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AutoDCR Regulations with innovation...

Structural Submit

Automatic scrutiny of building plans & Building plans approval management system

A Unique Product to Scan CAD drawings and Map them to Development Rules
Regulations with innovation...

A Unique Product to Scan CAD drawings and Map them to Development Rules

AutoDCR - unique and innovative solution provided by SoftTech for automation of Building Plan
Approval, reading CAD drawings and mapping them to development control regulations of the local
bodies is an excellent technology (First and Only of its kind in India) Built by SoftTech for e-
Governance of Municipal corporations and approving authorities. This has cut the approval process
to just 10 days instead of about 30 days it used to take earlier.

AutoDCR is seamlessly integrated to online Approval Workflow to monitor the approval process with
associated Document Scrutiny. SMS and Personal Digital Assistants are used for creating alerts and

Current Problems

Manual Scrutiny of drawings is time consuming and chances of omission of checks are high.
This may lead to illegal constructions creating difficulties to the society at large.

Lack of consistency in approval process. Interpretation variance by different officers in the

same approving authorities

Corrupt practices as there is no system to bring transparency

Lack of measurement of efficiency of the organization due to non availability of operation

related information and reason of delays.

AutoDCR is the solution to all these issues faced by
Authorities Architects / Builders and Promoters.
Simple 4 Easy Steps

Create a New Project & Associate the developed CAD drawings and project attributes.
The system reads the drawing and extracts the geometrical information of layouts and
building plans.
Based on the project attributes the graphical object information is mapped to the
relevant development control rules.
Final detailed rules verification report is produced, indicating Passed/Failed status for
each rule.
Regulations with innovation...

Auto Scanning Integrated Help
Automatically identifies and reads building plan Self Explanatory Help is provided at all stages in a
and layout objects from the drawing very lucid manner, explaning steps to perform
the specific task.
Maps the objects in drawing to development
control objects Help is completely indexed and with extensive
Verifies against the DC-rules to find variance
search capabilities.

Dynamic Reports Rule Database

Reports are customized and produced in regional Software maintains a Development Control Rule
languages. database which can be Viewed ( or Edited as per
Failed items Reports Plot Area Reports ??
The Rules are in the electronic format so user can
Detailed reports along with associated rules
quickly search rules for any item.
MIS Reports

Tables in drawing Availability of Customization

Automatically inserts tables in the drawings Customization as per specification of
FSI tables

Area Statement Tables

Door Windows schedules

Automated Workflow & Alerts Auto Zooming Facility

Approval process can be mapped dynamically with this feature user can easily view the failed
using rule based template. objects in the list displaying the reasons of
failure of each object. Also he can zoom failed
Scrutiny of Documents classified as Ownership, objects in the drawing plan.
NOC and Affidavits
Email or SMS based alerts and notifications

Hand Held devices (PDA) integrated to capture

information at site


Eliminates lengthy manual process, Human errors and saves the valuable time.
Very flexible for customization, up-gradation and scalability.
Automated workflow ensures right file to the right person at the right time.
SMS alert & Integration with PDA enables information while on the move.
Instant status enquiry facilitates faster and informed decisions.
6 Dec 2007
World Leadership Award
for AutoDCR Best in
& Civil Eng. Category

Mayor Rajlaxmi Bhosale and PMC

city engineer Prashant Waghmare
(extreme right)receive the prize from
Malcolm Turner, chairman of the
World Leadership Forum in London


Proposals Approved Passed using

AutoDCR at Pune Municipal
(SINCE 1 JULY 2005 till 18 August, 2007)


Times of India November 5, 2005
Pune Municipal Corporation
first to adopt AutoDCR. Times of India December 8, 2007

Mumbai Municipal Corporation recently gave

mandate for AutoDCR. AutoDCR helping society at large
Hindustan Times, Mumbai October 6, 2007
Times of India May 19, 2007

Having seen great success in streamlining complex process of building Plan approval many other
corporations and local bodies are moving towards this unique technology which was unthought of a
few years back.

Following bodies have already given mandate...

! Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai ! Chennai Municipal Corporation
! Jaipur Development Authority ! Thane Municipal Corporation
! Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation ! Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corpration
! Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation ! Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation
!Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Thrissur, Kollam & Kozhikode Corporation under KSUDP
And Many more...

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