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PROLIFIC Asias Trusted Name in

Advanced Industrial Automation


Electrical & Electronics Control System Mechanical

Prolific Systems and Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An ISO 9001-2008 company
To provide state-of-theart industrial automation solutions for
the manufacturing and service industry and to provide advanced
training to working professionals and fresh engineers /

Chemical Oil & Gas Automobile Defense Steel

Cement Infrastructure FMCG Pharmaceuticals Mineral

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Well established company - Started in 1997 by technocrat promoters with engineering
background and industrial work experience. Prolific provides turnkey automation
solutions and training services to over 300 manufacturing firms across the globe.

Trained over 35,500 students / working professionals in the past 5 years. Also executed
over 500 in-plant training programs for well known companies in India and overseas.

One stop shop for Industrial Automation / Electrical & Mechanical training Widest
range of product offering

Strategic investor Al Tanmiya Holdings (Kuwait) Strategic equity ownership in the

company. Well funded to undertake large training projects.

Significant investment on systems, processes and training methodologies - An ISO 9001-

2008 certified company

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics pan India presence

Noida New Delhi

Ahmedabad Baroda Kolkata

Mumbai (3) Nagpur
Pune (3) Hyderabad

Bangalore (2) Chennai (2)

Note - Number of branches mentioned in the bracket

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics training offerings
Corporate training (Working Professionals)

Manufacturing companies- Oil & Gas, Ports, Utilities (power/water), Metals,

Cement, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure, Pharma, Automobile, FMGC, etc

Training duration (3 days to 15 days Customised to clients requirement)

Fresh engineering graduates

(Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Mechanical)

Automation System (3 Months),

Embedded System (3 Months)
Mechanical System ( 3 Months)

Educational Institutes
Summer Training (1 Month),
Certified Longer Duration Programs (3 Months)
Short Term Training Workshop ( 4 15 Days)
Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company
Turnkey Solutions Division Backbone of Prolifics
Training business
End-to-end solutions company - Conceptualization to commissioning

Conceptualization E and I System

Detailed System
S/W Development Procurement

Integration of Control
system with Installation
H/W and S/W

Training Commissioning

Emphasis on professional approach and customized solutions

Industry specific solutions suitable to clients needs
Continuous manpower training
Reusable software and comprehensive documentation
Most technical corporate trainers have experience of working on live projects

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Technology Training - Widest Product Range
Dedicated High End Platforms for training

DCS systems SCADA systems

Yokogawa DCS (CS 3000) Wonderware (Intouch)
ABB DCS (Freelance 800) Intellution (i-Fix)
ABB DCS (Freelance 700) Siemens (Win CC)
Emerson DCS (Delta V) Rockwell (RS View)
Siemens DCS (PCS 7) Schneider (Vijeo Citect)
GE Fanuc (Cimplicity)
PLC systems
Siemens (S7 200 / S7300 / S7 400)
Allen Bradley (Micro Logix / SLC / Compact Logix / Control Logix)
GE Fanuc (VersaMax / series 90-30/ series 90-70)
Schneider (Micro / M 340 / Premium / Quantum)
Mitsubishi (FX series / Q series)
Messung (Next Gen)
ABB (500 series)
Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company
Technology Training - Widest Product Range

Drives Instrumentation systems

Schneider (Altivar) All kinds of instruments used in temperature,
Siemens (Micromaster) pressure, flow, pH, weight, speed
Allen Bradley (Power Flex) measurement and control
ABB Electrical Systems / Electrical Maintenance
Danfoss Electrical Systems Switchgears, Motors,
Transformers, Panels,
Electrical Maintenance, Electrical Safety

Mechanical Systems
Electro Hydraulics, Electro Pneumatics
Rockwell (Panel View)
Pumps, Compressor, Engines, Mechanical
Siemens (OP 77 / OP 7)
Drive Systems, Gear
Schneider (Magelis)
Mechanical maintenance

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics Business Model
Experienced staff (faculty, counselors, branch coordinators) with industrial automation
experience. Largest number of faculties on industrial automation, instrumentation and electrical,
mechanical systems. Over 170 engineers / technical professionals with significant work
experience are employed at Prolific as Faculties / Instructors.

Investment in assets / infrastructure (hardware and software) which are currently used on
the shop-floor and aimed at providing hardware-software integration skills to participants on
multiple platforms

Flexibility of training location for client At clients site / facility or at our training centers
spread over 21 locations in India

Continuous training / re-training of manpower Faculties, counselors, branch coordinators

undergo frequent training programs to upgrade the skills

Geared to cater to the growing demand for trained technical

manpower globally

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Training Methodology- Appreciated by Industry
For In-plant training - The required hardware and software for training will be
carried by Prolific

Customization of course to suit your specific needs with more emphasis on

practical training.

Training modules can be customised for technicians, design engineers,

maintenance engineers and technical managers

Good exposure will be provided on programming, trouble shooting and

maintenance of assets

Problems faced in the plants will be discussed and sorted out

Feedback from the participants are taken on regular basis

Post training tests will be conducted, to access the effectiveness of training


Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Large Investment on Training Infrastructure

No of Centers 27
Manpower employed 325
No of automation training labs 90
No of fully equipped instrumentation labs 70
No of Desktop PCs 400+
No of PLCs 165
No of simulation kits 150 +
No of high end PLCs 30 +
No of DCSs 11
No of AC Drives 30

Capacity to train 1,700 participants at a time at 27 centers

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Highlights of the corporate training business

No of customised training programs done till date 500 +

No of corporate customers 200 +

Industrial sectors covered 21

No of countries covered 15

Total staff strength 325

Strength of training faculty / instructors 170

(on Prolifics payroll)

Visiting faculties 40+

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics Training Courses
Instrumentation and Control System

PLC All Leading brands of PLCs

DCS - Yokogawa, ABB, Emerson, Siemens

SCADA - All Leading brands of SCADA software

Industrial Networking Ethernet, Profibus, Mobdus, Control net,

Devicenet, Field Bus etc

Instrumentation Systems Flow, Pressure, Level, pH, Speed

measurement and Process Control

HMI / MMI - All Leading brands of HMIs

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics Training Courses
Electrical Systems
AC Drive
Electrical Systems - Basic Electricity, Cables, Measuring Instruments, Switchgears,
Modern Electrical Power System
Single Line Diagram & Troubleshooting Control Circuit
Electrical Installation & Maintenance
Relay Setting and Co-ordination
L V Switchgears
Logic Building Using Contactors and Relays
Electrical Losses
Developing an Effective Safety Culture

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics Training Programs
Mechanical Maintenance

Pumps Centrifugal
Compressor Reciprocating and Screw
Gear Boxes
Fans and Blowers
Alignment of shafts Theory and practice
DG Set
Electro Hydraulic Systems
Electro Pneumatic Systems
Maintenance Management

Prolific - An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Prolifics Training Client (Partial)