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Centimetre-level ground precision using UAVs

2016 SmartPlanes Freya RPAS-UAS Drone

SSNDS 07/2016/53 Specications subject to change without notice. Certain features and specications may not apply to all models. 2016 Septentrio NV. All rights reserved
GeoTagZ enables a revolutionary new way of Setup, Power up and Fly
surveying. Using GeoTagZ in combination with the As small as a credit card, the AsteRx-m UAS is
AsteRx-m UAS receiver, it is now possible to obtain Septentrios smallest and most ecient OEM receiver
centimetre-level RTK precision from aerial survey. board. Easy to integrate, it delivers precise
Using UAVs dramatically reduces time and cost in dual-frequency, dual-constellation measurements for
comparison to traditional methods. less than 700 mW giving you more time in the air.

Giving aerial survey the edge Time stamped for accuracy

The benets to you in using GeoTagZ are: As well as logging GNSS data, the AsteRx-m UAS logs
No need for ground control points time-stamped, shutter-synchronised events from the
No need for real-time RTK corrections on-board camera during aerial survey. It is these
GeoTagZ output provides direct input for image events that are used by GeoTagZ to embed RTK-level
processing software camera locations into the images.

Ready for processing

Whether using the updated photographs with
embedded RTK-level positions or the position data in
CSV format, the output of GeoTagZ provides direct
input for image processing software.

Lets get started

See how easy it is to work with GeoTagZ in our

Increase productivity
Ground control points link aerial imagery to accurate
location coordinates on the ground. However, setting
out and surveying the position of ground control
points is time consuming and expensive. In addition,
ground surveys of mines, freshly reclaimed land and
other geographically challenging locations may be
hazardous if not impossible. GeoTagZ eectively
removes the need for ground control point by
updating the aerial photographs with high precision
camera locations.