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What is Tuho?

Tuho is a traditional game in South Korea that people throw arrows into the jar from the
certain amount of distance. People divide them into two different groups, and each
group member throw 12 of blue or red or white arrows. The victory or defeat depends
on the number of arrows went into the jar; as more arrows go into the jar, you earn more
points. In the past, Tuho required manners since the game was mostly played by the
noble families, but nowadays, anyone can play with families or cousins regardless of
age and season. People used to punish the losers by smearing with ink on their faces or
make them to sing a song.

How to play Tuho?

1) Prepare for a jar and arrows

2) Place the jar, and draw a line from a certain amount of distance(usually 5 to 10
3) Not required) but people can divide them into two groups, and decide order.
4) To begin, stand on the line, and be ready to throw the arrow.
5) Following the sign, throw the arrows into the jar in order.
6) After all the throws finish, count the number of arrows went into the jar to decide
the winner and loser.