omoku
Abeokuta Damaturu Jos Onitsha
Abuja Dutse Kaduna Oshogbo
Ado-Ekiti Ekpoma Kano Owerri
Ajaokuta Eket Katsina Port Harcourt
Akure Enugu Lafia Sokoto
Apapa Egbin Lagos
Asaba Gombe Maiduguri
Auchi Uyo
Gusau Maitama
Awka Victoria Island
Ibadan Makurdi
Bauchi Ikeja Minna Warri
Benin Ikot-Abasi New Bussa Yenagoa
Bida Ile-Ife Nnewi Yola
Birni-Kebbi Ilesha Nsukka Zaria African Engineering Conference On Energy P7

Conference Objective
numros de
To draw attention to the challenges facing Africa's energy sector and to consider
fonction et les faits prospects for adequate, reliable and sustainable development of this sector of human
(feature numbers and facts)
__________________________ existence and well being.
This conference would bring together local and international energy sector experts to
brainstorm, interact, share experiences and ideas on strategies to confront the
registered attendees at the 2015
problems, and come up with feasible, economically viable and sustainable solutions.
National Conference.
Conference Sub Themes
42 1. Energy Resources Exploration, Exploitation and Development
exhibitors at the 2015 National
2. Energy Conversion Technology
3. Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
4. Renewable Energy Systems: Wind, Solar, Biomass, Biofuel, Tidal, Geothermal,
40,726 Hydro
Memberships (Corporate 5. Energy Utilisation Systems
Members) 6. Energy Storage and Transportation
7. Energy Safety and the Environment
Lagos Branch 8. The Economics of Energy
Largest Branch 9. Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Energy Systems
__________________________ 10. Energy Efficiency and Management
Sapele Branch 11. Codes and Standards for Energy Systems
Smallest Branch 12. Procurement Practices for Energy Industries
13. Legal Aspects of Energy

P8 African Engineering Conference On Energy

Conference Program
21st Monday 22nd Tuesday 23rd Wednesday
8:00am Opening Press 8:00am Registration 9:00am Registration
9:00am Conference 6:00Pm 6:00pm
9:00am Registration 8:00am Opening Ceremony 9:00am 2 Plenary Session
6:00pm 12:00pm 10:30am
9:00am Courtesy Calls 12:00pm Spouse Program 10:30am 3 Plenary Session
1:30pm 6:00pm 12:00pm
11:00am Fellows Forum 12:00pm Tea Break 11:00am Tea Party
2:00pm 12:30pm 11:30am
3:00pm Close of Engineering 12:00pm 1 Plenary Session 11:30am Technical Sessions
5:00pm Games 2:00pm 2:00pm
8:00pm Presidential Cocktail 2:30pm Lunch 12:00pm Concurrent Session
10:00pm Party 3:00pm 1:30pm
3:00pm Divisions Meeting 12:00pm Young Engineers
24th Thursday 5:00pm 2:00pm Program
3:00pm 1 Concurrent 2:00pm Lunch Break
9:00am Closing Ceremony
5:00pm Session & Tech. 3:00pm
8:00pm Welfare Night 6:00pm Group Dynamics
10:30am Tea Break
10:00pm 8:00pm
8:00pm Student Night 8:00pm Cultural Night
11:00am Annual General
10:00pm 10:00pm
2:00pm Meeting
2:00am Lunch 25th Friday
3:00pm 9:00am Closing Press Conference
7:00pm Annual Dinner
10:00pm 11:00am Departure African Engineering Conference On Energy P9

Uyo, Akwa Ibom

yo became the capital of Akwa Ibom State on The coastline stretches from Oron in the East to
USeptember rd
23 1987, the date of its State's Ikot Abasi in the West and measures 129km.
creation. Popular cities in Akwa Ibom include;
Eket, Ikot Ekpene, Oron, Abak, Ikot Abasi, Ikono, The state has three distinct vegetation zones: saline
Etinan, Esit Eket and Uruan. water swamp forest, fresh water swamp forest and
the rain forest.
Akwa Ibom state is bounded on the east by Rivers
State, on the west by Cross River State, on the Main economic activities for coastal dwellers is
North by Abia State and on the South by the Gulf of
fishing, upland dwellers are mostly involved in
farming, trading, artisanship and white-collar
The state is the 10 largest state in terms of land services.
area. About 13.4% of the Nigeria's 960km Atlantic
Ocean coastline runs through the State.

P 10 African Engineering Conference On Energy


The Conference Registration Fees are as follows and other materials. Below are the advertisement rates:
Main Conference and Technical Proceeding
Early bird (not later than October, 16th 2016)
- N 30,000.00 Inner Front Cover - N 300,000.00
From October, 17th 2016-07-18 - N 40,000.00 Inner Back Cover - N 300,000.00
Spouses - N 10,000.00 Run off (inside) pages - N 300,000.00
Graduates - N 10,000.00
Students - N 5,000.00 Other Conference Materials (Printed)
International Delegates - $300.00
Minutes of 2014 AGM, Annual Reports &
Payment of registration fees entitle you to: Accounts and Spouse's programme.
Conference materials applicable to your category;
Bag, Proceedings, Writing materials and ID Badge Inner Front Cover - N 300,000.00
Daily Tea Break Inner Back Cover - N 300,000.00
Run off (Inside pages - N 250,000.00
The conference provides good opportunities for corporate
organisations to showcase their products and services by For more details as well as Exhibition details,
placements of advertisement in the programme brochure kindly visit

For further information, please use the contacts: 08034070504, 08061614709 African Engineering Conference On Energy P 11

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE)
National Conference - Uyo, 2016

(N20M) (N15M) (N12.5M) (N10M) (N7.5M) (N5M)

Brand ID on pre-conference


Passes to the Quarterly Dinner and *

* * *
Conferment of Fellows Award for
six months 3 passes 2 passes 1 pass 1 pass 1 pass to one

Exhibition space

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Right to hold ancillary event within


VIP Seats for CEO & other company 1 rep CEO CEO only CEO only
reps at major events only
2 reps.

Exhibition Spaces: Space areas would be smaller relative to categories

P 12 African Engineering Conference On Energy

Date: 21st 25th
November, 2016

Venue: Tropicana Conference

Centre, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State