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Student Name: Vasiliki (Maria) Hatzitolios Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Age Group: Grade 4

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for developing When I had a discussion with my supervisor
therapeutic experience. This she expressed that since the children will
could be in response to an be learning about area and perimeter the
observation, discussion with children need to know how to do
the site supervisor, etc. multiplication. For example instead of doing
Observation Length + width + Length + width=
- Document what you saw and perimeter she wants the children to be able
heard to use multiplication to make the process
- Document non-verbal quicker for them.
communication (i.e., body
language, facial
expressions and voice tone)
- Document in detail: who,
what, where, and when
- Documentation should be
written in past tense,
objective, and in anecdotal
Discussion Document the
discussion between you and
your site supervisor that led
to the planning
Therapeutic Experience The experience that I will be planning in
What are you planning in response to my supervisors concerns is
response to your purpose? creating multiplication cue cards and using
- Label your experience (e.g. connector cubes to help the child find the
Painting with cars). answer since he has been having difficulty
- What are your 3 therapeutic with multiplication. We will start with the
objectives? (eg. Sense of
two times table today. Once the cue cards
normalcy, control,
independence, etc) are made the child will be able to practice
quizzing himself on multiplication which will
Describe the experience: give him a sense of independence.
- Who will be involved in the Therapeutic Objectives:
1. The child will use his cognitive skills
to count the cubes and to figure out
how many sets of twos we need to
have in order to get the correct
2. The child will use his fine motor skills
to write out the cue cards. This will
help him with his printing as well.
3. The child will practice his English
language skills through
experience? communicating with me throughout
- Where will the experience
the activity
take place?
- List the materials and Who will be involved: The child and I will
resources you will use be working one on one during this activity
- Describe the implementation Where will the experience take place:
of the experience, with a The experience will take place during the
step by step description childrens math period after lunch
- Describe any precautions you Materials: connector cubes, cue cards,
needed to take with the markers
activity, or any restrictions Implementation:
that existed, effecting the 1. I will explain to the child that we will
child(ren)s ability to be working on our times tables which
complete the task will help us prepare for the math unit
(Precaution eg. Child has a of area and perimeter
type of blood cancer, so 2. I will then count up to 12 with the
he/she has to be careful not child and explain that we will be
to get a cut; Restriction eg. starting with the two times table and
Child has an IV in his/her we have to write 2 x 0=, 2 x 1=, etc.
dominant hand, limiting All the way up to 12
use of the hand) 3. I will then give the child the cubes
and show him an example of how to
find the answer with the cubes
4. Then the child will continue up to 12
with the cubes on his own and I will
be there for support
5. If we have enough time then I will
quiz the child on the times tables
after we have written them all out
Precautions: For this experience I didnt
have to use any precautions